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So my cousin posts on FB that my grandma is in the hospital for the third time. News to me since I only knew of her being in the hospital ONCE this month.

So I text Mom. She says that Grandma had surgery on Monday but she came home Tuesday, but she'd find out. Mom calls me and tells me that yes, Grandma is back in the hospital. Apparently, she stood up too fast today and fell and they're doing a CT scan to make sure everything is okay, but this sort of thing happens after surgeries like this, which confused me because the only surgery I knew that she was going to be having at any point was glaucoma surgery.

So I ask for clarification.

Oh, she didn't have glaucoma surgery on Monday; it was surgery to remove a hematoma from her brain that the doctors think developed after a fall she had in September and worsened after her first stint in ICU just after the first of the year, which caused her arm to go numb and mimic the symptoms of a stroke, but Mom was totally going to tell me eventually. She just hadn't gotten around to it yet and she didn't think it was a big deal.

Also, my Aunt T had surgery Friday to repair a couple of holes in her eardrum and my step-dad broke his tailbone a couple of weeks ago.

So, yes. The loop. Not only am I not in it, I don't know it exists unless I trip over it.
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I spent 6 1/2 hours Thursday and 5 hours Friday working with DaLette on a huge yard that needed to be cleared of leaves. As a result of all of this work, my out of shape body is paying the price. I've got three blisters on my hands and both hands are swollen. Just about every muscle in my body is sore, particularly my shoulders. My left knee is a bit swollen, isn't easy to bend, and doesn't work well on stairs (getting my laundry from the basement this morning was a challenge).

I'm not the only one hurting; Dalette's sore, too (though probably not as bad as I am). But we're both very proud of the work we did and everything that we accomplished in two days. It wasn't easy!

Photographic evidence )

What I didn't get a chance to take pictures of was the other half of the front yard, the hill that leads to the other street (the house sits on a corner) and the backyard.

Aside from a big part of the yard between the wall and the street and part of the other half of the front yard, most of the lawn was covered with a pretty thick blanket of leaves. Because we had to take them to the street, I was piling them up on a tarp and dragging them across the yard to piled them there so the city would pick them up. You could comfortably hide a Jason Voorhees murder spree of bodies in those piles.

DaLette and I did this all by ourselves with just two rakes and a leaf blower (and a really handy bit of plastic sheeting).

So pardon me if I'm moving a little slow the next few days.

At least I know my cell bill is getting paid.
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It's been an eventful two days at the day job. You'd think a short week would be easy, but no. Not in this world.

Yesterday, three of our five trucks on the East Coast broke down. Problem, we still had three runs that needed to be done today. Did I mention that one driver took his truck to the shop without telling us and another driver's truck has been broken FOR A WEEK, but he neglected to mention it? Yeah. Like that. Thankfully, they were able to do a quick patch job on one of the trucks and get the guy going.

There was also the small matter of a guy finishing his run early, but taking his time getting back to the yard. Unfortunately, he had a surprise random drug test waiting for him, which put him behind on getting started on his next run. He's going to cut it close making it home tonight.

Then today, one of my favorite drivers, Sonny, was down by St. Louis picking up coils. He was secured the straps on the load, went to get off of the trailer, and fell. An ambulance was called and Sonny told Albert that he thought he dislocated his hip.

With him on his way to the hospital, we had to figure out how to get the coils back. At first it was decided to have Stephen go from his last stop in Indiana to St. Louis because he had a rider, new guy Mark, with him. Mark could drive the coil truck home. It set up huge problems for us for the next week with Stephen's hours of service and whatnot, but it'd get the job done.

However, Mike showed up and it was decided that Chad would drive Mike down to there and he could pick up the coils with no problems. Albert calls Stephen to let him know he can come home and...Stephen's truck is dead.

All of this took place before lunch.

So, a plan was hatched to retrieve Stephen, Mark, and the broken truck with the use of a tow truck. It would take our spare truck out to Indiana and then tow the broken truck home. Stephen and Mark would drive the spare truck home.

Yeah, that was at noon. At three, the tow truck that was supposed to take the guys and the broken truck from the side of the road to a truck stop still hadn't shown up. When I left a little after 4:30, the tow truck was just leaving for Indiana, a little over two hours away. The boys might be getting home right around now.

Also over the course afternoon, we found out that Sonny had broken his hip and was going to have surgery. He's going to be out for a couple of months at least. This led us to scrambling to adjust the runs next week to account for Sonny's absence.

Needless to say, it's been a clusterfuck for the past two days and I really think we all need a three day weekend just to recover from it.


Beer me.
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I don't usually like to whine or complain, but today I'm saying screw it. Everyone else does it, I'm taking my turn.

