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Happy Halloween! I'm going to miss the live Michael Myers wallpaper on my phone (It's a picture of the Wallace house; lightening flashes and Michael Myers appears randomly and blood splatters the screen when I get a message). Seeing Halloween (1978) in the theater last night while wearing a Michael Myers shirt and possessing Michael Myers wallpaper on my phone might be the geekiest horror thing I've accomplished to date.

Juggling three jobs has been challenging lately. Neighbor is working overtime so now I'm taking the boy to school four days a week instead of alternating weeks of two and three days. Floorset was on Sunday instead of Tuesday/Wednesday so we wouldn't have to work on Halloween. I was going to dogsit for Aunt Jo, but can't do that due to changing kid shuttling schedule but I still have to go down for a little while because while Carrie is going to do it, she won't be able to get down there until later than Aunt Jo needs. Throw in Halloween, the movie, and voting into the mix and I need every bit of calendar help I have to keep it all straight.

I'm tired, but at least the bills are getting paid.

Keeping the East Coast in my thoughts as they start to rebuild. Sandy was a right bitch out there, quite different from the Sandy I worked with who is very nice.
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You know me; I love Panic TV.

There's a tornado warning for a couple of local counties and my favorite meterologist, Lee, was giving us the rundown about 6:30. The warning was scheduled to expire at 6:45.

Lee was saying that if the warning was allowed to expire and no new warning for any other counties were issued, that we'd go back to regular programming. Or more accurately, he said something to the effect of "we'll get you back to Wheel of Fortune. I know you're missing it. I'm missing it. I love that show" and then went right back into talking about the specifics of the tornado warning.

I died laughing.

Sadly, the warning ended up being extended until 7:30.

No Wheel of Fortune for Lee.
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We had a storm this morning with some pretty high winds (had I been more awake at the time, I wouldn't have had to have the weatherman tell me that) and as a result, we lost yet another branch from our tree in the backyard. Poor thing's going to be a shrub by the time the summer's over.

The neighbor behind us also lost a dead branch off of their tree, but it landed in our yard, so I dragged them both over behind the garage where Dad likes to use the woodchipper.

After some consideration, I decide to go ahead and hack the limbs down to get them ready for the chipper since Dad probably wouldn't be able to get to them until his next day off, Saturday.

Plus, it's been ages since I got to wield a machete.

I geared up, putting on some gloves, but opting out of the hockey mask, and looked for a suitable hacking tool. I checked the garage, but couldn't find Dad's good machete.

"Why don't you use the one on the table next to the TV," Carrie said and then paused. "Any other house, that might sound like a weird statement, but not this one."

So, I didn't use a machete (as I said on Twitter), I used a kukri, which is still badass, but I didn't know the name of it at the time and pretty much everyone knows what a machete is and that was the basic idea I was trying to convey.

Anyway, kukuri in hand, I headed out back. Carrie followed me, forcing me to take along a water bottle. After we chatted about the impromptu pumpkin patch growing in my backyard, Carrie headed back to the house.

"Let me know if you need me to take you to the hospital. You are your father's child."

For the record, I didn't hack off any of my own limbs in the process of hacking up the tree limbs. Didn't cut myself. Didn't even almost cut myself. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Of course, I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow.

I'm already starting to get sore now.

Worth it though. Heh.
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I'm sitting at the computer this afternoon, minding my own, when an unexpected KABOOM! of thunder nearly makes me leave my skin.

It's not raining. There wasn't any lightening. I looked out the backdoor and saw that it looked rather forboding towards the south and the east, but I didn't think much of it. Ten minutes go by and I am just getting up to go hole up in my bedroom to write while watching the Cubs game when the power goes out.

It blinks once. Twice. I shut off the power strip. The power quits surging. Now, the power blinking at 8:35 this morning woke me up, but it only stayed off long enough to mess up the clocks. This time, the power stayed out.

Then it started to rain and the wind picked up a bit, but nothing major (our power has stayed on through tornado warnings and torndadoes) so I couldn't be sure the weather was the cause.

We live on a weird circuit; there's only four houses on it, I think. In the daylight, it's hard to tell who has power and who doesn't. Carrie and I figured that with a daycare nextdoor, the neighbor would have called the power company pretty quickly.

An hour goes by and still no power. That's unusual for us. The longest we've had to wait to get the power fixed in recent memory was during an ice storm and that's understandable.

So Carrie calls the power company and navigates its automated menu to get to a message that says they are aware of our problem and that 650 customers are without power. That's quite a stretch for such a small town.

