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Spent my day celebrating my success at avoiding death for another year. I'm glad to be 33. I like three's. This feels lucky to me.

I spent the day indulging in my favorites. I ended up watching Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980) (the latter courtesy of Carrie; she got me that and a Funko POP Usula doll for my birthday); an episode of The A-Team ("Bad Day at Black Rock"); an episode of MST3K ("Night of the Blood Beast"); two episodes of my current TV infatuation, Emergency! ("Virus" and "Breakdown"); and closed it out with an episode of The Monkees ("I Was a Teenage Monster"). I also watched Svengoolie (Island of Lost Souls) and finished reading Dead Until Dark.

It was a fabulous, relaxing, indulgent day. I appreciated every minute of it.

I'll do all of my partying next weekend at Cubs Con.
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Another driver bailed on us, leaving us scrambling to cover his loads for the week. I've got another driver nearly a day late because a) he broke down on the way home Friday and b) his load was done wrong and someone had to fix it (a reocurring problem at this particular plant).

So, I'm making late calls while fielding the typical It's Monday Where's My Stuff calls while trying to get last minute information to drivers on the road. And then there's the pile of regular phone calls that need to be made.

And the driver trip sheets that I have to review.

And the violations sheets that I have to compile even though I'm pretty sure that Chad doesn't look at them.

And the board needs updated.

And we've hired someone new, Crystal, to help us in the office. She spent the afternoon watching me make phone calls and explaining my job. Not that there's a lot to it, but she's sitting in my cube so I feel compelled to say something. She's going to be handling our drivers once we get her trained up. I imagine she'll be doing other things, too, but that's her main gig.

Starting next week, I'll be working 8-5 taking an hour lunch. Right now I'm working 7-4:30 taking a half hour lunch. I'm already hitting 5 o'clock a couple of days a week now. I look forward to hitting 5:30. Because I can't seem to get it all done in one shift.

They need to go back to that temp service and get someone to replace me. I can't hack this gig.
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-I watched Thundercats this morning. Awesome.

-Yesterday was the jinx of all days. Nothing went right, including a flat tire on the way to corporate for a meeting and me getting a sunburn in a weird spot on the ride up.

-I got hustled at Memory by a six year old today.

-Because of YouTube surfing with my nieces, this is my new favorite thing.

-I also spent some time watching Weird Al videos. The man will always be a genius to me.

-Worst part about this heat wave? It's been too hot for me to use my hula hoop.
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Sonny is doing fine. His surgery went well. They put some pins in his hip and discharged him yesterday. He's walking with a cane and/or walker. He thinks he'll be back to work by September.

Stephen and Mark finally made it home about 11:30 Friday night. Mark is still speaking to us. We'll see about Stephen. Heh.
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It's been an eventful two days at the day job. You'd think a short week would be easy, but no. Not in this world.

Yesterday, three of our five trucks on the East Coast broke down. Problem, we still had three runs that needed to be done today. Did I mention that one driver took his truck to the shop without telling us and another driver's truck has been broken FOR A WEEK, but he neglected to mention it? Yeah. Like that. Thankfully, they were able to do a quick patch job on one of the trucks and get the guy going.

There was also the small matter of a guy finishing his run early, but taking his time getting back to the yard. Unfortunately, he had a surprise random drug test waiting for him, which put him behind on getting started on his next run. He's going to cut it close making it home tonight.

Then today, one of my favorite drivers, Sonny, was down by St. Louis picking up coils. He was secured the straps on the load, went to get off of the trailer, and fell. An ambulance was called and Sonny told Albert that he thought he dislocated his hip.

With him on his way to the hospital, we had to figure out how to get the coils back. At first it was decided to have Stephen go from his last stop in Indiana to St. Louis because he had a rider, new guy Mark, with him. Mark could drive the coil truck home. It set up huge problems for us for the next week with Stephen's hours of service and whatnot, but it'd get the job done.

However, Mike showed up and it was decided that Chad would drive Mike down to there and he could pick up the coils with no problems. Albert calls Stephen to let him know he can come home and...Stephen's truck is dead.

