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I hope everyone had a nice holiday or Tuesday, as the case may be. I enjoyed mine.

I don't think I got to watch A Christmas Story enough times, though.

Maybe next year.
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So Sunday I found a dead body.

Last night, I found out I won two tickets to The Dempster Family Foundation Casino Night. Come May 9th, I am going to be gussied up in my good clothes (hello, little black dress!) and hobnobbing with Cubs players and other Chicago celebrities. I was in such denial that it was real that Carrie pinched me to prove I wasn't dreaming. It took me a good half-hour or so to realize that it wasn't a joke and it was really happening.

Talk about a serious swing in the luck.

This week has been a bizarre one, to be sure.
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Papa, Aunt Jo, Nancy, and Jake came up today. Nancy had some jewelry that she wanted to give me, kind of like a late birthday present.

It worked out for me because I've been trying to give them thank you cards that the girls made them and the two times someone was down that way, I forgot them.

And it worked out for Jake because it gave him an opportunity to get more driving practice in. I remember when that kid biffed it down the basement stairs in his walker. I hope he's a better driver.

Most of the jewelry Nancy gave me was either my grandma's or was given to her by my grandma. There's one necklace that I fell in love with the minute I saw it. It's stainless steel and looks like three bracelets linked together to make a necklace. It's neat. There were also a few "mashed metal" (as Aunt Jo called it) cuff bracelets, two of which my grandma had since high school. Very cool.

I appreciate that I'm getting this jewelry from my grandma. After all, I got my love of jewelry from her.
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Questionable: Tastes, Talents, and Times

Speaking of questionable, Carrie gave me an iTunes giftcard for my birthday. And since I still had 12 bucks in my iTunes account, I went on a music shopping spree. Here's what I got:

"She's Always a Woman"-Billy Joel
"Angie Baby"-Helen Reddy
"Close to You"-The Carpenters
"Band of Gold"-Freda Payne
"Knock Three Times"-Tony Orlando and Dawn
"Magic Man"-Heart
"Crazy On You"-Heart
"Want Ads"-Honey Cone
"Magic Carpet Ride"-Steppenwolf
"Wild Horses"-The Rolling Stones
"19th Nervous Breakdown"-The Rolling Stones
"She's So Cold"-The Rolling Stones
"You Can Leave Your Hat On"-Joe Cocker
"Here Comes the Hotstepper"-Ini Karmoze
"Why Don't You Get a Job?"-Offspring
"Aeroplane"-The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Scream"-Michael and Janet Jackson
"Blood on the Dance Floor"-Michael Jackson
"Swingin'"-John Anderson
"Consider Me Gone"-Reba McEntire
"Strange"-Reba McEntire
"Turn on the Radio"-Reba McEntire
"Fire Burning"-Sean Kingston
"Ain't NoRest for the Wicked"-Cage the Elephant
"If It's Love"-Train

It was a conscious effort on my part to get a few songs that were actually recorded in the last ten years. Not as much of a struggle as I thought it'd be.
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Since the weather prevented me from going up to my mom's house yesterday for Hammie's birthday, I went up today for mine. I also took up the Christmas presents from Dad's side of the family in addition to Hammie's birthday present, so it was a present extravaganza!

Actually, it was more like a Barbie convention. They got a lot of Barbies.

They also got a charades game that was an absolute riot to play. Every charade that Hobbit did involved some vague gesture with her arm. She also interpreted Mom miming driving a car as milking a cow. It was fantastic. Hammie was a bit stilted at first, but once she got the hang of being more animated, she got really good at it.

Hammie got a guitar for her birthday, so there was plenty of music. Howlin' Mad Smurf was very excited about me getting my cake and my present (I got money).

I guess for Mom took the girls shopping to pick out presents for Hammie's birthday and when Mom asked Smurf what she wanted to give Hammie, she said a punch in the stomach. Apparently, she really did give her a punch in the stomach, too. When Smurf said she wanted to give me my birthday present, I asked her if it was a punch in the stomach because I didn't want that. She acted all offended. I don't know why.

After the birthday celebration, I came home to join Carrie for a haircut. We're both loooong overdue (as usual). We ended up going to a new lady, Tammy, and she did a fantastic job. I'll have to post pictures after I decided what I'm going to do with this new style. I prefer my hair a little more punk rock then the way she ended up styling it, but it's still nice. And short. And my bangs are finally out of my eyes.

I could never have Justin Beiber hair.

Carrie ended up ordering pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook.

