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I'm afraid my life has been very dull lately. Lack of work means lack of money which means lack of a social life which means lack of interesting things to talk about.

Here are a few things of note, I suppose:

I did go to the Frontier League All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, which I blogged and tweeted about. There's a guy that works for the Belters (not a ballplayer) who I find dead sexy. I tried to get pics of him, but couldn't get anything good. Haley tried with her hi-powered camera, but he was elusive. I'll try again my next game.

Dad had his cancer check-up. Everything looks pretty good. He's getting three maintenance treatments and then he'll go back in October for another check-up. So all is going well on that front. He can pee and that's what makes him happy.

I'm slogging through the heavy revisions/rewrites on one of my novel manuscripts because a) I need to get SOMETHING agent ready and b) it makes me feel like less of a worthless lump of fat. I put the first chapter of it up on my blog to see if anyone would have any interest in actually reading the whole thing should it ever get published. It's a curiosity/feedback thing.

I've been working on my belly dancing and I kind of want to do something with it. Carrie and I have a friend who teaches classes and performs and she's invited me to attend/teach and perform with her and I've been considering it. The only catch is her dancing is tribal and mine is more cabaret. Not sure how that would work out together.

I've thought about doing belly dancing as a kind of a party favor. Example: instead of hiring a male stripper for a bachelorette party, you hire me. I dance, teach the party a few dance moves, and then we freestyle for a fun, female experience. I don't know how much work I'd get doing that, though. I do know I'd be better than the local male stripper.

(Yes, we have a local male stripper. I've only seen him with his clothes on as he shops in Walmart. He only got rid of his mullet in the last few years. No, I'm not making any of this up.)

I'm still in the market for a day job. I've put in some more applications, but haven't heard anything. It's a tough time to be out of work and I realize my position is luckier than most, but still. I need to earn some money and I'm having trouble doing that right now. I like paying my bills. I like buying stuff I need. I like buying stuff I don't need, too.

Don't take my silence for absence. I read here every day, so if you post something, I see it. If you miss my rambling drivel, Twitter is where I'm at.

Just mute the Cubs hashtag for your own sanity.
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It's really starting to set in that next week will be the last week of a regular paycheck and then I'll be depending on what work DaLette can get me and how well I can sell my jewelry and my self-published book of short stories.

Yeah, I'm terrified.

If this doesn't work, I'll be back in the market for a day job, looking like a fool. It'll be just another in a long list of failures I've committed in my time. It's hard to be a success when you're rather mediocre and not very good at anything.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little anxious because it doesn't feel like a week is going to be enough time to get this show off the ground. The jewelry website should be ready, but the book is going to take a bit longer. I won't be getting any work from DaLette until October, so I've got a whole month to really work on building up the other two projects and getting them going.

I'm still terrified.

This could all work well if I were a different person, but I'm so reluctant to sell myself or anything I do. I feel like I'm being annoying when I try to put myself and my work out there. I'm not as smooth and charming as so many other people I know. Promotion is the key to making this work. Getting the message out to as many people as possible will go a long way to helping this work.

I've got the websites. I've ordered business cards. I plan on setting up pages on Facebook. I plan on using Twitter. If anyone would like to help me spread the word about the jewelry, I'd be happy to send you a freebie along with some business cards to pass out to people you think might be interested. I don't know what kind of deal I could work out on the book yet, but I'll think of something. Any help anyone could offer, I'd be grateful.

I'm doing this.

Yep. Terrified.
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For my wrestling fans...

Heath Bell comes out to close for the Padres against the Cubs in 9th tonight. He's a BIG DEAL in San Diego (as well he should be as he is fantastic and looks like he drives a tractor to work). So big that fire shoots out from a tower above the Padres bullpen.

A minute after he comes out, this tweet pops up on the #Cubs twitter feed via d2bubba:

Giant fire cannons just fired less than 30 ft. from us at the #Cubs game. I think The Undertaker is coming in to close for the #Padres.

That right there made losing tonight just a little more bearable.
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Tweetdeck had an update, so I downloaded it. And now it won't work and I can't tell if it's the update or if Twitter is not getting along with Tweetdeck or if it's just my Tiki Idol causing trouble.

It seems like I go through this every time Tweetdeck has an update. It does not please me.
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The weather went downhill today and so did my mood.

I have nothing to report.

And Pete better quit sleeping on my laptop keyboard. I don't like the idea of her twittering nonesense under my name.

I do that enough on my own, thank you.
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With Carrie's help on the laundry end of things, I got my closet rearranged from winter to summer. I put away all of my sweaters and pulled out all of my tank tops and t-shirts.

Honestly, I predicted this wouldn't happen until June. Not because of the unstable weather, but because of my own laziness. I'm impressed by my sudden bursts of productivity.

The next few days around here are booked. We'll be dogsitting for Zasu this weekend. She should be dropped off sometime tomorrow morning. Also, I hope to go see the nieces soon since Smurf's birthday was Monday (she's four!) and we haven't given her presents yet. I realized there was no rush when Mom said the only thing she was really interested was the cake.

But first on the agenda tomorrow is getting a new toilet seat. It's situation critical around here if you sit to do your business. The damn things cracked and if you're not watching your weight, you get goosed. Those with delicate bottoms in the house (if you think this is my first broken toilet seat, then you also think the moon is made of green cheese) have demanded that something be done ASAP. So a toilet seat will be acquired tomorrow.

And lastly, I've been having trouble with Twitter lately and I'm not sure when I'll get it straightened out. I haven't abandoned it. I'm just having trouble reading and posting over there at the moment.

There, I think everything's all caught up.


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