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Back in December, the SD card in my phone suddenly decided it was damaged and wouldn't work. I took it to the AT&T store, they called SanDisk, SanDisk suggested we reformat it (which the phone wouldn't let me do), so the AT&T people managed it and it worked okay, except for the ringtones, which insisted on being weird.

Everything was mediocre until last Friday when the card decided to be damaged again. This time I emailed SanDisk, who said I should take it back to the store and get a new one. So today I did.

When I came home, I noticed the same jacked up situation with the ringtones (the files were all wrong and the email notification would never play the right tone). I decided that maybe it was the phone. So I did a hard reset. Aside from the email notification not playing at all (instead it plays the default notification sound, which is fine because it's not picking a sound AT RANDOM and playing it like before), everything seems to be kosher.

Cross your fingers on this one. I'd really hate to have this thing go pear-shaped on me again and then have to try to get a new phone. I'm pretty sure I could since I haven't even had it a year yet, but I'd really rather not. Call me persnickety if you want. You wouldn't be the first.

I also ended up downloading two new ringtone apps because while my other apps were all backed up, my original ringtone app wasn't (I think it might have been part of my problem). So I've spent my time replacing and getting some new ringtones and sounds. Laws knows that's half the reason I have a phone. It makes noises that I appreciate.

The first ringtone app didn't have all of the tones I wanted, though (WHERE IS MY EARTH WIND AND FIRE DAMMIT?), but I found another one that lets me get the song and edit it the way I want to, which I appreciate. So I will not be September-less as I feared!

In non-cell phone news, Dad had his last treatment yesterday and he goes for a follow-up biopsy in March. Let's hope it all comes out clean and we can be done with this business for a while.
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Today was one of those days at work. Not a bad day; just a pain in the ass day. And really, my part of the day wasn't that big of a pain in the ass. I mostly got the trickle down effect from Albert and Chad.

But since Chad was gone all morning and then running behind this afternoon, I got to schedule my first trips in the computer. All it involves is filling out some info, putting in the locations, and determining the times of arrival. Sounds easy, right?

I'm sure one day it will be, but for my first time, I ran into a bit of trouble and got frustrated because of my ineptness.

Now, I told you that story to tell you this story.

When I was three, Papa found me in the closet at his house, crying because I was trying to read a book way beyond my level and was frustrated because I couldn't read it. I was learning to read and couldn't understand why I couldn't read this book.

Fast forward 28 years and I'm getting frustrated for exactly the same reason. I'd been shown how to do it, therefore, I should be able to do it.

Chad helped me out and it turned out that I wasn't as horrible at it as I thought. I am slow, though. Speed comes with experience, I know. Right now turtles are quicker.

In other news, Dad bought a new printer. We actually needed one since the old one wasn't feeding paper right anymore, but I'm still telling people it's because Dad couldn't work it.

It also saves me from having to buy new ink cartridges.
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Bob the Tech Guy came to our rescue and we are once again Internet enabled.

He called while I was at Mom's and I told him to go on to the house, Dad would be waiting.

About an hour later, Dad called to say that we were hooked up.

Bob the Tech Guy was appalled at the way we were treated. He gave us his cell number in case we needed help again AND gave us the number to his boss's boss and told us to call them and tell him everything that we went through.

Bob the Tech Guy is now my new favorite person and I'm afraid I judged him too harshly when he first called me today. My bitterness for the company skewed my view.

But he turned out to be my hero.

Thanks, Bob the Tech Guy!

Now, I can stop rushing through things and failing to comment on people's LJs due to time constraints and go back to not commenting because I am lazy/have nothing to say.
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Day 165...Still No Internet )

In other news, McGee got into a fight Wednesdy night and got rolled pretty good. She's got a sore spot on her side and broke off a tooth, which Dad had to pull. Dentistry is McGee's least favorite thing and believe me when I say we've done a lot of it on her.

She's feeling better today, though, but she's still milking it for all the treats she can get.

As well she should.
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I still don't have Internet. We have the equipment. We have the service. We just don't have the two working together. I don't know when it's going to be operational.

Or if it will ever be. 'Cause that's the way my luck is going.

So, I'm once again at Mom's, taking care of business since it's been over a week since I last checked my email and it was just as horrible as I imagined.

Plus, I needed to get out of the house. Honestly, I don't look forward to going back. They're going to have to pad the walls of that place.

I'm just saying.
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Still no Internet. The company that was supposed to hook us up yesterday couldn't hook us up. Couldn't be done. So, we were left high and dry. We're trying another company now, but there's no word on when (if?) we'll get hooked up.

So, yeah. The bad luck from June continues into July. Terrific.

I've been posting to Twitter via text, so if you want to keep up with my bland daily life (and updates on when I'm getting Interwebs), you can follow me over there. I'm KikiWrites.

In other news, the neighbors were playing music in their garage last night, which usually bugs me because they have questionable taste, but last night, I really enjoyed the selection. Like I told Carrie, they were playing songs that I hadn't heard since college.