All in all, it's been a fantastic birthday. I have a feeling that being 30 Bonus Year is going to be excellent.
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Last February I developed a new fitness routine based on the Body Block shown on Fit TV. I'd do the Monday dances, the Tuesday kickboxing/sculpt/pilates, and the Thursday Bollywood dance. On Wednesdays I'd do my own belly dancing routine and on Fridays, I'd do my own yoga routine. Despite the fact that my pants are still too tight, I liked the routine and felt like it worked for me.

I should have known that my nice routine would be short lived.

Because Oprah took over Discovery Health to form her own network, a bunch of Discovery Health programming got shifted to Fit TV and my Body Block is no more. Now they show it at 5 in the morning and that's it. Apparently, Oprah was misinformed and in fact, not everyone in the US owns one of them there fancy DVRs.

So now I'm doing my best to keep my routine by doing a lot of the routines from memory and upping the intensity when I can.

What makes this sting worse is that this problem was caused by a woman that is all about weight-loss and fitness.

In lucky news, I won another free ticket on my scratch offs. This brings my winning ticket total to six. I'm a little worried, though, because up until now I've been getting two tickets. I hope getting just one won't mess up the lucky winning mojo.

Of course, if I win the Mega Millions tonight, I won't worry about it.
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If you remember from this entry, my latest in my line of scratch off tickets netted me 16 dollars. From that 16 dollars, I got two more of the same scratch offs (and a Mega Millions ticket; let's see how lucky I am) and ended up winning another 2 bucks, with which I will, of course, get two more tickets.

The streak is alive and well and I am thrilled. Five winning scratch offs so far. Best Christmas present ever.

Let's see if this luck translates to the big game. I've never won anything on the Mega Millions game, so even just one of the small prizes would be fantastic right about now.

In other news, if you don't follow my other LJ, [livejournal.com profile] kikiwrites, then you might not know that I started a blog last November. It's nothing fantastic, but I hope it will do a couple of things for me. One is serve as a kind of website for myself and a central hub for my writing career. Yes, I have a website and an LJ for my writing, but I felt like I couldn't get both of them to work together. And let's face it, I'm lazy. Updating the website was too easy to put off. It's much easier to update the blog.

The other purpose is to open myself up as a person and put my brain on display. I'm a fun, interesting, not always good, complex human being, but unfortunately, I have a tendency to keep myself very closed off. That's not going to work in today's writing game because you have to put yourself out there more to sell your books. I might as well start doing it now so I can do it on my terms.

Besides, everyone loves a good freak show.

I post three times a week regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and sometimes do special posts. Starting today, I'm promoting them on Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter, please let me know if the self-promoting gets annoying. I would like to ask people to visit my world, not run them off.

I'm a little nervous about doing this. I'm not used to trying to attract attention to myself.

Well, at least not without dying my hair purple.
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My Aunt Jo got me two scratch off tickets for Christmas.

I ended up winning two free tickets.

I got the freebies today and ended up winning two bucks off of one of them.

I've decided that I'm going to use the two bucks to get two more tickets. I figure I'll keep playing until I either win something bigger than 2 bucks/free tickets or I lose, which is probably more likely.

This is the closest thing I got to a toy this Christmas. I might as well play with it as long as I can.

Plus, I think my aunt would be amuse to see how far I could get with it.
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Dad, Carrie, and I headed down to Aunt Jo's this afternoon. We ended up with a full house: the three of us, Aunt Jo, Nancy, Jake, Papa, cousin Chuck, and cousin Patty. It's been quite awhile since I've spent any time in Patty's company and since her husband just recently passed away, I was a little apprehensive of what her mood might bit, but she seemed in very good spirits. The company was quite excellent.

We opened presents before dinner. Dad and Jake both got knives and Papa got duct tape. Yes, I wrapped it. No, it's not the first time duct tape has been given as a serious gift for Christmas (I got it once in high school; yes I did appreciate it). Papa, who never fails us, got Carrie a Harry Potter book she's been coveting and me a Cubs shirt. Aunt Jo and Nancy got us both really nice, fleecy blankets (she got Dad once last year). Mine has an angel, Carrie's has a lighthouse. Also, I know have 50 bucks in Olive Garden gift cards between Mom and Aunt Jo. I am set for pasta and I am good with this.