All of this took place before lunch.

So, a plan was hatched to retrieve Stephen, Mark, and the broken truck with the use of a tow truck. It would take our spare truck out to Indiana and then tow the broken truck home. Stephen and Mark would drive the spare truck home.

Yeah, that was at noon. At three, the tow truck that was supposed to take the guys and the broken truck from the side of the road to a truck stop still hadn't shown up. When I left a little after 4:30, the tow truck was just leaving for Indiana, a little over two hours away. The boys might be getting home right around now.

Also over the course afternoon, we found out that Sonny had broken his hip and was going to have surgery. He's going to be out for a couple of months at least. This led us to scrambling to adjust the runs next week to account for Sonny's absence.

Needless to say, it's been a clusterfuck for the past two days and I really think we all need a three day weekend just to recover from it.


Beer me.
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When the you walk into work at 8am and the first thing your boss asks you to do is investigate a report that one of your drivers was driving the wrong way down a highway with cars flying into the ditch to avoid him, you know your day is going to be interesting.

I spent a big part of morning dealing with that in between making delivery phone calls. I'm happy to say that there seems to be no substance to this report and my drivers know how to drive on the highways.

Well, most of them.

The past couple of weeks have been like this. Every day it's something. For whatever reason, nothing will go smooth. There's got to be a hang up. It's starting to get tiresome.

Other than that work is pretty okay. I admit that I'm still not doing a lot (this week more than normal since we're covering two other plants) and I use that downtime to do things like read The Pantagraph and Chicago Tribune online as well as getting caught up on all my baseball news. I usually do that when I have time in the morning. Then in the afternoon, I listen to any ballgames that might be on and write, usually blog posts, but sometimes I work on short stories as well.

Sometimes I appreciate those days.

Sometimes I want to spork my eyes out from boredom.

Oh well. It's a living.
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I think it's very appropriate that my first post of a new month pertains to something historic.

Osama bin Laden is dead.

There are a lot implications that go along with that, including retaliation and whatnot, but for the moment, I'm just enjoying the success of something hard fought and I'm going to enjoy the (I'm sure too brief) moment of my country being brought together by a victory.

It feels kind of weird to be celebrating someone's death, but I can't deny the certain sense of relief that I feel.

Remembering those who died on 9/11 and thanking those who serve their country.

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If you remember from this entry, my latest in my line of scratch off tickets netted me 16 dollars. From that 16 dollars, I got two more of the same scratch offs (and a Mega Millions ticket; let's see how lucky I am) and ended up winning another 2 bucks, with which I will, of course, get two more tickets.

The streak is alive and well and I am thrilled. Five winning scratch offs so far. Best Christmas present ever.

Let's see if this luck translates to the big game. I've never won anything on the Mega Millions game, so even just one of the small prizes would be fantastic right about now.

In other news, if you don't follow my other LJ, [livejournal.com profile] kikiwrites, then you might not know that I started a blog last November. It's nothing fantastic, but I hope it will do a couple of things for me. One is serve as a kind of website for myself and a central hub for my writing career. Yes, I have a website and an LJ for my writing, but I felt like I couldn't get both of them to work together. And let's face it, I'm lazy. Updating the website was too easy to put off. It's much easier to update the blog.

The other purpose is to open myself up as a person and put my brain on display. I'm a fun, interesting, not always good, complex human being, but unfortunately, I have a tendency to keep myself very closed off. That's not going to work in today's writing game because you have to put yourself out there more to sell your books. I might as well start doing it now so I can do it on my terms.

Besides, everyone loves a good freak show.

I post three times a week regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and sometimes do special posts. Starting today, I'm promoting them on Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter, please let me know if the self-promoting gets annoying. I would like to ask people to visit my world, not run them off.

I'm a little nervous about doing this. I'm not used to trying to attract attention to myself.

