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Happy Halloween! I'm going to miss the live Michael Myers wallpaper on my phone (It's a picture of the Wallace house; lightening flashes and Michael Myers appears randomly and blood splatters the screen when I get a message). Seeing Halloween (1978) in the theater last night while wearing a Michael Myers shirt and possessing Michael Myers wallpaper on my phone might be the geekiest horror thing I've accomplished to date.

Juggling three jobs has been challenging lately. Neighbor is working overtime so now I'm taking the boy to school four days a week instead of alternating weeks of two and three days. Floorset was on Sunday instead of Tuesday/Wednesday so we wouldn't have to work on Halloween. I was going to dogsit for Aunt Jo, but can't do that due to changing kid shuttling schedule but I still have to go down for a little while because while Carrie is going to do it, she won't be able to get down there until later than Aunt Jo needs. Throw in Halloween, the movie, and voting into the mix and I need every bit of calendar help I have to keep it all straight.

I'm tired, but at least the bills are getting paid.

Keeping the East Coast in my thoughts as they start to rebuild. Sandy was a right bitch out there, quite different from the Sandy I worked with who is very nice.
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Today was questionable at best. I knew it would be when I got to work to find an email from one of my least favorite customers waiting for me.

Between the 20 inches of snow dumped in Wisconsin, the 20 below wind chills in Minnesota, and the no shows at delivery sites, and drivers running late for reasons I was not informed of, the phones rang quite a bit today. I think mine rang more today than it has the entire time I've worked there.

It was a cursed Monday for a lot of people. Albert spilled coffee all over his desk. A water jug leaked all over Shilo's paperwork and she ended up spreading it around her office floor to dry. The metal office's computers went down so Gina and Kent couldn't get anything done for at least an hour.

I wouldn't say it was a bad day, though. At least not for me. It was just a pain in the ass. I think it helps that I'm getting the hang of my job and how things work.

At any rate, I'm hoping tomorrow is an improvement.
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Yeah, we're having some late October severe weather coming through, mostly in the form of straightline winds. It's being called #ChiClone on Twitter because a)Chicago looks to be getting the worst of it at this point and b)Chicago is center of the universe when it comes to IL, so even if it wasn't even windy up there, it'd still be called that.

While Chicago panics, those of us downstate, particularly of the redneck ilk, aren't too concerned as we're looking forward to the new stuff that will blow into our yards. It's like a Mother Nature controlled swapmeet. We got a Pepsi sign and a giant baseball once. It's good times.

We didn't put away our outside chairs or tables. Or really put away anything, really. I did tell Dad to put away his ladder because it was leaning up against the house and should it blow over, it'd blow over right on my car.

So, what does he do? Take it down and lay it across our outside chairs and table.

Consider our hateches battened, I suppose.

Just never mind the other ladder, stepladder, and paint still out in the backyard. Clearly, Dad is hoping to get rid of those things. I hope the people in the next county appreciate them.
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FYI: I'm putting the rest of my Harry Potter action figures (Werewolf!Lupin, Quidditch!Harry, and Quidditch!George) on eBay over the next several days. Watch this space.

I can't tell if it's just because it's a new month or because the temperature has been above freezing for four days running and the snow is almost gone, but I'm just bursting with productivity. I haven't struggled once this week to get anything done.

Now watch, I've just jinxed myself and I won't get another damn thing done for the rest of the week.

Speaking of the weather, the weather people have forecasted that it's going to be in the lower 50's for the weekend. Carrie asked if this means that we're done with snow for the season. I told her there was no guarantee. Well, first I laughed like a crazy person, then I told her there was no guarantee.

Don't let Severe Weather Awarness Week and Tornado Awarness Month fool you. We've had snow and twisters before.

They don't call this the Season of Change for nothing.
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What? Three days without a post? Inconceivable! Or some such.

I was going to make a post about Castle last night, but I forgot. And I have a feeling that I'm going to be too lazy to post about NCIS and NCIS: LA tonight. I blame the snow.

Yes, it's snowing yet again. Winter weather warnings and blowing snow advisories and all that. It's not as much as they got out in DC and whatnot, but still enough to suggest that maybe we shouldn't have pointed and laughed at them because Karma is indeed a bitch.

And since I live out in the middle of the cornfield and the winds are gusting up to 20mph, the blowing snow is going to be wicked one you hit the city limits and there's nothing to block the wind. The weather people are suggesting that if you don't have to travel today or tomorrow, then you should just stay home, which the people in this town will translate into "We need to go to as many unnecessary places as possible RIGHT NOW OMG!" and keep the tow truck drivers busy.