The frigid, dry air does nothing for my skin. I've already got skin problems and the weather is just making them worse. I'm all dried out and itchy and flaky and unattractive and uncomfortable and all around miserable.

The prelude to my skin acquiring the texture of ancient parchment was a breakout the likes of which I'd never seen in high school. It was like I was channeling a 13 year old boy in a certain part of my face.

I've done something to my right shoulder again. It's got a dull ache going and no position is comfortable.

My lower back is really hurting me today. Not so much when I sit, but when I get up or stand or walk, and I can't seem to stretch it out.

I am more than tired of my body hating on me lately. I know they're just little things in comparison to other people, but their the ones I have to live with and I'm sick of them.

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I had a great dream last night, one for the books. Or in this case, the LJ.

It started off with me being called in as a relief pitcher for the Cubs. We were losing 6-16 and for some reason Jeff Baker was my catcher (odd because Jeff Baker is an infielder, not a catcher). Except Jeff wasn't at the game (being held in some bizarre park behind a hotel) and I had to go find him before I could pitch. I'm guessing they just put the game on hold while I went roaming around, looking for my lost catcher.

I ended up going in the hotel, which was hosting a con of some kind, and I ran into a friend of mine as we both got on this bizarre glass elevator that seemed to have functioning issues. It wouldn't stop long enough on a floor to let you off safely and it descended way too fast. This was all fun and frustrating until a giant lizard of some kind appeared out of nowhere. I'm not normally bothered by lizards, but in this case I made an exception, and I bailed from that elevator as quickly as I could.

And I admit it: I left my friend. Hey, I'll remember her fondly, but when giant, obviously-going-to-eat-me lizards are involved, it's every able bodied person for themselves.

This move ended up being a frying pan to fire manuever as it turned out the whole hotel was infested by dinosaurs. Mostly of the meat eating kind, velociraptors and a T-Rex, and the lesser raved about allisaurus. After cowering in a corner to avoid the attentions of the T-Rex (man, I hoped Jurassic Park was right when they said that T-Rex responds to movement), I ended up running for the door with a group of people, but the only face I recognized was Nathan Fillion, for some odd reason.

And then I woke up.

Consequently, I've been pretty sore today, particularly by right shoulder. I guess I'm just not up to snuff when it comes to major league relief-pitching and running from dinosaurs.
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Carrie's been working very hard this week redecorating her room. I'll give her credit. She decided what she wanted to do and damn straight she's done it and done most of it on her own. Busted her ass, too.

I've helped her out a little bit (I painted a couple of tables for her and helped her move her bed a couple of times), but I figured the least I could do was take over her chore of doing the dishes so she could get more done. Last night, Carrie was trying to finish up all of the painting and she wasn't going to stop until she got the room done, so I washed the dishes again.

Now, the water is shallow and despite the soap, I can see the stuff in the water and I can see my favorite chopping knife in there. I've never cut myself washing dishes before (that I can remember, anyway) and I'm not worried about it now because I can see where the knife is. I reach in to get the spatula and I swear the knife slid over and cut me on purpose. I know the water can distort perception, but not that much. It's like it knew. It's like it laid there on the bottom and said, "Okay, tonight, she bleeds."

And boy did I, but thankfully, not for very long. Upon inspection this morning, it looks nasty and it bled a little more in my sleep, but it looks like it'll heal okay, though I might end up with a scar. That'll make two unintentional, self-inflicted knife wound scars on my fingers.

Carrie's finishing up her room today. I helped her carry two shelving units in their boxes up the stairs. Now, there are several people who can attest to the craziness of my stairs. They are not normal stairs, so carrying things up them can be harrowing indeed. Carrie and I managed, however, to do it without serious injury. I admit, I did smash two of my fingers a little, but not the finger that I cut last night, bashed my knee on the step, nearly lost my balance and fell backward, and I don't think any of this helped Carrie's aching back and we might have added to the awesome bruise collection she's got going on her legs, but there were no tears or hospital trips, so I'm calling it a win.

Her room is going to look awesome when she gets it all put together. I hope she's proud of herself because I know I am.
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Pete is doing much better after her bout with illness last week. She's clearly feeling much better. Her eyes are bright and clear, she's not as snotty, she started taking baths again, and she's eating solid food again.

However, she lost a bit of weight while she was sick, probably a couple of pounds, which is huge for such a small cat. The goal now is to get her weight back up.

It's odd when she gets on your lap or you pick her up because she's so light. It's like holding nothing.

Except when she sits on my hip, like she did today. Here she is, lighter than she's been in years, and this cat can still alter her specific gravity and concentrate all of the weight she has and maybe some that she doesn't have on the sorest part of my hip that I didn't realize was sore in the first place.

