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I've been working three jobs for a while now. I'm lousy with time, but I know I've been doing it for over a year. There hasn't been one week that I can think of that I didn't have to work at at least one job. Even the week of Christmas, I worked. For me, a break is when I only have to work one job during the week.

You know what? I'd like a vacation.

I realize that I don't work REAL jobs. Teaching homeschool to the nieces, babysitting for the neighbor's 13 year old grandson, working floorset for a clothing store once or twice a month, I know they all don't count in the real world, where I'm nothing but a worthless, slacking loser. But for me, they count. And I want a break from them.

I'd like a break from some of the household chores, too, the grocery shopping and cooking and such.

Is it wrong that I want to take a solo vacation? To just go somewhere for a week (hell, I'll even take three days), have no obligations, not have to go anywhere. I could just sit in a room somewhere and write all day.

I sound like a wife and mother. Sometimes I feel like one, only I'm a single mother and my two kids are older than me. I'd like to leave them on their own for a week, let them fend for themselves, then come back and see who's still alive.

I'm working on it. I'm saving up the money so I can run away for a few days.

I need the break.
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-Had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. I ate too much, as is the custom. Played cards with Carrie and Aunt Jo. Carrie said I was too competitive and I should let other people win. So I tried. I still kept winning hands. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on losing. I do so well in the rest of my life, you'd think I'd be able to do it easily at cards. Not so much.

-Worked the calmest Black Friday I've ever worked. Having an evening shift might have had something to do with it, but still, I wasn't once insulted or otherwise bitched at. It was an odd experience.

-I may be seeing some more time on the floor during the holidays. I don't mind it. I could use a little extra cash.

-Dad and Mom went half and half for my Christmas/birthday present so I can go to Cubs Con. I am so looking forward to this drinking binge. And seeing baseball players, too.

-25% off at the Jewelry Box if you're into that sort of thing.

-If you missed it, I've got a novella called Gone Missing on Smashwords. It should be compatible with most e-readers.

-November was really kind of boring.
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Took a trip with Haley, Natalie, and Sarah to a Cubs game on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day for baseball. We did the park n ride and ended up being a little late for the game. Between hitting Lollapalooza traffic on the way in and three stoplights being out on Addison, traffic really killed our ETA.

We sat in the upper deck by the press box on the third base side. Haley got stuck next to a guy that smelled like sausage. We told her it was Karma for wearing her White Sox shirt to the game.

There was a group in the row in front of us having a bachelor party outing of some sort that we ended up crashing. They were all wearing different colored tuxedo shirts with monikers written on the back ("Da Groom", "Best Man", etc.). The best was Shark Week. Turned out he couldn't think of what to put on the back so Best Man suggested Shark Week since it was Shark Week.

Apparently, the group took a train from Michigan to see the game and during the ride, Best Man wrote "You smelly pirate hooker" on the back of Nate Dogg's shirt without his knowledge. It was funny in the first place. After that it was hysterical. The guys were all carrying sharpies so we got to sign their shirts. We went to town illustrating the back of Shark Week.

The guys were a great time. We ended up taking pictures with them.

It was a really fun game. The Cubs crushed the Reds 11-4. Big Z hitting a homer really set it off. The crowd was buzzing like the team was in first place. It was my first Cubs win and I sang Go, Cubs, Go like nobody's business.

After the game, we made our way to Giordano's for some World Famous Stuffed Pizza. Oh, man it was good. I'm glad I could take a couple of pieces home and introduce Carrie to the awesomeness that is Chicago pizza. I believe she's hooked.

It was a great time with great company. We're talking about making this a yearly (or several times a year) thing. I'm all for that.

I'm looking to make my last trip to Wrigley September 17. Baseball is my happy place and Wrigley is my home.
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I have pictures and stories from my road trip to KC, but I've been far too busy/lazy to do anything about it.

I'll do it this weekend.

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Now that I have this job thing and some money, I've decided to have some fun. After wasting Memorial Day weekend doing resposible shit, I've decided that I'm taking a road trip to Kansas City at the end of the month to see the Cubs play the Royals.

At this point it's a solo trip as I have yet to find someone to go with (and probably won't), but I need this little weekend away, alone or not.

I need to get out of this cornfield. I need to recharge some batteries.

I need to have some fun.


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