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Spent my day celebrating my success at avoiding death for another year. I'm glad to be 33. I like three's. This feels lucky to me.

I spent the day indulging in my favorites. I ended up watching Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980) (the latter courtesy of Carrie; she got me that and a Funko POP Usula doll for my birthday); an episode of The A-Team ("Bad Day at Black Rock"); an episode of MST3K ("Night of the Blood Beast"); two episodes of my current TV infatuation, Emergency! ("Virus" and "Breakdown"); and closed it out with an episode of The Monkees ("I Was a Teenage Monster"). I also watched Svengoolie (Island of Lost Souls) and finished reading Dead Until Dark.

It was a fabulous, relaxing, indulgent day. I appreciated every minute of it.

I'll do all of my partying next weekend at Cubs Con.
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Went to the movies with Carrie last night. After playing skee ball (and being sore today for it), we sat down and enjoyed The Woman in Black.

Let's just call it spoilers to be safe. )

I do not recommend watching two episodes of MST3K before seeing the movie, though. There were a couple of times that I had to clamp my hand over my mouth because Servo and Crow were riffing in my head.

There were more people in the theater than we thought would be there, but they were a good audience, jumping and screaming and tittering and giggling. The girl behind us kept saying "I'm going to die, I'm doing to die". Carrie swears she peed herself a couple of times.

Can't ask for better than that.
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Carrie and I went to see The Three Muskateers last night. I think this might be the first movie I've seen in the theater this year. I can't remember seeing anything else.

Because we didn't do anything for her birthday, I promised her that I'd go see a movie with her (something I rarely do) provided that it wasn't of the Twilight variety. She agreed and soon the trailer appeared online for Muskateers and that became her film of choice. I agreed because the trailer she showed me involved Ray Stevenson twiddling his mustache and nothing says, "I'll pay six bucks to see that" for me like mustache twiddling.

I wasn't being sarcastic.

Last night was the first Thursday that the two of us had available to go (we hit the matinee shows on Thursdays because the tickets are 6 bucks and Thursday is bring your own bucket for free popcorn day) and it was also the last day the Eagle was showing it, so it was great timing on our part.

There were only three of us in the whole theater. And the other lady that watched the film sat far enough behind us that she wasn't forced to listen to us do our version of MST3K during the film.

To be honest, the movie wasn't bad if you like bad things (I love bad things). Yes, some of the dialogue was physically painful and the slow motion during the actions scenes was a little annoying and no one brushed D'Artagnan's hair for the duration of the film and there was no real rule for accents, but despite its flaws it was fun. The Muskateers together and Porthos alone had some witty dialogue, the actions scenes for the most part were well done, and Orlando Bloom continues his role in life as Captain Obvious but with the added bonus of making expressions with his face. That all pretty much makes up for it.

If you went to the movie to see some historically accurate, enlightened and faithful rendering of The Three Muskateers, no doubt you would have been seriously disappointed (but, really, the 3-D aspect should have clued you in before you even bought the ticket, so I'm not feeling that sorry for you). D'Artagnan spends most of the movie sporting a 17th century Member's Only jacket. I rest my case.

Speaking of the 3-D, I don't know how anyone could watch that movie that way. It seems like an invitation into motion sickness and vomiting into the popcorn buckets. And I did not bring my bucket for that.

Rumors of the closing credits song being terrible are true. Carrie and I sat through the entire thing and the rest of the credits to find out who was responsible. And then it was decided that the only way the song could have been worse was if Nickelback had done it.

This movie isn't going to end up on my favorites list, but I will admit, it will be one that I watch every time it comes on TV.

The mute button will come in handy.

