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I got my federal tax refund yesterday and with it ordered my new TV, which should be here between Friday and Tuesday.

You guys, I can't tell you how excited I am for this. My TV (that I've had for about 15 years) is dying. The picture is squished, with at least a third of the bottom and maybe a quarter of the top black. Like widescreen, only smooshed. Also, there are lines going through the top of what pictures I can see that distorts it. Everybody ends up with extra poofy hair or Frankenstein foreheads. Any text on the bottom of the screen can't be read. Also, it's sometimes hard to tell who people are.

And if the picture is in widescreen? Squished even more!

So, yes, a new TV (particularly before baseball season!) was a must. For the love of my eyes! It's getting hard to watch.

And now that my new TV has been ordered, it's a race to see if the old one will hold out until it gets here.

I wouldn't be surprised if it died all together just to spite me.
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The first few days of 2012 can be summed up thusly:

-I had to go to five different places to find the right sized boxes that I needed to mail some stuff I sold on eBay.

-I got one of the items packed up and ready to go, only to run out of packing tape for the second one, which now results in two trips to the post office.


-I've taken up watching Murder, She Wrote (thank you, TV Land for bringing it back) and Bonanza (THERE IS NO DANNO NOW) and I admit to watching Little House on the Prairie.

-Matlock and Perry Mason never leave me!

-I'm doing more than watching TV, I swear. Like stressing about all of the events and deadlines I have this month, including Hammie's birthday, my birthday, Cubs Con (all in the same week!), and this crazy notion of rewriting/revising a novel by the end of the month.

-Also I've been rewriting/revising a novel.

-And I'm sore from the new workout routine.

-But my new protective case for my phone came today and it's super cute, so there is that.

If you just look at the list and don't actually read it, it looks like I've actually been a lot more productive than I really have. Pretty cool, huh?
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I went to Target last night to get a couple of shelves, the idea being I could put a few of my pictures on one and my baseballs and prized cards on the other. I ended up getting what I was looking for and a hula hoop.

I know right? What? Hula hoop?

Yeah, hula hoop. This is going into my exercise routine and I'm going to master this sucker. I don't know why at 31 I have this urge to be good at hula hooping, but I do and there you go.

I hung the shelves today. I didn't do a horrible job, though one is definitely crooked, despite my use of the level, which I dropped behind my DVD shelves after I lined up the second shelf. It's not too bad, but yeah, I'm going to get shit for it not being level.

The stuff on the shelves looks nice though and it looks good in my room.

I've spend the day cleaning/purging/rearranging/fixing and I've got just a couple of more things to do before I can call it all done for the day.

Then I get to do two blog posts, some revisions, and hopefully have time to paint my nails.

My weekends aren't long enough.
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I owe you all a nice entry about my trip to Wrigley (I didn't have to yell at anyone this time!), but I'm tired and I want to sleep.

So instead, I got a new phone. It's a HTC Inspire and it is shiny and smart and I've only scratched the surface when it comes to figuring out what the hell it does.
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Today was one of those days at work. Not a bad day; just a pain in the ass day. And really, my part of the day wasn't that big of a pain in the ass. I mostly got the trickle down effect from Albert and Chad.

But since Chad was gone all morning and then running behind this afternoon, I got to schedule my first trips in the computer. All it involves is filling out some info, putting in the locations, and determining the times of arrival. Sounds easy, right?

I'm sure one day it will be, but for my first time, I ran into a bit of trouble and got frustrated because of my ineptness.

Now, I told you that story to tell you this story.

When I was three, Papa found me in the closet at his house, crying because I was trying to read a book way beyond my level and was frustrated because I couldn't read it. I was learning to read and couldn't understand why I couldn't read this book.

Fast forward 28 years and I'm getting frustrated for exactly the same reason. I'd been shown how to do it, therefore, I should be able to do it.

Chad helped me out and it turned out that I wasn't as horrible at it as I thought. I am slow, though. Speed comes with experience, I know. Right now turtles are quicker.

In other news, Dad bought a new printer. We actually needed one since the old one wasn't feeding paper right anymore, but I'm still telling people it's because Dad couldn't work it.

It also saves me from having to buy new ink cartridges.
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Papa, Aunt Jo, Nancy, and Jake came up today. Nancy had some jewelry that she wanted to give me, kind of like a late birthday present.

It worked out for me because I've been trying to give them thank you cards that the girls made them and the two times someone was down that way, I forgot them.

And it worked out for Jake because it gave him an opportunity to get more driving practice in. I remember when that kid biffed it down the basement stairs in his walker. I hope he's a better driver.

Most of the jewelry Nancy gave me was either my grandma's or was given to her by my grandma. There's one necklace that I fell in love with the minute I saw it. It's stainless steel and looks like three bracelets linked together to make a necklace. It's neat. There were also a few "mashed metal" (as Aunt Jo called it) cuff bracelets, two of which my grandma had since high school. Very cool.