Aunt Jo and Nancy outdid themselves this year with the spread. There was turkey, pork roast, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, peas, scalloped corn, bread pudding, stuffing, broccoli salad, corn salad, cranberry salad, olives, candied dills, homemade bread, fruit bread, applesauce bread, banana bread, and for dessert there was pumpkin, pecan, and cherry pie. It was just incredible.

Naturally, I filled myself up fit to bust and I was way behind most of my family. I was miserable for a good half an hour after I ate. I don't know how the people who ate twice as much as I did weren't imitating beached whales.

Playing cards has kind of become a holiday tradition, I guess. We play Spit at Thanksgiving and Christmas, almost always the same players: me, Carrie, Jake, and Aunt Jo. This year, Jake left kind of early to go to his dad's, so that left the three of us ladies. The game was paused twice, once for pie and one so Aunt Jo could show us some old jewelry she had. I was impressed when she brought out the watch that belonged to my great-great grandpa's mother. Then she brought a pin and earrings that belonged to my great-great grandpa's grandmother. Better still, they were made from actual coins. The date on one was 1857. I had no idea we had something so cool.

At the end of the card playing, Aunt Jo vowed revenge because Carrie and I were getting Spit a lot more than she was and even when she did, one of us would still manage to beat her in the card count. It just wasn't her night tonight. Heh.

All in all, even though the nieces couldn't come, it was a good Christmas.

I hope all of you had a terrfic day, too, whether you celebrate or not.

Merry Christmas and Rob Whoville!
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The snow has been coming down since eleven this morning and while it makes things very pretty, the streets better be cleared by tomorrow. I'm just saying.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katia_247 for the absolutely adorable card and to [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry for the fantastic gifts. You two are the best and you totally made my Christmas Eve. <3
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Went to Mom's today for the first of my two Christmases. It was a good time. We got pizza, as usual, but it was delivery instead of homemade. We opened presents. The girls liked the jewelry I made for them. Grandma and Grandpa came through once again with a Kohl's gift card. I can buy bras again!

The after dinner entertainment was playing Just Dance. I guess the girls have been playing it every day since Hobbit got it for her birthday last week. Grandpa read about us playing it on my Facebook (yes, both of my mom's parents are my FB friends as are my mom and stepdad; look, they're my family so I've already scarred them for life) and wanted a demonstration. All of the girls have gotten pretty good at it, though Mom said that Hammie was pretty sore from playing it so much. Hobbit's song is definitely "Who Let the Dogs Out". She's rockin' the high score on that one. And Howlin' Mad Smurf is really good at some song that I've never heard of. She actually prefers to dance without the controller, though.

My songs are definitely "Ring My Bell" and "A Little Less Conversation". The two songs I'm the worst at, "Hot n Cold" and "Womanizer", Hammie just kills.

It was a good Christmas. It was nice seeing my grandparents. Carrie got a most excellent make-up bag. I got my cookies (I wait all year for those things). Quite successful, really.

Christmas Eve is free, which is great since they're still predicting some serious snow (I've heard totals anywhere from 1-2 inches to 3-6 inches). Hopefully, it'll all be over, done with, and cleared by Christmas when we have to do our traveling.

I'll probably be sore tomorrow from Just Dance, too. My right arm already hurts. Damn windmill arm moves.
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All of my gifts have been made and wrapped. I am ready for my Christmases to begin tomorrow.

I received a package in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry. I'm going to be good again this year and not open anything until Christmas Eve.

In preparation for the coming Christmas Gauntlet that always kicks my ass and puts me down for the count, I've been bracing myself by wallowing in my own version of warm-fuzzy happy place stuff, mostly baseball related. The plan is to get so high on feel good stuff that I won't be affected by any travel-related or holiday-induced stressed. Since they're forecasting three to six inches of snow on Christmas Eve starting tomorrow night, the odds are upped on travel troubles.

Speaking of baseball, this matters to no one, but me, but I follow a Marlins player named Logan Morrison (I know I'm a Cubs fan, but LoMo is too funny to resist). So far, he's responded to me good naturedly giving him shit twice. I feel so popular.

Now if only my Cubs would get their butts on Twitter.

This entry was barely coherent.
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Imagine my surprise this morning when I received a little package in the mail. I opened it to find a tiny girl zombie, a tiny boy zombie, a wee little T-Rex, and a little pink flamingo.

Thanks so much, [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian! I love them. They are truly fantastic and currently riding on my candy cane sleigh underneath my purple Christmas tree. They are the perfect accent to my holiday decorating.

Tis the season!
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I did my patriotic duty and voted today.