It's also worth noting that we saw trailers for the latest Spielberg tearjerker; some sci-fi movie with electricity sucking aliens that would have been better done in the 40's with Lon Chaney Jr. as the hero; Sherlock Holmes (MUST SEE!); and Breaking Dawn, which Carrie immediately apologized for. As well she should.
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Internet/Computer/Laptop Situation )
ETA! )
Job Situation )
The A-Team Situation )

It's supposed to be hot as hell tomorrow (heat advisory in effect because the heat indices are going to hit 100) and my aunt has organized a family outing to see my great-aunt's horses and Haley and Diana want us to go out to their camp site to hang out.

These are two things that don't sound too pleasant in excessive heat. I'm just saying.
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As a proper A-Team fan, I was not pleased to hear of the big screen remake. I admit, I made an angry face and maybe some angry noises. And then after years in limbo, things progressed and the casting came out and my face went from angry to O_o because I was not expecting Liam Neeson (and I cannot spell the man's last night right on the first try; sorry about that Mr. Liam). And with all due respect to the nice people they hired to fill the iconic roles (though I don't know how Quinton "Rampage" Jackson would like being called nice since he's a retired UFC fighter, but if he doesn't like it, he can come find me and we'll sort it out), I was most definitely going to take a pass at this recent reimaging of my childhood.

I was firm in this until just a little while ago when I caught the end of a trailer for the movie.

I laughed. So help me, I laughed. And, unsurprisingly, at least for me, it was Murdock that cracked me up.

So now, I'm torn.

Now, I kind of do want to see it because it's entirely possible that it might be entertaining and they might have actually tried to capture the essence of the show and the chemistry of the characters without going too far into parody or too far into serious business.

BUT! Trailers are also designed to show off the best parts of the movie and sometimes what you see in the trailers are the ONLY good parts of the movie.

Also, I am quite firmly against encouraging this kind of behavior, ie, paying to see remakes. For example, I might be a little interested in seeing the new A Nightmare on Elm Street to see how Jackie Earle Haley (who I do love) interpreted the iconic Freddy Krueger, but I'll wait until it comes out on the TV. But I am almost willing to break this rule for A-Team.

The other strike against seeing the movie (in the theater, at least) is that Jessica Biel is in this movie for some reason and I find her to be a pretty big turn off. And if her role is as significant as I fear it is, then I don't want to see this movie without the option of scene selection.

So, yeah, that's my current superficial dilemma. Thankfully, I've got time to decide, since it doesn't open until June 11 (I think) and I'm not an opening day kind of girl anyway. I might wait until I see some reviews before I make a final judgment.

Damn you, trailer, for peaking my interest! *shakes fist*
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Went to Dad's retirement open house this afternoon. Actually, it was for him and Barney, who also retired. Either way, it was a do that neither of the guys really wanted, but the Chief insisted.

When I got up this morning I asked Dad if he was ready for his big day and he flipped me off. He did not appreciate the manic giddiness in my laugh, as it was a clear sign of me enjoying his suffering.

I rode with him to the police station and he ended up parking on the street right next to a big snowpile, so I had to climb over to the driver's side to get out. Yeah, he definitely didn't appreciate me taking pleasure in his suffering.

Really, it wasn't too bad of an event. Three car loads of family showed up, some of Barney's family, several of the other officers (including Smitty, who retired about five years ago), and some people from the city. I was suprised that no one Dad had ever arrested showed up. Of course, they might be in jail again.

He survived the party (the way he was talking and carrying on, you'd think he liked it *rolls eyes*). There was only a small formal part of the event when Dad and Barney were presented with busts engraved with their names and years of service. They also got ID cards certifying them as retired law enforcement and the other officers and members of the union got them shadow boxes with pictures and their badges. They're really nice.

I think it's finally sinking in that Dad's retired. Today was the final nail in the coffin. No matter how much he goes on about how happy he is to be done, I know there's a little part of him that's missing it. There's no way he doesn't. Not after 25 years. He can't help it.

After the party, Carrie bought Dad dinner (at Mickey D's 'cause we're fancy like that) and then she and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. Well, after the 85 trailers, we saw the movie. Seriously. I'm a woman who likes her previews. They're almost always of movies I'll never see and that pleases me. But, anything over four is excessive.