Second round of college, to be precise.

When you've been three times over the span of a decade, it's good to pinpoint which round when using it in relation to time. I'm just saying.
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I am now in possession of a shiny new, cherry red laptop. I call her Brixie Sassypants and we shall be the best of friends.

At this very second I'm at Mom's house picking up my new desktop. It doesn't have a name yet, but it will. Oh, it will. I plan on spending tomorrow transferring files to it from Gringo. And then Gringo will be officially retired.

We've got an appointment for the wireless guys to come to the house on Thursday afternoon to hook us up. And then, good friends, I will be back in the Internet business and back in the loop. I look forward to that. I hate missing out.

Last week was a busy week that culminated on Saturday with dinner with members of my mother's family. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Cousins, Second Cousins, and Third Cousins. It was a crowded, loud table and I'm sure those people at the restaurant were happy to see the back of us. It was nice to see everyone and reconnect in person (in the case of the extended family, we've reconnected a bit on Facebook). I had a good time.

And with that done, my social calendar is clear.

I'm not used to being so busy.

Let's hope that after Thursday everything will be back to normal.
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Internet/Computer/Laptop Situation )
ETA! )
Job Situation )
The A-Team Situation )

It's supposed to be hot as hell tomorrow (heat advisory in effect because the heat indices are going to hit 100) and my aunt has organized a family outing to see my great-aunt's horses and Haley and Diana want us to go out to their camp site to hang out.

These are two things that don't sound too pleasant in excessive heat. I'm just saying.
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The latest estimated ship date on my new laptop is July 6 (my sister's birthday). My mother is going to get tired of seeing me at this rate. Let's hope that I get surprised and it comes in sooner.

Hey, look! There's a parade in front of my house. )
Tune in for the next installment of as the job hunt turns... )

Other than that, things have been pretty mellow. I've been catching up on a lot of my reading because I don't have the Internet to eat up my time. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing. I like reading. I also like the Internet eating up my time. Sooo...ya know.

I just can't wait to be back in the loop again. I miss you guys!
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The Internet Saga )
The Getting a Job Saga )

So that's my world in a nutshell right now. Frustrations and crankiness galore.

I hope you all are well. I miss you terribly. I look forward to the day when we can be together again. /pining
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I'm posting from my mothers because we've not had Internet at my house since yesterday afternoon. So far I can say with reasonable certainty that it's not the computer and the problem lies on the providers end. So far, I have yet to find out what the dilly is, yo.

In the meantime, the laptop is toast.

So, yeah, I'm at the end of my rope and it's tied into a noose and I'm ready to put my head through it and go for a swing.

Seriously. I can't take this abuse much longer, Universe.

Until next time. Whenever that may be.
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I'm really starting to lose my grip when it comes to my laptop. Nothing has caused me to moodswing so hard since I was crazy ten years ago.

I got it working well enough to backup the files that needed it and yesterday the damn thing worked fine, no problems whatsoever.

Then today I get the blue screen of death, followed by the "no hard drive found" error on start-up. Then it just won't turn on. At all. Lights are on, nobody is home. If my mind was a deadly weapon, the house would have been on fire.

It was my father, the man who does not know how to check his email, that came up with the idea to get it to come on again because the Universe has a really twisted sense of humor.

Now, I'm back to square one (no hard drive found), but at least it's a familiar square.

So while the mood has swung back to functioning without wanting to throw the Tiki Idol threw a wall, I'm still in the "life's not fair and I'm really kinda sick of its bullshit" frame of mind.

Because right now it's the baseline truth of my existence.

Tomorrow, however, might tell a different story. You never know.
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My laptop is still unusable, however, now that I've had my hissy fit and slept on it, I'm not neary as stabby over the whole situation. I will get the laptop fixed (I feel that it is fixable), I just don't know when.

As such, I've been relegated to using Gringo as my primary computer once again. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but as I've said several times before, Gringo is no spring chicken. He's gone from whippersnapper to cranky old man in my possession and lately has been veering into doddering old fogey territory. Also, he hates almost everything. Even checking my email can piss him off some days. So my level of internet interaction is going to go down considerably for the forseeable future, which kind of sucks, but I have come to accept and will cope with.

I'm sure all of my faithful followers on Twitter will miss my Hawaii 5-0 musings.

So to recap: until I get the Tiki Idol fixed, Gringo is it, muchachos. Expect little.

Who knows? Maybe the break will do me good.

I doubt it, but we'll see. I'm game.
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I don't know what it is about June that makes my laptop crash and burn, but there you go.

Yeah, the Tiki Idol has crashed again and I'm not very optimistic about its future at this point. Even if it can be saved, I might end up trying to hurl it into space anyway.

So, I'm going to be a little scarce for awhile. I feel that this move is best considering I keep going back and forth between wanting to flip a car and bursting into tears.

In review of the events of the past month or so, I'd say my life is turning into a poorly written country song.