I hope the wrecker services have a stupidity fee just to make sure that they get their money's worth.

Meanwhile, I've decided that since everyone else is getting a snow day, I'm taking a snow day from real pants.

I think it's a good plan, anyway.
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We've had unseasonably cool weather lately. This week the lows are supposed to be in the forties. Last night and tonight it's supposed to be in the fifties.

I've been shutting my windows at night because my body temperature must drop ten degrees when I sleep. Rarely am I too hot when I sleep and even in the summer, I'll sleep under a sheet, comforter, and at least one blanket.

However, the windows in the rest of the house have stayed open. Last night Carrie came in my room to warm up because she got so chilly out in the kitchen. She tried shutting the windows, but two of them stick really badly and with her prolapsed bladder, the angle is too odd and the force needed is too much and it hurts her to shut them. Not to mention it upsets the cats.

So, I thought tonight that I'd shut the windows. I shut the ones in the kitchen and the dining room and then asked Dad, who's wearing a sweatshirt and snuggled under his sleeping bag in the living room, if he wanted me to shut the windows in there.

Dad: Nah. I'm good.
Me: You got your stocking cap?
Dad: Got my stocking cap.

See that people? Why shut the windows when you can just put on a stocking cap?

This is my blood, my DNA.

Be afraid.
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We were supposed to be getting some wicked heat again this weekend, but it seems that it held off a day because the weather was gorgeous today. I sat outside this afternoon for a few hours, reading. It was glorious.

It wasn't until I came in that I realized that it was the first time I'd done that in at least a month. No wonder I'm feeling a little stir crazy. I need to go outside and just sit and relax once in awhile.

Besides, it's August. The nice days are running out quicker than I'd like.
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We had a storm this morning with some pretty high winds (had I been more awake at the time, I wouldn't have had to have the weatherman tell me that) and as a result, we lost yet another branch from our tree in the backyard. Poor thing's going to be a shrub by the time the summer's over.

The neighbor behind us also lost a dead branch off of their tree, but it landed in our yard, so I dragged them both over behind the garage where Dad likes to use the woodchipper.

After some consideration, I decide to go ahead and hack the limbs down to get them ready for the chipper since Dad probably wouldn't be able to get to them until his next day off, Saturday.

Plus, it's been ages since I got to wield a machete.

I geared up, putting on some gloves, but opting out of the hockey mask, and looked for a suitable hacking tool. I checked the garage, but couldn't find Dad's good machete.

"Why don't you use the one on the table next to the TV," Carrie said and then paused. "Any other house, that might sound like a weird statement, but not this one."

So, I didn't use a machete (as I said on Twitter), I used a kukri, which is still badass, but I didn't know the name of it at the time and pretty much everyone knows what a machete is and that was the basic idea I was trying to convey.

Anyway, kukuri in hand, I headed out back. Carrie followed me, forcing me to take along a water bottle. After we chatted about the impromptu pumpkin patch growing in my backyard, Carrie headed back to the house.

"Let me know if you need me to take you to the hospital. You are your father's child."

For the record, I didn't hack off any of my own limbs in the process of hacking up the tree limbs. Didn't cut myself. Didn't even almost cut myself. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Of course, I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow.

I'm already starting to get sore now.

Worth it though. Heh.
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Temperatures this weekend are going to be ten to twenty degrees cooler than they should be for this time of year, more like September than July.

It's all because of a Canadian high pressure system parked over the middle of the country.

I just bought strawberry cheesecake ice cream today and now I'm too chilly to eat it.

Thanks a lot, Canada. *shakes fist*

I don't have to explicitly point out that I'm joking, right?I've melted off all of the delicate snowflakes from my flist by now, haven't I?
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We're in between storms at the moment.

The first storm came from nowhere. Just...THUNDER. Then there was a little rain. Then came the downpour, the hail, and the wind that blew leaves into the next county, I'm sure.

The next set of storms is creeping up on us and I hope it holds off another hour or so. I planned on cooking out for dinner and have no back up plan in case of rain.

I know for a fact that driving through a tornado isn't easy. I can't imagine grilling steaks would be any better.

If you could keep the fire lit, I bet you couldn't hold on to the steaks.

Yeah, I just checked the dopplar. The line of storms is moving through the next county. I better fire up the grill.
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I really dislike early morning tornado warnings. Any time between four and eight in the morning is just inconvenient.