Also, I feel that showing a preview for Iron Man 2 before Sherlock Holmes is a little much. I'm just saying.

Anyway, Carrie and I both liked the movie. I'm not going to go into any kind of detailed analysis of what I liked and didn't like because I'm probably one of the last people in the States to see this movie. However, I will say the use of "Rocky Road to Dublin" pleased me muchly.

We went to Dairy Queen afterwards and got Blizzards. Unskilled people made them because all of the stuff was junked up on top. After I dropped ice cream on my pants not once, but twice, I determined that it was defective and possibly sabotaged.

Now, I'm exhausted. I'm not used to so much activity in one day.
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I watched Ba'al: Storm God or God of Thunder or Whatever on SyFy today. Because it's Saturday and that's the kind of crap I watch on Saturdays.

Anyway, at the very beginning of the movie this group of people (and by group, I'm talking like twenty) find this relic while digging around like archaelogist type people do. Now, while they're all clustered around looking at this little disc, it shoots a green beam of light into the clouds, gives an old man a seisure, and start the earth doing an epic upheavel. This is all happening just in front of them and around them.

And everyone just looks mildly confused.

Children, that is not the appropriate facial expression for the CGI shitstorm happening all around you. I'm just saying.

I realize this is a SyFy movie, but damn, even the black hole/electricity entity mash-up of abomination had much better facial reactions to shit that was added in later.

Do more better next time. I'm looking at you, London twin.
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I've been watching questionable SyFy movies all afternoon. My favorite, Earthstorm, just ended. However, the movie before that seriously disappointed me.

Keep in mind that I typically watch SyFy movies without the sound on (Earthstorm is the exception...I have heard those people speak and now what the movie is actually about) because I feel that knowing what's going on and listening to dialogue won't improve the my viewing experience any.

Well, this movie, I think it was called Solar Storm, was about the sun trying to kill people by making it incredibly hot and cars would explode because they'd get too overheated and whatnot and conditions were generally unpleasant. That's the gist I got from it, anyway.

Unfortunately, the sun did not kill enough people as far as I was concerned. When I can tell without sound that your character is annoying, useless, and an unrepentant bitch, then your character should die before the end of the film. She did not.

Actually, there was only one character I thought should have lived at the end (which he did) and at one point, he went on a rant and accosted a dead man. Now, if I like a guy that beats up a corpse better than I like you, I think you should rethink your character development.

That's my biggest complaint about this movie. Too many people lived at the end and I didn't think they deserved to.

Also, I don't know who cast this movie, but they apparently got to a point where they gave up trying because neither of the "teenage" girl's parents looked old enough to have a teenager and the "teenager" actually looked older than her mom.

I hate it when the epic fail of a SyFy movie isn't enjoyable.

At least Earthstorm had a Baldwin.
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Just a few Sanctuary comments. )

I've given up on SGU. I watched The Wizard of Oz instead. I hope Rush and Eli do alright without me. Those were the only characters I even remotely liked.

Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, I realized watching it tonight that Smurf talks a lot like the Cowardly Lion. "Who's her? Who's her?" "Who's them? Who's them?"

Of course, when she's saying it she's less scared and more suspicious.

And a little threatening.
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Carrie, Damon, and I are going to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight at the Eagle. None of us have ever been to one (Damon's never even seen the movie), so it should be a good time.

I think I'm going to skip Sanctuary and SGU tonight in favor of Young Frankenstein and the original Amityville Horror. I can always catch the repeats next week. Halloween only comes but once a year.

And I'm working a good Halloween groove today.
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Carrie and I went to see Zombieland tonight. It was fantastic.

No spoilers, but it was funny, gory, clever, and suprisingly touching in a few places. Woody Harrelson could very well be a member of my family. Truly. I adore him.

Also, I loved the soundtrack. I love a movie with good music.

I'll definitely be owning this movie on DVD.