I voted a lot of Green Party again this year because I like any party that sounds like DRUNKHULK over on Twitter would be a member.

Hey, if the campaigns are going to boil down to nothing more than juvenile name calling, then I'm going to vote along that same eight year old mentality.

As it is, I just vote for the sticker anyway. I think next election they should hand out suckers, though. I want a better return for casting my vote. The candidates aren't doing much for me.

Let's face it. Voting for Governor in IL is just trying to pick the person who can go the longest without getting indicted.

Whoohoo! Corruption knows no political party! Fun for the whole state!
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Who has $2.50 and is looking for a way to indulge me in one of my present baseball obsessions?

This would be a great way to do it.

I'm just saying.
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I come to you, dear flist, on bended knee asking for help and advice.

My mom was nice enough to let me use her computers and internet while I was without and as such, had to endure my blathering on about the Cubs. Honestly, it was only fair since she was the one who made me a Cubs fan in the first place and I grew up listening to her rant about Paul Assenmacher (you'd think the guy tripped her Grandma or something; even today, if you mention his name, it sets her off).

So, Mom decided to give me an early Christmas present in the form of Cubs tickets, only she couldn't decide what game I wanted to go to, so she's just giving me the money. My excitement lasted until I told my dad, who grunted with disapproval and did not make any comment. This told me two things: 1)my parents will always act like they just got divorced yesterday and 2)Dad doesn't think I deserve to go.

This year has been rough and he's had to help me pay my bills a few times. I don't like asking him for money, but life is full of things I don't like doing and I plan to pay him back at some point (I owe him a lot of money from him helping me out over the years). He doesn't like asking me for money either and even though he didn't say so, I know he thinks that because I asked for money I don't need to be going to Wrigley, even if someone else is paying for it. I know he wants me to use the money to pay my bills (I imagine he wants me to get a "real" job, too, but that's beside this particular point).

Mom gave me money last Christmas to buy clothes. I spent it on bills. In fact, I spent all of my Christmas and birthday money on bills. I haven't been able to afford to do anything big since DragonCon '08. I really want to go to Wrigley. I need to go to Wrigley. I need to get out of my house, get out of my town, and get some happy juices flowing. But, if I go and then have to ask Dad for money again next month (any amount of money, even five bucks), the shit is going to hit the fan.

So I reason the only way I'll be able to go is if I make sure I've got money to pay my bills next month, which means I've got a little less than 3 weeks to come up with about $250. If I can't come up with the cash, then the money Mom is giving me to spend on tickets is going to have to be spent on bills. Again.

This is where you come in, dear flist. No, I'm not asking you for money. I know I'm a rotten and terrible friend, but even I have my limits.

But, I do need help getting the money. I'm already selling stuff on ebay. I'll be putting more action figures up in the next few days (wrestling, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) as well as some magazines (Wrestlemania collector's issues), if you know anyone who might be interested.

However, that stuff hasn't been selling well lately and I can't guarantee that eBay alone will get me the money that I need.

I've thought about putting up some short stories up for cheap downloads, but honestly, I don't think I've got the promotional skills and popularity to make much money off of it (I'm still willing to give it a try, though; every bit of pocket change helps).

Aside from that, I'm not sure what else I can do. Does anyone have any ideas that don't include prostitution? I say that not because I look down on streetwalking as a distasteful profession, but because, let's face it, hookers work on commission and I've never been good at sales. To be honest, right now I probably couldn't give it away.

So, anybody got any money making ideas or can help me sell my stuff? I'd really appreciate the help. I know everyone else is going through stuff right now and this is really kind of a frivolous thing to ask for, particularly since the mess I'm in is truly a mess of my own making, but it would mean everything if I could go. I swear, I'll be a grown-up responsible adult and get a real job and trudge off into that zombie wasteland of maturity just as soon as I get back from the game.

Please, help this depressed fat girl get to Wrigley Field.
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So, I turned 30 today. I was kind of bummed going into it. Not because I was turning 30; I've been looking forward to turning 30 for years. I was bummed because I wasn't doing something bigger to celebrate it.

But I forgot that I've grown to really love my birthday and even if I'm doing the most mundane things, like going to the DMV to renew my license, are better because...it's my birthday. I feel giddy all day because...it's my birthday. I don't know why. I'm just like..."Yee! It's my birthday. National holiday! Everybody dance!"

So, as much as I would have liked to do something big to celebrate turning 30 (which I might before the year's out, who knows), it was still a good day.