The sirens went off this morning at ten til six (this was after I finally managed to fall asleep sometime after three...I just could not get to sleep). I thought about not getting up, ignoring it. If a tornado hit my house, then it'd be like dying in my sleep.

But, I got up and checked Panic TV. They said that Kenney and Weldon Springs were in the path of the storm. Even though my town wasn't mentioned, I figured that since it's right in between those two places, it was in the path, too.

I put on my shoes (a tornado will not hit my house if I don't have to climb out of the rubble barefoot) and shut down my computer.

I watched the storm blow in. It was pretty intense. The lightening was nearly constant. When it finally started to rain, it came down in sheets. The wind gusts came from every direction and I had to shut every window in the house (this included physically moving Pete out of one window because apparently she didn't mind that it was raining in on her). Trees were rocking and bending. Surprisingly, there was no hail.

At the end of all things, we never lost power (though the cable went out after the worst of the storm passed) and only lost one branch off our tree in the backyard (to be fair, that tree's sustained enough damage over the years and really can't afford to lose any more branches).

I went back to bed sometime around seven this morning and was back up by ten.

I really wished that storm would have held off until the afternoon. Not only would I have been able to sleep through the night, but in my well rested state I would have enjoyed it more.
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Looks like we're getting some nasty weather coming in. After a stormy morning and a sticky afternoon, it looks like it's all about to break.

I was hoping it would do this earlier, just because I prefer afternoon storms.

But this should be good, too.

I think they're warming up the weathermen.

I love panic TV.
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It was gorgeous out today, simply gorgeous. Mid 70's, sunny, light breeze. I admit that I luxuriated in it for awhile.

No one was happier than the cats. The two indoor felines, Spot and Stella enjoyed the breeze and sunshine while sitting in the open windows. Pete and McGee spent a lot of time outside, alternating between lazing in the sun and sleeping in the shade.

And then, as dusk was beginning to settle in, Carrie and I were treated to the sight of Pete stalking a victim.

The grass isn't tall enough for her to sneak through, so she opted for the lilies, snaking through the leaves, low and slow, occasionally poking her head up to spot her prey (two birds in the yard) and adjust her course.

She had just emerged from cover and was about ready to pounce when her victims took flight.

Carrie and I were rolling. We must have stood at the kitchen window watching her do all of this for like five minutes.

I don't think Pete appreciated the audience.
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Winter storm watch for the weekend.

To be fair, they've probably issued it because it is late March and we haven't had snow for about a month and people around here will become confused and disoriented should little white bits of precipitation fall from the sky.

Oh sure, you laugh and scoff and roll your eyes. But I've seen these people, most of whom have lived in this cornfield all of their lives, panic every winter when it starts to snow as though they'd never seen anything like it in their lives and therefore, cannot drive with any intelligence whatsoever. I'm sure that, yes, even after a month or so without snow, they've forgotten what it is and have to be properly prepared and warned.

In all seriousness, the watch says that some places could get up to six inches of snow. If that is the case and we get that much here, thank goodness it's on a weekend and my dad can break out the snowblower. I will not be shoveling late season snow. It's way too heavy and wet and I'm walking a tightrope with my back as it is. So the timing is all good if we're going to get crap weather.

In conclusion, I am amused by the phrase "thunder-snows". It just tickles my funny bone just right.
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I spent my time during the tornado warning today constructively. I put on my shoes, showed a little bit of responsibility by turning off my computer, and then I unhooked, opened it up, and cleaned out the dust.

I also cleaned out my mouse and my keyboard and the fan in my bedroom, which I've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks.

Okay, the tornado warning didn't last that long, but still, I was constructive.

Also, the weekend weather people just have no talent when it comes to whipping people up into the Armageddon-frenzy that I've come to know and love from the weekday people.

It might have been her first time, though. The girl kept messing things up. She needs to learn to channel her panic into her viewers.

It's more fun that way.

Well, fun for me.


Dec. 27th, 2008 12:57 pm
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Sunday and Monday we had windchills below zero and Sunday it didn't make it past single digits.

Two days ago I was trying not to bust my ass on the ice.

Today it's 61 and they just issued a tornado warning.

And people say living in the Midwest is dull.
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I got an extra Christmas this year as my grandparents from Wisconsin (my mom's dad and stepmom) ended up going to my mom's house today and I was actually able to see them (if they don't come on Christmas Eve, then I was usually working and wasn't able to see them).