We also saw the trailers for Legion, Twilight:New Moon, A Nightmare on Elm Street, 2012, and Transylmania.

I have no interest in New Moon, but it seems the rumors are true and the Jacob boy never wears a shirt. Legion made me quirk an eyebrow. It's got an interesting premise, I'll give it that. 2012 and I got off on a bad foot when the trailer took over my TV and was on every other channel and seeing it in full just didn't mend the rift. I still like John Cusack, though. I'm pretty sure I saw all the funny bits of Transylmania in the trailer and there weren't that many. I laughed more at the Elmstreet trailer. There were Buicks and gratuitous Clancy Brown and dramatic!Freddy-sweater. I had no choice.

So, there's some trailers I can look forward seeing repeatedly on the TV until I curse the film makers and their publicists.

I'm already there with you, 2012. I'm already there.
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I got sucked into watching some awful Judd Nelson/Kristy Swanson SyFy movie. The badness and Judd Nelson's hair were truly mesmerizing.

It was like someone decided they wanted to make a movie about a black hole, but felt it wasn't enough for a two hour film, so he added in bits of an unfinished script about an electicity monster and set the whole thing in St. Louis.

Someone actually said, "The air is gusting."

If that doesn't put the badness into perspective, nothing I say will.

I kinda wish I taped it, though, because it is ripe for MiSTing. I had some great jokes going and I only watched an hour of it.

Speaking of badness, I taped Man with a Screaming Brain last night and I think I'm going to watch it tomorrow. I can't think of a better thing to do with my Sunday.

[livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry and [livejournal.com profile] gypsyjr, sorry I couldn't make it on AIM to chat tonight. It took me an hour to post this entry because the Internet kept flaking out on me. Maybe next week.
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I watched The Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. Well, most of it anyway.

Dad watched some old black and white movie about killer mold.

Guess who got the better deal on that one.

I'll give you a hint.

From the killer mold movie:

Doctor of Killer Mold: *looking at a pile of mold with a hand sticking out of it* I think the mold is carnivorous.
Dad: Really? Well, I see why you're the one with PhD.

From BW2:

Jeff (who oddly enough looked like he had some mold growing on his chin): This makes no sense!
Me: Yeah, I came to that conclusion about this movie a long time ago.

It's really hard to MiST a movie when you have no idea what's going on. And I had no idea what was going on. I don't think the writer did, either.

However, I get a bad movie reprieve because my favorite "we'll CGI your death later" movie, Pterodactyl, is on in a little bit. Now that's a movie you can MiST. Bonus David Nykl.

Hopefully, the killer mold movie will be on again soon, too. That's one I need to watch all the way through.
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Spent the day with the nieces. My stepdad brought them down at about 11:30 this morning.

After waking up Carrie, we ate at McDonald's, played catch outside, touched everything in the house, moved my stuff everywhere so I'll spend weeks finding it in unusual places, played with the daycare kids nextdoor, watched the Cubs game, got manicures and pedicures from Carrie, threw grass at Pappy, found roley pollies and played with them for a bit, then we finally went to the movies.

Took the girls to see Up. This was Smurf's first movie in a theater. She did a pretty good job considering how hyper she's capable of being. It was the most bathroom trips I'd ever had to make, though. I took Smurf one, Hobbit twice, and Hammie once. Hammie was nice enought to take Smurf the last time she had to go.

The movie was cute. It had some real laugh outloud moments, none of which I can remember at the moment because my brain is fried. I liked the dogs the best. The girls enjoyed it, too.

After the movie, we took them home. Loudest car ride ever. My stepdad made homemade pizza so we ate and hung out through three baths and several nekkid booties. The girls were headed to bed when we left.

Mom says we should do it again next month. The girls are all about it. I'm game.

I realize I'm giving a highly condensed, watered down version of the day's events. There were quite a few moments that made me glad I was just the aunt and not the mom because I could enjoy them more. But frankly, I'm too tired to go into detail.