I did get my license renewed today. I was dreading it, but it was more fun than it should have been. The young guy at the DMV who helped me made a goof that had us both laughing hard. I've tried to put the story into words, but really, I can't do it justice. You had to be there to appreciate it. Otherwise, it's just an excuse to roll your eyes at lameness.

But my license photo is the best ID picture I've taken to date. It's the only one that doesn't look like it's a mug shot for a crime that involved booze, a pool cue, and a hospital trip.

I made spinach and shrimp pasta for my birthday dinner and I still have ten of the twelve cupcakes my mom gave me yesterday (Carrie and I had a one each earlier today...so good). Dad gave me bandaids (he stuffed some money into an empty bandaid box and gave it to me).
Carrie made me an excellent card featuring a shark eating a cupcake and a really cool apron that's right up my alley. And I'm expecting fic from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry.

And it's NCIS night.

Yeah. I think I've got to this third decade off to a good start.
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Happy Humbug!

Dad, Carrie, and I took Hobbit and Smurf (Hammie didn't want to go) down to Aunt Jo's house to have Christmas with her, Papa, Nancy, and Jake. Aunt Jo's friend CJ and her son Frank were there, too.

It rained all day yesterday and with a frost line of 3 to 5 inches, there was a lot of standing water on the way down. We took the back roads and had to drive through it because the road had flooded in a couple of places. I've never seen that before. Of course, the temperature dropped and it snowed all day, so I can only imagine what that turned into. We took the freeway back, so it'll always remain a mystery.

Dinner was good. Aunt Jo forgot to get the sweet potatoes and stuffing out of the oven until after we'd all eaten. The sweet potatoes were fine, but the stuffing didn't survive. The bottom was all burnt.

We opened presents. The girls made out like bandits, as they always do. Barbies and art supplies and gift cards, oh my! Papa got Carrie more Twilight stuff and I got two new books and season six of NCIS. Ah, the gift of Gibbs.

Dad wrapped Jake's present in camo duct tape over packing tape. It was great. It took him about fifteen minutes to get it open. What did Dad get him? A knife. Did Jake cut himself on it? Of course. That's how you properly break it in.

We managed to play a couple of hands of Spit before it was time to pack up and take the girls home. It was a long day, at least for Hobbit. She fell asleep on the way home. She told me earlier than Santa came to her house too early this morning, that's why she was tired.

I'm tired because Christmas never fails to wear me out. But it was a good one.

I hope yours was good, too.
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I got a package in the mail today from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry. I made the executive decision that since it is Christmas Eve and I'm not spending it at my Mom's house like I traditionally do (since we were there last night) and we'll be too busy tomorrow with all of the traveling and niece wrangling that it would actually be for the best to open the gifts Missy sent today.

(I'm making sure to point this out because Missy likes to tease me about not being able to wait until Christmas to open my presents.)

I pretty much got a box full of Bruce Campbell. I got Army of Darkness (director's cut and theatrical release), two Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic books, and Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way by Bruce Campbell which is, from what I heard, pretty much fanfiction to the nth degree of awesome.

When Missy gets back from vacation, she's getting loved on big time. That's all I'm going to say.

*gazes adoringly at her new Bruce Campbell treasures*

*sighs happily*
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Went to Mom's house for my first Christmas. Carrie got to meet my grandparents (Mom's dad and stepmom) for the first time. We ate homemade pizza and chatted.

We opened presents. The girls scored big time, as they always do. Carrie got them a box of ten games and I'm pretty sure we played them all at least once before we left.

My grandparents always give my sister and I an assortment of little things that leave us wondering. It always ranges from pretty cool to...something religious. This year we both got a book (my sister called to ask if I got one, too...they mailed her presents before they left to come down for Christmas). Dying the Jesus way. That's not what it's called, but it is about the afterlife. I think. That's what I'm getting from the summary on the back.

The cool thing I got this year (aside from the Kohl's gift card that I get every year) are these little Hawaiian shirt post-it notes. They make me think of Sam from Burn Notice. They're awesome.

Mom, Mark, and the nieces got me a shirt that says "Careful! Or you'll end up in my novel". I love shirts that are both threatening AND apply to my line of work. It's a perfect combo. It multitasks in a way that I only wish I could.

All in all, we had a good time. One Christmas down and one to go and it's not until Christmas Day.

I'm planning on making Christmas Eve my day of rest. I rarely get a moment to breathe when the Christmases start. I'm making the most of having a whole day.

I may not even put on real pants. We'll see.


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