I guess you can't deny a God given talent like that. I wish she would though. Ow.
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I had a bit of a restless night last night, doing a lot of switching of positions without truly waking up, but not so much that I got tangled in the bedding or rearranged it significantly.

However, there must have been some flailing involved because at some point in the early morning hours, I managed to catch a fingernail on my face and took a little chunk of skin out of the bridge of my nose. I didn't really wake up much when I did it because at first I thought I'd dreamed it. Then I saw the little bloody divet in the mirror and realized that it was no dream.

I guess it will be in my best interest to keep my nails trimmed short from here on out.
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I was shaving my legs this morning when I noticed that I have a huge, black bruise on the back of my calf, just under my knee.

I'm not exactly sure how I got it. From the size and nasty look of it, you'd think I'd know when I did myself this injury, but I don't.

My only guess is that it happened when I was helping Carrie take her new mattress upstairs. The stairs are narrow and wonky (as anyone who's been to my house and seen them can attest) and the box this mattress came in was big, heavy, and awkward. It's entirely possible that I mashed my leg on one of the stairs while hauling up this box.

And it's possible that didn't feel it because right before we started hauling this thing upstairs, I mashed my foot and that hurt pretty much a lot.

Oddly enough, my foot didn't bruise at all.

But, man, my leg looks like someone took a bat to me. I should take a picture for posterity. It's fierce.
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If you ask me on any given day how I'm feeling and I answered you honestly, I'd probably tell you that some body part hurt. Something always hurts on me. Something on Dad always hurts, too, so I'm thinking that it's hereditary.

Anyway, my knees have a tendency to ache. It's not easy carrying all of this fat around, especially considering all of the dancing I do. I'm used to them hurting.

But the past two days, my left knee has just been killing me. No position is comfortable, or at least not comfortable for long. I'm thinking it's the bitter cold that's making it hurt worse than normal. That's the only change I can think of that might be affecting it.

Thankfully, it'll be warming up a bit over the weekend and maybe that will ease my pain.

Until then, look for me to be walking like a pirate with a pegleg.

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Just a few comments on tonight's episode.

Castle..'Love a good perp walk.' )

In cooking news, I added another burn to my hand. I hit it on the very hot oven as I was putting a pizza into it. So now I have a blister and a red stripe. Along with the miscellaneous scratches (that I can't remember/don't know how I got), it looks like my left hand has been involved in some very serious business usually found in a high-violence action-adventure or possibly a low-key slasher movie.

Not the best look after Halloween. I'm just saying.
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My face is less lumpy today!

The swelling has gone down some in my face and it's not quite as tender as it was. My eye was still swollen and ouchy, but the bites themselves have shrunk. Ice got rid of most of my eye swelling pretty quickly.

I took Benedryl thinking that maybe it might help with the swelling and the itching and not knock me on my ass. I was wrong, at least about the last bit. I took a two hour nap.

So, no doctor today. Hopefully, I'll continue to improve over the weekend and I won't need to go (there's been some urging that I go anyway, just in case, and I appreciate it, but I wouldn't be surprised if my last words were "Nah, I don't need to go to the doctor. I'll be fine" because I'm just that way). If not, the hospital is right down the street.

Now watch me jinx myself by posting about my improvement.
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My eye was worse this morning, swollen and itcy with a nice dark circle to highlight the two angry red little bites. My face, however, was about the same. Still a little swollen, still tender.

Dad came home to check on me, make sure I wasn't dead. I don't know why. It wasn't supposed to get too hot today, I wouldn't have spoiled that fast.

Anyway, it was determined that since I could still see and hear and only my eye had gotten worse that I'd probably live. He suggested I put a heating pad on my face because it might help with the swelling.

It did help a little bit, but it has been decided that if I'm still alive in the morning and my face is still swollen, I'll have to go to the doctor. Bleh. I haven't been to the doctor since I had my breast reduction and these titties just turned 7 in August. I'm just saying it's been awhile.

However, in other health related news, Dad made me take my blood pressure (we have a blood pressure/pulse rate machine; Dad checks his once a week). My BP is 131/76 and my pulse is 68. Not bad for a former smoker who's probably 100 pounds overweight by the standards, huh?

Of course, that could also be the spider venom slowly spreading through my body and shutting down my organs, but we're going to credit the belly dancing for ego's sake.
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Yesterday, the right side of my face by my ear hurt and felt like there was a knot under the skin and I noticed two bumps by my right eye. They were annoying, but I didn't think much of them.

This morning I woke up looking like an extra in a low budget gore picture. The right side of my face, mostly by my ear, and my right eye were swollen and painful to touch. My jaw and the right side of my neck hurt, too, and those two insignificant little bumps were bigger, sorer, and itchy.

Oh, goodie.

Over the course of the day, the swelling has gone down, but the soreness remains. The bumps are still there, and they still hurt and itch.

