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Spent my Valentine's Day with my TV crushes and my forever Valentine, Vincent Price. Also, the nieces since we had Spanish anyway. They got me a box of candy. I got them nifty little felt bags, pencils, and I made them each a bracelet. I had them make Valentines for Dad and Carrie and they got Carrie a box of chocolate as well. Then I came home and made chicken and penne for dinner. This is probably one of the better Valentine's Days in recent memory.

It's been very quiet since I got back from Chicago. Life is its routine little self.

I've got the whole month off from my morning job (neighbor I sit for is on vacation) and I've yet to work one floorset this month, so I've been coasting on one job all month. It's positively relaxing.

I've been working on a writing project that I'm really enjoying. I feel like it's really something solid. I've had that feeling about writing projects before and they didn't pan out as I'd have liked, but I always enjoy the feeling while it's rolling.

I like it when it rolls.

Except for when I think it's 1979.

Don't ask.
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Despite work and a trip to the ER with Carrie (she's got laryngitis and bronchitis, but now has drugs, so she's doing much better), I still managed to spend time with my favorite valentine.

Happy Vincent Price Day!
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I'm spending my Valentine's Day with my favorite Valentine, Mr. Vincent Price. We had such a good time last year, I asked him to be mine again this year.

I'm watching The House on Haunted Hill. It has a decapitation in it. St. Valentine was decapitated. I'm keeping the theme. Besides, the marriage between Vincent Price and his wife in this movie is very...loving.

To be honest, I'm over Valentine's Day. I'm not talking about couple's part of the holiday; I was over that years ago. I'm over the bitter, single-people part. Maybe it's my old age, but I just can't rack up the energy to be pissy about being single on this day of hearts and flowers. I don't have the heart to be cranky at the happy couples today. I'm over waving my bitch flag and carrying my "See how stupid I think this holiday is! Look how stupid I think it is!" banner. It's just a waste of my time.

A holiday is a holiday and I like to have a good time. I've always done things my own way, usually the hard way, so why should Valentine's Day be any different? Spending it watching Vincent Price movies, wearing red pajamas, and eating tomato soup is a great way to celebrate the day, I think.

It makes me happy, gives me the warm fuzzies. Isn't that what this holiday is all about?

Well, that and decapitations.
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Looks like the power cord for my laptop, which is now known as Tiki because it's that cursed, is done for. I thought that yesterday, but the Universe proved me wrong. I'd love for the Universe to prove me wrong again today, too.

Also, I ripped a hole in my favorite Vincent Price shirt. My ONLY Vincent Price Shirt. My one-of-a-kind-can't-be-replaced Vincent Price shirt.

Yeah, I think my horror-scope was way off today.
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What are single people supposed to do today? Bury their heads in the sand in shame because they're unloved and alone?

More to the point...what are single women supposed to do today? Watch romantic comedies and cry while eating chocolate and ice cream?

'Cause I didn't do that.

Well, I guess I did do the chocolate and ice cream part a few minutes ago in the form of a Klondike bar (part of which I got up my sleeve in some fucked up fashion).

And I did watch a couple of movies. Halloween (original version) and House on Haunted Hill (original version).

Let me just interrupt myself here to proclaim undying love for Vincent Price. Elegant and snarky. Damn that's a killer combo.

You know what? Screw it. I wasn't single today. Vincent Price was my Valentine.

Sure, he's dead, but I know you're all still jealous. Heh.


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