I swear, the little heathens suck the energy right out of you.

They get that from their mom.
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My Papa loves movies and because of that, I associate many movies with him.

I mention this because one of those movies was on tonight. Airport '75. I love all of the Airport movies, but that one makes me think of my grandpa. I can remember watching it with him at his house when I was much younger, probably around ten, maybe not even that. When I watch the movie now, that memory automatically pops up and gives me warm fuzzies.

I actually associate another disaster movie with Papa (well, two more if you count Waterworld as a disaster film). Earthquake. I can remember watching it with him at my house, both of us sitting on the floor while the "grown ups" talked. It was when Baby Jessica fell down the well because they kept breaking in the movie to give updates. I can still remember some of the jokes he made at the movie's expense.

I'm sure that most people wouldn't necessarily want to link their grandfather with a disaster movie or two, but it was through those movies that my Papa taught me a valuable life lesson.

Never get on a plane or be in California with George Kennedy.
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When I was younger, Friday the 13th was a good day. Some channel was bound to run a Friday the 13th marathon.

Today? Nope. Nothing. I weep.

I bet it's a conspiracy. They don't want to show the old ones today. They want to make me go out and see the new one. They're trying to trick/force me into paying money to see a remake.

But, I'm not going to do that. Nope.

They're not the boss of me.

Issues? Yes. But it's what makes my life entertaining.
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I've been having wacked out dreams all week, usually more than one a night.

They've included parades, house parties, planes, dirty text messages, cats, elevators, overflowing bathtubs, fireworks, trying to get to school on time, high school math teachers, drum sets, dirty socks, and featured guest appearances by Aaron Douglas, Danny DeVito, Mike Farrell, Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray, and Wil Wheaton (allow me to clarify that no drugs were involved in the making of these subconscious films and I was not consulted on the casting either).

But last night was the ultimate. Last night was zombies. Not the classic slow moving zombies from Night of the Living Dead. Not the scary, fast moving zombies from 28 Days Later. Not even the zombies from Shaun of the Dead.

Nope, what I got was the zombies from Return of the Living Dead. If you've seen this movie, then you're probably giggling and saying, "Send more paramedics". If you haven't, then I have no idea what you do when there's nothing better on the TV.

I'll spare all of the details save this one boggling part. We decide our best bet is to fly away, so our little group gets on a plane. This very nice British guy and I go to check out the cockpit to find it's occupied by two talking skeletons. I turn to find that my companion has been attacked by two zombies and one of them rips his arm off at the elbow.

Horrible, right?

Yeah, except he keeps making polite conversation with the zombies while they're trying to eat him.

I look back at the skeleton pilots (who were probably doing schtick, I don't remember), look back at the Brit, and he's fine. The attacking zombies are gone, he's still polite, and he's duct taped his arm back on.

Feel free to reread that last bit as many times as necessary.

Apparently, my subconscious was just trying to reassure me that yes, duct tape really can fix anything.

Could you imagine what I'd come up with if I were on drugs?
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Carrie and I went to the mall and to see Hellboy II today. The mall proved to be a bust for me yet again (I'm never going to spend those damn Kohl's gift cards), but the movie was good.

We took our popcorn bucket and had it pretty much finished off before the opening credits. For once we got there early. There were only two other people in the theater with us. I appreciate that.

The movie itself was fun. I have much love for Hellboy and this just upped it. There was one scene that I had to clamp my hand over my mouth or I'd bust out my decible defying witch cackle and nobody would be able to hear anything for the next ten minutes.

After the movie, we drove home watching an impending storm come in from the west. The clouds were dark and low, setting off the street lights as we went through Wapella. There was lightening, but no rotation. I was just worried about beating the rain because we still had to go to Walgreen's.

We were just north of town when the inflow hit us. Inflow, for the record, is a sudden burst of wind that comes right before a storm. I had enough of a warning to slow down a bit, but every car on the highway swerved when that wind hit.