I consulted with Dad when he got home from work because I have no health care and no money to see a doctor and even if I did, I wouldn't see one without consulting someone else because I'm lousy at making decisions about my own health unless it's obvious I require medical attention and even then I might waver a second or two.

Anyway, Dad thinks I might have been bitten by something due to the itchy bumps and it's affected the whole side of my face. That seems pretty likely, though I've never reacted to a bug bite like this before. And it eases my fears that I've found a new way to injure myself in my sleep.

I suppose I'll give it another day or two. If it's not better by then, I guess I'll...do something. I don't know what.

Something other than whine, I suppose.
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I have had the most persistent headache all day. It fades but never goes away completely. And when the drugs wear off, it comes back in full force.

I'm going to bed early tonight. Maybe I can sleep it off.
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Happy 4th of July to my American friends. Happy Saturday to everyone else.

Due to inconvenient weather being inconvenient, our plans to hang out in a parking lot and drink redneck cocktails while possibly blowing stuff up have been pushed back to tomorrow.

And since it is a day that usually involves someone, somewhere, grievously injuring themselves (and since I haven't done it in awhile), how about a father/daughter conversation on hospital trips.

*Dad sharpens a knife then immediately cuts his finger on it*
Me: Hey, just because our plans for the day got postponed doesn't mean I want to spend the afternoon with you in the ER.
Dad: Like you'd go.
Me: Hey, last time you tried cutting a finger off it was Christmas Eve.
Dad: You wouldn't go to the hospital with me if it was August 13th.
Me: I would if you were dying and I was in the will.
Dad: I'll put your sister in the will. Leave it all to her.
Me: *snorts* Good move. She'd have it all spent before you drew your last breath.
Dad: I'll just leave her the old Jeep. "To Mimzie, I bequeath the old Jeep. You wrecked it, you got it." She'd be thrilled.
Me: Yeah, she would.

For the record, Dad didn't cut himself badly enough to go for stitches.

This makes the third holiday I know of for sure that he's cut himself.

Dad's hardcore like that.
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I'm terrible about following up on things in my LJ.

I post about situations and people and pains, and then fail to follow up with any kind of resolution.

So, if there's anything I've posted about recently (or for those of you in it for the long haul, years ago) that you feel I've neglected to tie up the loose ends on, then by all means, call me out on it.

In future, I'll try to be more conclusive with the events from my life that aren't wrapped up in a nice little bow by the end of the post, but I can't make any promises because I'm lazy and I can be a bitch about change.

For the record, all of this came about because my shoulder is hurting me again (it never really healed from whatever I did to it last year) and how something is always hurting and it's the nature of my business and then I remembered that I whined about my jaw hurting, but never made a post to say that as mysteriously as the pain came and worsened, it went away.

In conclusion, my jaw is fine now.

Bet you didn't see this particular ending coming, did you?
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Permit me a whine for a moment.

Yesterday, the left saw of my jaw kind of hurt. At first, I was worried that it might be one of my back teeth (I'm paranoid about my teeth going bad and falling out). But, upon inspection (read: poking and prodding the line of my jaw with my finger), I discovered it actually was my jaw. Took some ibueprofin and figured it would go away.

Today, the jaw tenderness remains and is now accompanied by muscle spasms on that side. Tiny little spasms, twitching in a very small area.

I actually didn't really notice it earlier today. My jaw felt a little strange and it wasn't until started poking around again that I realized it was spasming.

The spasms have gotten more noticible. I'm noticing them right now, actually. They're not really painful, just uncomfortable and unpleasant.

I've just taken some more ibeuprofin and I'm hoping that it will be gone tomorrow.

It had better be gone tomorrow.

I can't imagine the underlying cause for persistent jaw muscle spasms on one side of the face to be cheap to treat.
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I cannot make it a full week exercising anymore. I'm always giving up something because I'm sore.

I think it's because I've upped the intensity level of the belly dancing. I really didn't think the repetitiveness of the set-up (I start out with six moves on Monday, then introduce three new moves each day and end up with a full, five minute dance on Friday) would make me as sore as it does. Last week I couldn't even do Friday's routine because I was so sore.

Keep in mind that I'm also doing weights, sit ups, yoga, and ballet strength during the week, too. Typically, if I sacrifice something, it's one of those in favor of the belly dancing.

I think I'm just going to belly dance for the next couple of weeks since it's the only thing I do five days a week. Maybe if I get settled in and not be as sore by the time I get to Friday, I can start adding in the other activities.

I don't really want to take this kind of break (I feel like I'm slacking off), but if I'm going to get everything back into the routine without killing myself then I'm going to have to.

Bet you didn't think that being a fat girl was such hard work, did you?


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