I appreciate that I'm getting this jewelry from my grandma. After all, I got my love of jewelry from her.
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Questionable: Tastes, Talents, and Times

Speaking of questionable, Carrie gave me an iTunes giftcard for my birthday. And since I still had 12 bucks in my iTunes account, I went on a music shopping spree. Here's what I got:

"She's Always a Woman"-Billy Joel
"Angie Baby"-Helen Reddy
"Close to You"-The Carpenters
"Band of Gold"-Freda Payne
"Knock Three Times"-Tony Orlando and Dawn
"Magic Man"-Heart
"Crazy On You"-Heart
"Want Ads"-Honey Cone
"Magic Carpet Ride"-Steppenwolf
"Wild Horses"-The Rolling Stones
"19th Nervous Breakdown"-The Rolling Stones
"She's So Cold"-The Rolling Stones
"You Can Leave Your Hat On"-Joe Cocker
"Here Comes the Hotstepper"-Ini Karmoze
"Why Don't You Get a Job?"-Offspring
"Aeroplane"-The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Scream"-Michael and Janet Jackson
"Blood on the Dance Floor"-Michael Jackson
"Swingin'"-John Anderson
"Consider Me Gone"-Reba McEntire
"Strange"-Reba McEntire
"Turn on the Radio"-Reba McEntire
"Fire Burning"-Sean Kingston
"Ain't NoRest for the Wicked"-Cage the Elephant
"If It's Love"-Train

It was a conscious effort on my part to get a few songs that were actually recorded in the last ten years. Not as much of a struggle as I thought it'd be.
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Aunt Jo and Nancy gave me a lovely, fuzzy, snuggly blanket for Christmas. Since I planned on relaxing and rocking the pajamas today, I decided to break it in.

Spot was on the bed at the time and I figured she wouldn't mind trying out the blanket with me. I spread it out and she got up and left. I didn't think much of it. Later, she came back into the room and jumped on the bed and immediately jumped off again.

Carrie came in and I told her that I didn't think Spot liked the new blanket. Carrie tried putting her on it and she scrambled to get off of it. Didn't want to be held there, didn't want any part of it.

She did the same thing when Dad tried it with her an hour later.

I have no idea what Spot doesn't like about this blanket, but she wants no part of it, which is so odd for her because anything new she has to smell thoroughly because she's so damned nosy. It's made more funny by the fact that Dad got a blanket just like this (different pattern) last year for Christmas and that thing is a cat magnet.

I just can't follow the cat logic on this one.
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Dad had finally discovered the wonder of the internet and now we can't get him off the computer.

So far he's limited himself to shopping sites, though he did spend a lot of time last night amusing himself looking for matches on a dating site. Don't ask. As far as I know, he hasn't found the porn yet.

Shocking considering he's been using Google.

So it looks like Dad has chosen to join us in the 21st century.

I still don't think he can check his email, though.
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I am now in possession of a shiny new, cherry red laptop. I call her Brixie Sassypants and we shall be the best of friends.

At this very second I'm at Mom's house picking up my new desktop. It doesn't have a name yet, but it will. Oh, it will. I plan on spending tomorrow transferring files to it from Gringo. And then Gringo will be officially retired.

We've got an appointment for the wireless guys to come to the house on Thursday afternoon to hook us up. And then, good friends, I will be back in the Internet business and back in the loop. I look forward to that. I hate missing out.

Last week was a busy week that culminated on Saturday with dinner with members of my mother's family. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Cousins, Second Cousins, and Third Cousins. It was a crowded, loud table and I'm sure those people at the restaurant were happy to see the back of us. It was nice to see everyone and reconnect in person (in the case of the extended family, we've reconnected a bit on Facebook). I had a good time.

And with that done, my social calendar is clear.

I'm not used to being so busy.

Let's hope that after Thursday everything will be back to normal.
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Happy Humbug!

Dad, Carrie, and I took Hobbit and Smurf (Hammie didn't want to go) down to Aunt Jo's house to have Christmas with her, Papa, Nancy, and Jake. Aunt Jo's friend CJ and her son Frank were there, too.

It rained all day yesterday and with a frost line of 3 to 5 inches, there was a lot of standing water on the way down. We took the back roads and had to drive through it because the road had flooded in a couple of places. I've never seen that before. Of course, the temperature dropped and it snowed all day, so I can only imagine what that turned into. We took the freeway back, so it'll always remain a mystery.

Dinner was good. Aunt Jo forgot to get the sweet potatoes and stuffing out of the oven until after we'd all eaten. The sweet potatoes were fine, but the stuffing didn't survive. The bottom was all burnt.

We opened presents. The girls made out like bandits, as they always do. Barbies and art supplies and gift cards, oh my! Papa got Carrie more Twilight stuff and I got two new books and season six of NCIS. Ah, the gift of Gibbs.

