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Here's the lazy, bullet-pointed catch up of my world.

-Still working three jobs. I've got about a month until school is out and then I'll lose the morning child-minding gig. I'll also be taking off June when it comes to teaching Spanish. So, I need to figure out something else to do to make some money this summer. Sugar daddy applications are available.

-Speaking of other things I do to make money, I published another novella on Smashwords. Night of the Nothing Man is all yours for the low, low price of $1.99 and is available for most devices including Nook, Kindle, and iPad.

-I was supposed to go to a Cubs game with Dad earlier this month, but it got weathered out (Chicago by the lake, 40 degrees, 20 MPH winds, and rain...I'll take the postponement). So we'll be going in June. At least we know we won't be freezing.

-Speaking of Dad, he had another check-up last week and I'm happy to say won't be needing treatments this round. He'll go back for another check in three months. We're all very happy about this.

-I've started to do my old yoga routine, which I had to stop doing in October of 2011 when I hurt my knee. A year and a half later I finally trust that my knee has healed enough to take my weight in warrior and chair pose. This is a huge boost for me. I've been pretty disappointed with my commitment to exercise because I didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything, but this is a huge gain. The old yoga routine, stretching, and weights in the morning along with belly dance in the afternoon is really making me feel less sloth-like. I'm also making an effort to do something physical every day. So even though I'm not doing a full on workout on the weekends, I still make sure I get in a little yoga or some squats or something. Again, all in the name of battling the slug feeling.

-I'm thinking about starting a tumblr related to my rerun junkie activities, except I'm not still not exactly sure how tumblr works. I keep thinking I'll figure it out and so far, I really haven't.

-I'd love to say that there's more that went on during the month, but there's not. I pretty much work, worry about money, and try to get my little talent together to establish some kind of career and that's it. I haven't been able to justify having much fun lately. When you have to save up to afford a hair cut (which you do instead of getting an eye exam to get new contacts), lunch out with a friend makes you feel guilty for days, no matter how much you needed the break.
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-Had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. I ate too much, as is the custom. Played cards with Carrie and Aunt Jo. Carrie said I was too competitive and I should let other people win. So I tried. I still kept winning hands. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on losing. I do so well in the rest of my life, you'd think I'd be able to do it easily at cards. Not so much.

-Worked the calmest Black Friday I've ever worked. Having an evening shift might have had something to do with it, but still, I wasn't once insulted or otherwise bitched at. It was an odd experience.

-I may be seeing some more time on the floor during the holidays. I don't mind it. I could use a little extra cash.

-Dad and Mom went half and half for my Christmas/birthday present so I can go to Cubs Con. I am so looking forward to this drinking binge. And seeing baseball players, too.

-25% off at the Jewelry Box if you're into that sort of thing.

-If you missed it, I've got a novella called Gone Missing on Smashwords. It should be compatible with most e-readers.

-November was really kind of boring.
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What is it about me taking a shower that makes my dad suddenly need to run the water in the kitchen? Seriously. Today he had to mop the floor. He couldn't wait until I was done.

I realize that I don't take my shower until around 9:30 in the morning, but I'm a creature of habit. I take my shower at that time Monday through Friday. So, why would you put in a load of laundry at 9:20?

Yes, I realize this is a petty bitch, but considering the man once decided he just HAD to wash a crockpot while I was in the shower AT SIX IN THE MORNING, I think he has a serious neurological problem that demands he turn on the water while I'm in the shower at least once a week.


Second rant is TMI )

In less ranting, more pleading news...

I've got three jobs lined up. Aside from The Limited gig (which I'm still waiting for them to call me to go in for my first floorset), I'll be teaching basic Spanish to my homeschooled nieces, and I'll be taking the neighbor's grandson to school two/three days a week. Which is all great. By these forces combined, I'll be able to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, they're not combining soon enough to pay my bills THIS month. I'm scrounging and scraping to make the ends meet and I could really use a few sales to make it all come together.

So if you or anyone you know has some disposable income they'd like to kick my way, I've got jewelry, eBay, and I'll take whatever you want to give me to email you one of my unpublished stories. I don't normally ask for this kind of help, but I could really use any bit of word of mouth and any sale I can get in the next week or two.

Please and thank you.
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Good news! Rejected is now on Amazon and available for Kindle (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo for all of her wonderful help...she's amazing, fantastic, and fabulous and I owe her big time).

Bad news! Dad goes in on the 21st for another biopsy. Apparently, the pathologist said there wasn't any muscle tissue in what was sent to the lab. Doc says it's possible considering the size of the tumor, but he was pretty sure that he at least got some. He's going to have the pathology lab look again, but Dad is still scheduled to go it because at the very least the doc wants to have another "look around". I told Dad I was sick of his bladder inconveniencing me and that it needed to get its shit together. Dad appreciated that. Heh.

Good news! The doc is utterly perplexed at how non-invasive the tumors were despite their size and number and his prognosis for Dad remains positive. He's still likely to have a recurrence, but with the doc monitoring, it won't be nearly as bad as it's been this time.

Bad news! I've run out of news.
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So, yeah, if you'd like to order Rejected through Lulu, you can save 25% by using the code BUYMYBOOK305.

In related news, after I posted my book links on Facebook yesterday (individual post for each link because if Facebook lets you do more than one link in a post, I don't know how to do it), someone on my friends list posted that the people "selling stuff on here" need to take it somewhere else.

So you know I just HAD to post a fresh link with this coupon offer today.

My apologies. I don't have the drama or Jesus preaching to post on my Facebook. I've just got to work with what I have.

I've thought about creating my own page on Facebook, but at this point I don't see it being worth my while. For now I think I'll just stick to broadcasting on LJ, Twitter, and pissing off my Facebook friends.

Maybe if they bought my stuff, I'd shut up. I bet they never thought of that.

I wouldn't shut up. But they still never thought of it.
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Ebook versions of Rejected: Nine Stories I Couldn't Get Published are now available at the iBookstore and for the Nook. For $1.99, you can be informed when you tell me my writing sucks! (Sorry, nothing for Kindle yet.)

Also, I've added new stuff to my jewelry store on Etsy. If you don't want to order through Etsy, you can contact me here and I'll be more than happy to hook you up.

Remember to pass it on! I could really use the word of mouth right now.

Please and thank you.
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I've got several action figures up on eBay right now. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, WWE.

Have a look and pass it on to anyone you might think is interested, if you would be so kind. Thanks.


Mar. 18th, 2009 10:38 pm
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I've got a story up at Firefox News. It's a short story called "My Winter with Stanley". It's about a girl and her vampire, only her vampire doesn't sparkle. And he likes goulash.

If you've got a few minutes to spare and want something to read, try it out. If you like it, give rec it to other possibly interested parties.

This message brought to you by the council of writers without day jobs.


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