It was a good visit. I don't see them very often and really don't talk to them much so there's always a certain degree of catching up to do that just kinda feels weird to me (I quit retail back in February and it wasn't until my grandpa mentioned it that I realized he didn't know I wasn't working there anymore).

We had pie and coffee and chatted and opened presents. I feel my nieces are on Aunt Kiki overload since they've gotten to see me three days in a row. I couldn't sit down today without a kid in my lap. The girls have always been very lovey and snuggly.

The drive home was slow since it warmed up and all the ice and snow melted into a nice, dense fog. The worst part was the Heyworth curve since the road seems to disappear there on the best of days. In the dark and the fog, you just have to trust that you can follow the road.

I pulled in at home to find that Damon was over. He didn't leave until about an hour ago.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing nothing but hiding in my room, watching the NCIS marathon, reading, and writing. I have had enough of Christmas to last me until next year and enough of people to last me for several days.

Plus, I intend to convince my body that sleeping past eight o'clock is okay.
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Went to Mom's for my first Christmas this week. Stepdad made homemade pizza as per tradition. I would drive through a blizzard for that pizza.

We didn't drive through a blizzard, of course. The weather was clear and the roads were fine until we got to my mom's street. There was easily three inches of ice on the road with two grooves carved out for tires. It was pretty impressive.

And hilarious watching Carrie try to cross the street. What made it funnier was Smurf standing with the front door open, yelling at us to hurry up because she was freezing.

Me: We have to go slow! It's slick.
Smurf: I know! There's snow! Hurry up! I'm freezing!

Nothing like being bitched at by a three year old.

Hobbit got her cast off and the pins out of her arm yesterday. Instead of putting a hinging cast on it (so she can use her elbow), it just has to be wrapped with an ace bandage. Since it's still healing, she has to be careful with it.

Smurf was wound for sound. At one point, all of the girls were dancing and Smurf looked like she was having some tribal epileptic fit. I don't know. She was practically vibrating and at one point, she's like "I like soda!" and I said, "Yes, I know. Do you mainline it?"

Hobbit was pretty mellow as per usual. She's not one for being too silly. She's a great dancer though. Got some nice ballet moves and I taught her how to work her hips. And we bebopped. Hobbit's got some moves.

Hammie cannot be parted from her gymnastics suit and was doing her floor routine and balance beam level five dismount (which ended disasterously on one attempt when she took out my leg). Even when the girls were dancing, Hammie was doing gymnastics.

The gifts went over well. I got them fingernail polish, which meant everyone got their hands and feet painted four different colors. Carrie got them Disney Princess Memory. We played it despite Linus the cat's determination to lay on the cards. It was a good time. I'm worn out.

We'll see the girls again tomorrow when we take them down to my Aunt Jo's for Christmas #2.

Somehow it makes me even more tired just thinking about it.
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Some people like a white Christmas. I am not one of those people as I spend my holidays driving (this year I've got three Christmases to attend). And today the weather decided to do some really heinous shit that involved raining and icing and general nastiness that's going to make driving tomorrow interesting and possibly death defying. Thanks for that, dick.

I had a passing notion to do the 2008 meme floating around, but then I realized I can't remember most of the past year.

You know how they say that if you remember the 60's, then you weren't there. Well, I could have been there and been sober and still not remembered them.

Yet another talent I possess that I don't get paid for.

I think tonight is going to be an early night for me. My holidays require a lot of sleep as they are very hectic. And I like to sleep.

Don't get paid for that either.
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After a rotten night's sleep (I didn't fall asleep until after five this morning and woke up every two hours until I have up at eleven), I woke up to find that it was 2 degrees outside.

That's when the decision was made: I'd take a shower, but I would not be getting out of my pajamas and I would definitely not be going outside.

This plan worked well until I was reminded that it would be in my best interest if I started my car and let it run for awhile or else it would turn into a freezie pop.

I threw on my coat, pulled on my gloves, put my boots on, checked that the windchill was well below freezing, and made a dash to my car. Okay, so I waddled quickly because there was still a little ice on the driveway. It actually wasn't too bad until a twenty mile an hour wind gust hit me in the face. My pajama pants were not prepared for such an assualt, either. It was like I wasn't wearing pants at all.

But, I accomplished my mission and my car should not turn into a vehcicle.

Then I saw my neighbor go outside in a short sleeved shirt and realized that I obviously must be doing something wrong.


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