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Spent my Valentine's Day with my TV crushes and my forever Valentine, Vincent Price. Also, the nieces since we had Spanish anyway. They got me a box of candy. I got them nifty little felt bags, pencils, and I made them each a bracelet. I had them make Valentines for Dad and Carrie and they got Carrie a box of chocolate as well. Then I came home and made chicken and penne for dinner. This is probably one of the better Valentine's Days in recent memory.

It's been very quiet since I got back from Chicago. Life is its routine little self.

I've got the whole month off from my morning job (neighbor I sit for is on vacation) and I've yet to work one floorset this month, so I've been coasting on one job all month. It's positively relaxing.

I've been working on a writing project that I'm really enjoying. I feel like it's really something solid. I've had that feeling about writing projects before and they didn't pan out as I'd have liked, but I always enjoy the feeling while it's rolling.

I like it when it rolls.

Except for when I think it's 1979.

Don't ask.
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Carrie and I went to see The Three Muskateers last night. I think this might be the first movie I've seen in the theater this year. I can't remember seeing anything else.

Because we didn't do anything for her birthday, I promised her that I'd go see a movie with her (something I rarely do) provided that it wasn't of the Twilight variety. She agreed and soon the trailer appeared online for Muskateers and that became her film of choice. I agreed because the trailer she showed me involved Ray Stevenson twiddling his mustache and nothing says, "I'll pay six bucks to see that" for me like mustache twiddling.

I wasn't being sarcastic.

Last night was the first Thursday that the two of us had available to go (we hit the matinee shows on Thursdays because the tickets are 6 bucks and Thursday is bring your own bucket for free popcorn day) and it was also the last day the Eagle was showing it, so it was great timing on our part.

There were only three of us in the whole theater. And the other lady that watched the film sat far enough behind us that she wasn't forced to listen to us do our version of MST3K during the film.

To be honest, the movie wasn't bad if you like bad things (I love bad things). Yes, some of the dialogue was physically painful and the slow motion during the actions scenes was a little annoying and no one brushed D'Artagnan's hair for the duration of the film and there was no real rule for accents, but despite its flaws it was fun. The Muskateers together and Porthos alone had some witty dialogue, the actions scenes for the most part were well done, and Orlando Bloom continues his role in life as Captain Obvious but with the added bonus of making expressions with his face. That all pretty much makes up for it.

If you went to the movie to see some historically accurate, enlightened and faithful rendering of The Three Muskateers, no doubt you would have been seriously disappointed (but, really, the 3-D aspect should have clued you in before you even bought the ticket, so I'm not feeling that sorry for you). D'Artagnan spends most of the movie sporting a 17th century Member's Only jacket. I rest my case.

Speaking of the 3-D, I don't know how anyone could watch that movie that way. It seems like an invitation into motion sickness and vomiting into the popcorn buckets. And I did not bring my bucket for that.

Rumors of the closing credits song being terrible are true. Carrie and I sat through the entire thing and the rest of the credits to find out who was responsible. And then it was decided that the only way the song could have been worse was if Nickelback had done it.

This movie isn't going to end up on my favorites list, but I will admit, it will be one that I watch every time it comes on TV.

The mute button will come in handy.

It's also worth noting that we saw trailers for the latest Spielberg tearjerker; some sci-fi movie with electricity sucking aliens that would have been better done in the 40's with Lon Chaney Jr. as the hero; Sherlock Holmes (MUST SEE!); and Breaking Dawn, which Carrie immediately apologized for. As well she should.
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All of my gifts have been made and wrapped. I am ready for my Christmases to begin tomorrow.

I received a package in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry. I'm going to be good again this year and not open anything until Christmas Eve.

In preparation for the coming Christmas Gauntlet that always kicks my ass and puts me down for the count, I've been bracing myself by wallowing in my own version of warm-fuzzy happy place stuff, mostly baseball related. The plan is to get so high on feel good stuff that I won't be affected by any travel-related or holiday-induced stressed. Since they're forecasting three to six inches of snow on Christmas Eve starting tomorrow night, the odds are upped on travel troubles.

Speaking of baseball, this matters to no one, but me, but I follow a Marlins player named Logan Morrison (I know I'm a Cubs fan, but LoMo is too funny to resist). So far, he's responded to me good naturedly giving him shit twice. I feel so popular.

Now if only my Cubs would get their butts on Twitter.

This entry was barely coherent.
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Carrie and I went to Bloomington today. I needed to go through my sister's pictures, which were at Mom's house (looking for high school pictures for my sister's class reunion...if it wasn't for Mimzie and Haley, I wouldn't be doing it), and Carrie wanted to get a couple of new books.

Carrie took Hammie and Hobbit with her to the bookstore, which was fortunate since both girls know their way around the city better than Carrie does. They were showing her all the good shortcuts to get across town.

Smurf stayed at the house and helped me sort through pictures. She was excellent help; no picture was missed thanks to her. She could have done a little better keeping my piles straight though.

As per usual, a good time was had by all.

Conversations with a 7, 5, and 3 year old. )
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DaLette stopped by tonight. She had a program to promote her book here in town and she stopped by with a suitcase full of late 1800's/early 1900's clothes and boots (If you'll remember, she wore one of outfits at Apple and Pork).

She brought out each piece and explained what she new about it. It was really kind of cool to be holding something that was a 100 years old.

There were skirts, nightgowns, petticoats, knickers, baby clothes, aprons, a bib, a child's apron, a bed jacket made from a terry cloth towel, even a sewing kit and some spare handmade lace.

DaLette said she had more stuff at her house like dressers and a buckboard. We'll have to go see it sometime. It sounds really neat.

The one thing DaLette can't figure out is why the woman hung onto all of those things. She died in 1967, never married, and had no children. Carrie thought that maybe it all came from a great time in her life that she wanted to remember. I think it was a comfort against mini skirts and hippies.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad she saved it and I'm glad DaLette stumbled upon it and I'm glad she shared it with us. It's really hard to describe what it's like to hold silk opera gloves that were made before my grandparents were born.

"Oh wow" is as close as I can get.
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Dad found some old pictures and postcards while looking for books and has been telling stories ever since.

We've got some good stories. I need to start writing them down. These are too good to let slip into oblivion. Future generations need to be as entertained as I am.

I've lived a rather boring life compared to my blood.

I could go on, but Dad's still talking. It's awesome.


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