The first words out of Carrie's mouth: "Is there going to be a tornado?"

"No, that's the inflow." "That was scary." "How do you think the people on that bus felt?"

As we drove through town to Walgreen's, people were standing outside watching the storm blow in. "Wow," Carrie said. "People really DO go outside during storms here." Yes, they do.

We made it home before it started raining hard. Carrie looked out the kitchen window and pointed out that we'd lost a tree limb. Dad went out to inspect. The entire top part of our tree broke off due to the inflow, barely missing the kennel.

This doesn't surprise me. That tree's been hit by lightening twice and lost more branches to the wind than I can count.

The storm itself wasn't that bad. Then I check Twitter and see that I missed an earthquake in LA (and [livejournal.com profile] dr_funbags was okay yet annoyed) because I was at the movies.

Oh, the sacrifices one makes for entertainment.
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I'm going to make a confession. I have two movies I consider guilty pleasures.

I am by no means a film buff. I like movies, but I consider it an open relationship. I see what I want, when I want, regardless of peer pressure. And more often than not, if you ask if I've seen it, I haven't.

Many of my friends have been horrified by this. And they all say the same thing: "But you should watch it! You'll like it!"

As much as I respect my friends, I think it's a little presumptuous of them to know what I like since I don't know what I like.

I'll watch any of the Friday the 13th movies, even the one I think is an abomination, but Scream didn't impress me. I love Clue, Murder By Death, and both Airplane movies, but I couldn't sit through Harold and Kumar and swear my friend JG owes me the two hours I spent watching American Pie. He also owes me for Forty Days and Forty Nights, Can't Hardly Wait, and Sugar and Spice.

I had to be woken up at the beginning of Spiderman, never saw the sequels, and have no desire to see Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. I own and repeatedly watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, and the original 1960's Batman movie.

I hated American Beauty but saw Twister five times in the theater.

I've seen nearly all of John Wayne's westerns, but almost none of his war films.

I like Bridge Over the River Kwai, Dirty Dozen, and Kelley's Heroes, but never bothered with Saving Private Ryan or Sands of Iwo Jima.

I have no idea what Brotherhood of the Wolf was about, slept through most of The Bone Collector (in the theater), was more interested in the Scrabble game I was playing than The Bourne Identity, and contemplated suicide by the end of Someone Like You.

However, I have memorized The Princess Bride, will rearrange my schedule to watch the original version of The Fog, think Harvey is better than most films with CGI, have just christened A Dog's Breakfast as one of my go to movies, can understand Head, and the original Halloween is still my favorite.

When it comes to films, I have no rhyme or reason. It's part of the reason why I don't go to the movies much and why I prefer to watch movies on TV. I like the option of changing the channel and not wasting $7.50.

So you're probably wondering (if you made it through the wordiness) how I could have guilty pleasure movies when I'm so random with what I prefer. Well, they're guilty pleasures for me because I don't want to admit that I like them and watch them every time they're on the TV and don't want other people around when I watch them. That's why they're guilty pleasures.

Two movies you've probably never heard of and can't imagine why I, of all people, would like them )
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Carrie, Damon, and I went to see Indiana Jones. I'm not going into any in depth review because a)everyone's probably already seen it and b)I'm lazy.

I will say that I liked it, though. And I got a bucket. For a dollar more, you could get your popcorn in a bucket and if you bring it back durning the summer, you can fill it up for fifty cents. Even if the movie had been shit, it was worth it just because I now have a bucket.

We came back home and I made dinner and we sat and conversed. We swapped stories about funky smelling people; talked about Damon's dad becoming the Swamp Thing; it was decided that my bursitis cleared up, but I came down with a case of Asperger's Syndrome; we classified ourselves for easier dating; and there was some intelligent discussion about England somewhere in there. I did not participate much in that part.

And with all that excitement, we managed to find time to play with Zasu and eat German Chocolate Cake.

It was good.

And it wore me out.


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