Well, at least not without dying my hair purple.
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Internet/Computer/Laptop Situation )
ETA! )
Job Situation )
The A-Team Situation )

It's supposed to be hot as hell tomorrow (heat advisory in effect because the heat indices are going to hit 100) and my aunt has organized a family outing to see my great-aunt's horses and Haley and Diana want us to go out to their camp site to hang out.

These are two things that don't sound too pleasant in excessive heat. I'm just saying.
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Went up to Mom's today to celebrate Smurf's fifth birthday. She had a Spongebob cake. I swear the icing was four inches thick. And I scraped it all off because I'm not an icing person. Even if I like it, I don't like it that well.

Smurf's been asking for one of those butterfly gardens that they advertise on the TV, so I ordered it for her and it'll be delivered to her house. And until it is, she'll be bugging my mother about where her present is, which is like a present to me.

And to think, I'm considered the good daughter.

Carrie and I had a good time with girls. Smurf got a swingset and my stepdad was out back most of the time putting it together. The girls kept going out to check the progress. They're real whipcrackers.

We played games. There was some serious cheating going on during Old Maid. I blame Carrie as she instigated it. I managed to win a game of Uno, but it was a hollow victory since Hobbit and Smurf quit before we were done.

Then when it was time to go, Smurf tried to make us stay and when we wouldn't she resorted to force. Unfortunately, she's rather small and it was ineffective. She settled for pouting.

I guess it's just as rough being five as it was being four.
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Went to Dad's retirement open house this afternoon. Actually, it was for him and Barney, who also retired. Either way, it was a do that neither of the guys really wanted, but the Chief insisted.

When I got up this morning I asked Dad if he was ready for his big day and he flipped me off. He did not appreciate the manic giddiness in my laugh, as it was a clear sign of me enjoying his suffering.

I rode with him to the police station and he ended up parking on the street right next to a big snowpile, so I had to climb over to the driver's side to get out. Yeah, he definitely didn't appreciate me taking pleasure in his suffering.

Really, it wasn't too bad of an event. Three car loads of family showed up, some of Barney's family, several of the other officers (including Smitty, who retired about five years ago), and some people from the city. I was suprised that no one Dad had ever arrested showed up. Of course, they might be in jail again.

He survived the party (the way he was talking and carrying on, you'd think he liked it *rolls eyes*). There was only a small formal part of the event when Dad and Barney were presented with busts engraved with their names and years of service. They also got ID cards certifying them as retired law enforcement and the other officers and members of the union got them shadow boxes with pictures and their badges. They're really nice.

I think it's finally sinking in that Dad's retired. Today was the final nail in the coffin. No matter how much he goes on about how happy he is to be done, I know there's a little part of him that's missing it. There's no way he doesn't. Not after 25 years. He can't help it.

After the party, Carrie bought Dad dinner (at Mickey D's 'cause we're fancy like that) and then she and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. Well, after the 85 trailers, we saw the movie. Seriously. I'm a woman who likes her previews. They're almost always of movies I'll never see and that pleases me. But, anything over four is excessive.

Also, I feel that showing a preview for Iron Man 2 before Sherlock Holmes is a little much. I'm just saying.

Anyway, Carrie and I both liked the movie. I'm not going to go into any kind of detailed analysis of what I liked and didn't like because I'm probably one of the last people in the States to see this movie. However, I will say the use of "Rocky Road to Dublin" pleased me muchly.

We went to Dairy Queen afterwards and got Blizzards. Unskilled people made them because all of the stuff was junked up on top. After I dropped ice cream on my pants not once, but twice, I determined that it was defective and possibly sabotaged.

Now, I'm exhausted. I'm not used to so much activity in one day.
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I'm too tired to liveblog Castle, but I think it's safe to say that Castle will say something amusing, Beckett will verbal smack him, Mom and Alexis will be cute, and Ryan and Esposito will continue to be my favorite duo.

I went to Mom's today to celebrate Hammie's 8th birthday. Mom arranged for me and the three girls to get our nails done (the girls got pedicures and I got a manicure, my first ever) and to go to lunch. It was a great, girly outing with the nieces.

