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What? Three days without a post? Inconceivable! Or some such.

I was going to make a post about Castle last night, but I forgot. And I have a feeling that I'm going to be too lazy to post about NCIS and NCIS: LA tonight. I blame the snow.

Yes, it's snowing yet again. Winter weather warnings and blowing snow advisories and all that. It's not as much as they got out in DC and whatnot, but still enough to suggest that maybe we shouldn't have pointed and laughed at them because Karma is indeed a bitch.

And since I live out in the middle of the cornfield and the winds are gusting up to 20mph, the blowing snow is going to be wicked one you hit the city limits and there's nothing to block the wind. The weather people are suggesting that if you don't have to travel today or tomorrow, then you should just stay home, which the people in this town will translate into "We need to go to as many unnecessary places as possible RIGHT NOW OMG!" and keep the tow truck drivers busy.

I hope the wrecker services have a stupidity fee just to make sure that they get their money's worth.

Meanwhile, I've decided that since everyone else is getting a snow day, I'm taking a snow day from real pants.

I think it's a good plan, anyway.
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Dead body. I'm good. )

In other, non-murder mystery related news, Papa's back in the hospital. Still having trouble with the pneumonia and the fluid, but he's got a laptop and the hospital has wireless, so he's toughing it out. Dad visited him today and said he was in pretty good spirits.

Papa sent me an email while Dad was there that simply said: You owe me for babysitting your dad.

So I replied: You're not babysitting him. I'm loaning him to you.

Yeah, I'd say Papa is doing okay. Heh.
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Castle...'Disapproving, judgmental...you're totally my work wife.' )

In other news, Carrie says I look puffy and swollen today. She thinks I'm sick; I think I'm turning into a bullfrog. She says I can't be because I'm not ribbiting. She's no fun.

My luck, I'm filling up with alien worms and I'm gonna bust like that lady in Slither. Hell of a way to meet Nathan Fillion.
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As it happens ramblings. Don't look here for intellect.

Castle...'Dude. You are so busted.' )
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Just a few comments on tonight's episode.

Castle..'Love a good perp walk.' )

In cooking news, I added another burn to my hand. I hit it on the very hot oven as I was putting a pizza into it. So now I have a blister and a red stripe. Along with the miscellaneous scratches (that I can't remember/don't know how I got), it looks like my left hand has been involved in some very serious business usually found in a high-violence action-adventure or possibly a low-key slasher movie.

Not the best look after Halloween. I'm just saying.
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I know it comes as a huge disappointment, but I think I'm going to forget the Castle rambling tonight. I'm suddenly very tired (my sleep was less than restful last night due to nightmares, a rarity for me, surprisingly enough) and while I'm going to watch the episode, I can feel my coherence slipping away and I'm saving it up for finishing up my day's work on NaNo.

I've got five bucks that says before Castle is over, I'll be wide awake again. That's how my brain works.

It's why I have nightmares featuring Eileen Brennan.
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I don't feel like being smart. Have some rambling fluff.

Castle...'There's a reason why he hangs out with dead people.' )

And I'd like to know what the jinx is with my Castle posts. This week my delete key got stuck and I lost several lines of rapier wit that I had to replace with mediocre words.

Okay, that's only partly true. My delete key did get stuck though. I blame Pete since she's the one that broke it last week.
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Just as fluff and random quotes from the episode. Consider yourself warned.

Castle...'You pull that out and he's a vampire, he'll come back to life!' 'If he does, then we can all go home.' )

In other, non-writer hottie related news, I tried a new recipe tonight. Spinach and shrimp pasta. I thought it was good. And judging by the fact that the pan was completely empty and looked like it had been licked, I'd say that everyone else in the house liked it, too. Looks like I've got another keeper.
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Castle...'What was the murder weapon?' 'Some kind of death ray.' 'Turns your insides out.' )

In non-TV news, today was Dad's birthday. Papa, Aunt Jo, and Nancy came up for cake and ice cream. They brought the dogs, too. It was a good visit. I gave Papa his copy of the anthology and he gave me a DVD of The Beast With Five Fingers.

I guess you could say we exchanged horrors.

Tis the season.
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Short and sweet this week.
Castle )
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Castle...'Look at naked pictures? If you insist.' )

There was probably more to the original version of this, but Tiki Idol ate it and my memory isn't as good as I'd like it to be. Good enough, though.
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Stop looking at the girls, Castle. )
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Oh, Castle. I've missed you. )

In related news, I'd do both of the people in my icon and I need more icons of them.

I'm just saying.
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I watched Castle, but missed part of it because I was sideshow spectacle for a brief period. So, I'm not going to go into detailed ramblings. But I can say that what I did see, I liked quite a bit. Looking forward to the season finale next week.

Speaking of TV shows, I spent all day yesterday watching a Golden Girls marathon. Time well wasted. But, Carrie and I were talking and we came to the agreement that it would get no play today.

It was clever and funny and touching and sweet and smart, but it featured four old ladies (who were fantastic and had amazing chemistry) and that's just a sin in this day and age. Everything is geared to this younger demographic and as such, only young women need apply. I'm not counting Desperate Housewives because the raunch and sex is geared toward the younger set.

The Golden Girls appealed to people from 8 to 80. Three or four generations could sit in one room and watch that show and laugh (albeit, they might be laughing on different levels...I can honestly say I didn't get some of the jokes until I was in my twenties). What show can lay that claim today? Bonus points if it four women over the age of 50 are the leads.

There's a reason why I prefer watching reruns over most of the new stuff on TV today and why I'm reluctant to give new shows a try. Too many shows today are lacking that quality that make the reruns so good.

Get on that TV people. I'm just saying.
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Just a few Castle comments )

In other non-TV news, there really isn't any. I really kind of have no life. And I'm okay with that.

Except it makes it kind of challenging to post every day.

Please note how I have yet to back down from the challege.
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A little Castle commentary. )
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Quick Castle comments )

Okay, gotta run. I have to print out a tax form for Dad.

As if wearing a bulletproof vest isn't living dangerously enough for the old man, he also has to tango with deadlines.

It's inherited. Papa does the same thing with his taxes.

I just skirt writing deadlines.
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A few quick comments on Castle )

I went to the library with Carrie today. She went earlier in the day to get a library card and texted me wanting to know if I'd ever been there because it was so cool. I told her that indeed I had been, what with living here all my life and the library being not too far away and just across the street from where I went to junior high.

We ended up going before I made dinner. I pulled into the parking lot, we got out, walked around to the front of the building and I was hit with this )

It means absolutely nothing to most people, but in that vacant spot is where my junior high used to be. The built a new junior high out by the high school a few years ago and I knew they were tearing the old one down, had seen part of the old building destroyed. But I didn't know they'd finished and it was all gone. It was kind of a shock.

Anyway, Carrie marveled over the library (she didn't have time to explore on her first trip). I swear she picked up every spare piece of paper that was advertising something. We hit every floor (there's three) and even walked through the art exhibit.

I admit, it's a nice library, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Appparently, I was mistaken.


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