And that's a bitch, folks. That's a bitch.
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I spent 3 1/2 hours in technical hell trying to print out a tax form for Dad. I never did get it printed. He said not to worry about it and I won't. I'm not the one who waited until the last minute.

I didn't have any trouble printing it out last year, but that was last year. Things have updated since then. Multiple times, probably. And Gringo is just too old to be able to handle the updates very well anymore. The laptop ended up being no better help because it's a possessed Tiki Idol that will probably make me wipeout should I ever go surfing.

The whole thing pissed me off to no end, despite the heavy application of Monkees music during the ordeal. However, my mood was greatly improved after a time-out and some dinner that I didn't have to cook.

The most aggravating thing about the whole situation? I bet if I tried to download and print out that tax form tomorrow, it'd probably work.

'Cause that's how Gringo rolls.
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Tweetdeck had an update, so I downloaded it. And now it won't work and I can't tell if it's the update or if Twitter is not getting along with Tweetdeck or if it's just my Tiki Idol causing trouble.

It seems like I go through this every time Tweetdeck has an update. It does not please me.
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Dad gave me my Christmas present today. I don't know why. Some years he gives it to me the day he buys it and some years he wraps them and makes me wait until Christmas to open it. There's no rhyme or reason.

Anyway, Dad got me a really nice laptop table, which is preferable to the redneck set up I've been using. I can use my laptop comfortably in bed now without turning into a hunchback. It's fantastic.

My new laptop table has a place for a mouse and I like the idea of not having to use the touch mouse anymore. I'm hoping this Tiki Idol Laptop will be okay with that. In theory, I think I should be able to use a mouse with this thing, but in practice, well, you can't really trust unlucky technological items. We'll see.

In the meantime, the mousepad will be used as a catpad. At least according to Pete it will be.
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I woke up at 7:30 this morning the Green Hornet theme song, a sign that someone I didn't know was calling me. I checked the ID and since I didn't immediately recognize it, I sent it to voicemail and tried to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, for the past several nights, I've reverted to a newborn's sleep schedule and keep waking up, so going back to sleep after being woken up by Kato was pretty pointless, but I did try.

My alarm goes off a couple of hours later and after laying in bed watching TV for a little bit, I check my phone. I go to retrieve the voicemail I was left and...nothing. My phone says I don't have a voicemail number programmed. Except I do because I programmed it when I got the phone a couple of years ago and have used it on occasion since then. But for whatever reason this morning, that number had totally disappeared from my phone.

As I was already predisposed to not being in the mood, I set the phone down lest I hurl it through the wall and decided to eat breakfast and read the paper before I dealt with it.

I came back to the situation much calmer. I searched my paperwork and my account online to see if I could find the voicemail number and came up empty. So, finally, reluctantly, I called customer service.

I hate making phone calls and I was going to put it off until later except my friend called and told me that the phone call I got this morning was a place she applied to looking for a personal reference and could I call them back as soon as possible because she really wants this job.

So I called and a very nice lady helped me out and gave me the voicemail number (which when I saw it, I recognized it and I know I've got it written down somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where, of course). Once that was done and I reprogrammed it into my phone, I listened to the voicemail and called the place back and did the personal reference. It took all of five minutes and the whole time I was thinking, "Why would you call people so early in the morning to do this? Not everyone is up and pleasant that early in the morning. Cranky people will not give favorable references. Do you not want to hire people?"

But, I did give my friend a good reference and I got my voicemail working again, so happy ending all around.

And yes I realize how silly it is for someone who doesn't like to make phone calls and doesn't really ever talk on the phone to be so pissy about her voicemail not working. Yeah, that wasn't lost on me.
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We've been having trouble with one of our landlines the past couple of days. No dial tone, which makes it hard to establish a connection when using the ancient dial-up. So Dad's been dicking with it for two days. Things that have been said during the course of this fix-it ordeal.

*Dad is outside with the phone, checking the outside box since we've had trouble before. His cell phone rings and I answer it.*
Me: What?
Dad: I got a dial tone. I was seeing if I could dial.
Me: Oh.
Dad: What are you doing answering my phone anyway?
Me: Your the sort of person who would need something inside and instead of coming in to get it, since you had the phone and all, would call me and tell me to get it for you.
Dad: If I was going to do that, I'd call your number.
Me: You can't remember my number.
Dad: Kiss my ass. *hangs up*

*Dad is replacing the phone jack in the dining room, cursing all the way.*
Me: What's the matter?
Dad: There's one screw mount and it's right behind the wires. I don't know of any family in the design business. *string of curses* Actually, I know that none of our family designed this. If they did, it'd just come with a roll of duct tape so you could tape it to the wall.

I'm happy to report that Dad managed to mount the new phone jack fixture to the wall without resorting to duct tape. And, so far *knocks on wood* we've had no more trouble with the phone line.

Of course, tomorrow is another day.
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It looks like we might be making some technological advances in my house by finally getting better than dial-up.

The trouble is that I don't even know where to start with researching about other options.

Any suggestions from my technologically advanced friends?


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