Highlights of the trip include:

Hobbit: *while the girls are waiting for their nails to dry, Hobbit rolls her eyes*
Me: What? What did Hammie do?
Hobbit: She's making faces. She's lost her mind.
Me: She turned eight and lost her mind?
Hobbit: Yeah. Smurf already lost hers.
Me: But she's not eight yet.
Hobbit: She started early.

Hammie: *as we're walking from the mall to the car* My coat smells like buffalo wings.
Me: What?
Hammie: My coat smells like buffalo wings.
Me: Why?
Hammie: I don't know!

*At Applebees*
Smurf: *pointing to a picture of the Beatles* Look! It's Harry Potter!

Smurf: *after taking a bite of her mini-burger* Oh. I want to marry this. (Smurf really liked the burger because at one point she was holding it and stroking the bun and calling it "my precious" like she was Gollum)

In addition to the manicure and lunch, Mom also bought me cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow.

Yes, this was the last day of my twenties. Not a bad way to spend it, really.
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This is turning into quite an active week.

After over a year without a hospital stay, Papa went back in today. He's got pneumonia. Dad says it can't be too bad because while Dad was on the phone with my great-aunt, Papa was in the background just a bitchin'. Heh. They've got him on antibiotics and he should only be in the hospital for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I've got to take Pete to the vet for her shots. Neither one of us are looking forward to this trip. Pete is good at the vet and good in the car, but she doesn't like it. I spend the whole time peeling a cat off of my shoulders. You don't realize how hard buckling your seatbelt can be until you have to do it around a cat.

(FYI: The reason why we don't use a cat carrier is because Pete can't be in an enclosed space like that. She spazzes out and hurts herself. When I first brought her home from my mother's house, she'd bloodied herself by the end of the trip.)

Thursday the police department is holding an open house to celebrate Dad's retirement after 25 years of service. He really doesn't want to go. He tried to talk them out of it, but no luck. If Papa is out of the hospital by then, he wants to go, too. I'm just going to watch my dad grump and to see how many people that he's arrested over the years show up. Should be a good time.

I hope there's punch and pie.
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I'm sitting at the computer this afternoon, minding my own, when an unexpected KABOOM! of thunder nearly makes me leave my skin.

It's not raining. There wasn't any lightening. I looked out the backdoor and saw that it looked rather forboding towards the south and the east, but I didn't think much of it. Ten minutes go by and I am just getting up to go hole up in my bedroom to write while watching the Cubs game when the power goes out.

It blinks once. Twice. I shut off the power strip. The power quits surging. Now, the power blinking at 8:35 this morning woke me up, but it only stayed off long enough to mess up the clocks. This time, the power stayed out.

Then it started to rain and the wind picked up a bit, but nothing major (our power has stayed on through tornado warnings and torndadoes) so I couldn't be sure the weather was the cause.

We live on a weird circuit; there's only four houses on it, I think. In the daylight, it's hard to tell who has power and who doesn't. Carrie and I figured that with a daycare nextdoor, the neighbor would have called the power company pretty quickly.

An hour goes by and still no power. That's unusual for us. The longest we've had to wait to get the power fixed in recent memory was during an ice storm and that's understandable.

So Carrie calls the power company and navigates its automated menu to get to a message that says they are aware of our problem and that 650 customers are without power. That's quite a stretch for such a small town.

Not too long after the call, they get the power back on. Later, I find out from Dad that it was indeed the storm. Lightening struck someplace on the southeast side of town. We were all impressed that it knocked the power out all the way over here.

And then to wrap up my off-kilter day, I had to run out into the rainy night, armed with only a flashlight, to save a baby rabbit from the neighbor's two cats, Loki and Rascal. I had to call Carrie on my cell to have her bring me out a towel because I couldn't catch the bunny, but I couldn't leave it either because Loki kept trying to go after it.

In my attempts to catch it, I ended up running the poor thing into a very secure hiding spot where he'll be safe for the night (he wasn't hurt all that bad that I could tell) before running the cats home.

All in all, my day has been interesting times.


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