Not too long after the call, they get the power back on. Later, I find out from Dad that it was indeed the storm. Lightening struck someplace on the southeast side of town. We were all impressed that it knocked the power out all the way over here.

And then to wrap up my off-kilter day, I had to run out into the rainy night, armed with only a flashlight, to save a baby rabbit from the neighbor's two cats, Loki and Rascal. I had to call Carrie on my cell to have her bring me out a towel because I couldn't catch the bunny, but I couldn't leave it either because Loki kept trying to go after it.

In my attempts to catch it, I ended up running the poor thing into a very secure hiding spot where he'll be safe for the night (he wasn't hurt all that bad that I could tell) before running the cats home.

All in all, my day has been interesting times.
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Busy day, weather-wise.

Though I managed to cook dinner without incident, the sirens went off while we were eating dinner. Cue the scramble to shut windows, make sure all cats were accounted for, shut down computers, and try to capture a little bit of video of the storm on my crappy digital camera (I got a little vid of the hail storm earlier today).

The wind was impressive and we ended up losing another branch off of our tree. Second one in two days. Poor tree. It's suffered enough in its life (it's been hit by lightening twice and had the entire top of it blow off in a storm last year).

If there was a tornado, it went south of town, according to what was said on the police radio. "South of town" is a couple of miles away from my house.

We got a break of about an hour before the third, last, and weakest storm went through. I took some pictures of the storm clouds moving in. After the storm passed, there was still some good lightening to be seen south and east of town, so Carrie and I drove out to the vet's office and I tried to get some video of the lightening. It's like it knew I was watching. The best stuff always happened when I wasn't filming. I did catch at least one good one, though.

I know nothing about video and my digital camera isn't the best, but I'll see about possibly uploading some clips. It never would have crossed my mind to film any of the storms if [livejournal.com profile] dr_funbags hadn't mentioned it.

I hope you're happy with yourself, Jenn. With any luck, you'll get to see what I deal with every summer.
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We're in between storms at the moment.

The first storm came from nowhere. Just...THUNDER. Then there was a little rain. Then came the downpour, the hail, and the wind that blew leaves into the next county, I'm sure.

The next set of storms is creeping up on us and I hope it holds off another hour or so. I planned on cooking out for dinner and have no back up plan in case of rain.

I know for a fact that driving through a tornado isn't easy. I can't imagine grilling steaks would be any better.

If you could keep the fire lit, I bet you couldn't hold on to the steaks.

Yeah, I just checked the dopplar. The line of storms is moving through the next county. I better fire up the grill.
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Looks like we're getting some nasty weather coming in. After a stormy morning and a sticky afternoon, it looks like it's all about to break.

I was hoping it would do this earlier, just because I prefer afternoon storms.

But this should be good, too.

I think they're warming up the weathermen.

I love panic TV.
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Carrie and I went to the mall and to see Hellboy II today. The mall proved to be a bust for me yet again (I'm never going to spend those damn Kohl's gift cards), but the movie was good.

We took our popcorn bucket and had it pretty much finished off before the opening credits. For once we got there early. There were only two other people in the theater with us. I appreciate that.

The movie itself was fun. I have much love for Hellboy and this just upped it. There was one scene that I had to clamp my hand over my mouth or I'd bust out my decible defying witch cackle and nobody would be able to hear anything for the next ten minutes.

After the movie, we drove home watching an impending storm come in from the west. The clouds were dark and low, setting off the street lights as we went through Wapella. There was lightening, but no rotation. I was just worried about beating the rain because we still had to go to Walgreen's.

We were just north of town when the inflow hit us. Inflow, for the record, is a sudden burst of wind that comes right before a storm. I had enough of a warning to slow down a bit, but every car on the highway swerved when that wind hit.

The first words out of Carrie's mouth: "Is there going to be a tornado?"

"No, that's the inflow." "That was scary." "How do you think the people on that bus felt?"

As we drove through town to Walgreen's, people were standing outside watching the storm blow in. "Wow," Carrie said. "People really DO go outside during storms here." Yes, they do.

We made it home before it started raining hard. Carrie looked out the kitchen window and pointed out that we'd lost a tree limb. Dad went out to inspect. The entire top part of our tree broke off due to the inflow, barely missing the kennel.

This doesn't surprise me. That tree's been hit by lightening twice and lost more branches to the wind than I can count.

The storm itself wasn't that bad. Then I check Twitter and see that I missed an earthquake in LA (and [livejournal.com profile] dr_funbags was okay yet annoyed) because I was at the movies.

Oh, the sacrifices one makes for entertainment.


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