Dad wrapped Jake's present in camo duct tape over packing tape. It was great. It took him about fifteen minutes to get it open. What did Dad get him? A knife. Did Jake cut himself on it? Of course. That's how you properly break it in.

We managed to play a couple of hands of Spit before it was time to pack up and take the girls home. It was a long day, at least for Hobbit. She fell asleep on the way home. She told me earlier than Santa came to her house too early this morning, that's why she was tired.

I'm tired because Christmas never fails to wear me out. But it was a good one.

I hope yours was good, too.
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I got a package in the mail today from [livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry. I made the executive decision that since it is Christmas Eve and I'm not spending it at my Mom's house like I traditionally do (since we were there last night) and we'll be too busy tomorrow with all of the traveling and niece wrangling that it would actually be for the best to open the gifts Missy sent today.

(I'm making sure to point this out because Missy likes to tease me about not being able to wait until Christmas to open my presents.)

I pretty much got a box full of Bruce Campbell. I got Army of Darkness (director's cut and theatrical release), two Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic books, and Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way by Bruce Campbell which is, from what I heard, pretty much fanfiction to the nth degree of awesome.

When Missy gets back from vacation, she's getting loved on big time. That's all I'm going to say.

*gazes adoringly at her new Bruce Campbell treasures*

*sighs happily*
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Dad got a new Jeep today. It's a blue '98 Jeep Cherokee that's pretty much just like his old white '93 Jeep Cherokee, just newer, a different color, and not deer marked.

Dad mentioned ysterday that if he could get off work early today, that he might be getting one. He'd had his eye on it for awhile and the price was right. If it ran nice, he'd get it.

I didn't think anything of it because he's said that before about other cars and didn't even bother to mention it to Carrie.

Today, Dad bought the Jeep and I was recruited to drive the old Jeep home. All of this went down before Carrie even woke up.

There was some talk about hiding the old Jeep and trying to convice her that the new Jeep was the jeep we'd had the whole time, but that was too labor intensive.

So when Carrie got up, I pointed out the new Jeep.

Me: That's Dad's new Jeep.
Carrie: No it's not.
Me: Uh, yeah, it is. He just bought it this morning.
Carrie: Nuh uh. It's the loaner. Your dad was talking about taking the other one in to be fixed.

At the point, I stumble into the living room, laughing my ass off, to tell Dad, who also laughed his ass off.

It took Dad actually showing Carrie the receipt to get her to believe us.

Carrie is apparently self-pranking. Just set her up and her own misconceptions just carry the joke along without any effort at all. No fuss, no muss.

Handy dandy, indeed.

Right after Carrie was convinced that Dad really bought the Jeep, she looked at me and said, "This is going in your journal, isn't it?"

Of course!
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Though I had planned to go wild and spend all my of my tax refund (when I get it) on bills, I think I'm going to have to use some of it to get some more memory for my computer.

I've now had Gringo long enough that even though he's not the most optimal piece of shit to curse at anymore, I'll probably cry when I have to get rid of him. More memory will prolong the inevitable.

Also, it's more affordable that way. It cost me two birthdays and a Christmas to get a laptop. There's no way I can scheme for a new computer in April. And I don't have the money at the moment to just buy one myself, either.

So, I'll be looking for new memory when my check comes.

Anything to keep my Gringo happy.

Well, that's not entirely true. The way this computer acts, sometimes I think he wants the blood of a virgin and you know what? Getting more memory is just way easier, so I'm going with that.

*pets computer*
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Did anyone else watch The Unusuals tonight?

It was...entertainingly different.

Really, that's the best my brain can come up with. It was weird but it was serious but it was funny but it was touching and they shouldn't have been able to chuck all of that stuff into a show and make it work, yet I think it did.

At least it did for the pilot episode. I have no idea how they're going to keep it up. And if they can keep it up, I wonder if it'll get the ratings to keep it alive because it's pretty damn offbeat.

I like it though. I think.

At the very least, it had the most interesting cover of a Kid Rock song I've ever heard.


Jan. 16th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Carrie and I went to the AT&T store to see about getting a family plan. She needed a new phone and through her extensive research, found that this would save me money. I like money, so I cool with it.

After an agonizing decision making process, Carrie finally picked out her new phone and has spent the evening playing with the new shiny.

In the store, she was playing with the ringtones while waiting for our sales guy to ring her up. He said, "Do you know how to go online to download new ringtones?" Carrie said I looked like the guy just asked me if I liked to eat babies.

Ringtones are truly the only reason why I HAVE a cell phone (I've got over 4,000 roll over minutes...and I was on the plan with the least amount of minutes). I've spent hours looking through the ringtones online. Time and several sheets of paper went into creating various ringtone themes that I wanted before I finally settled on TV Theme Songs Through The Decades (Perry Mason, Green Hornet, Starsky and Hutch, A-Team, The Simpsons, and Stargate: Atlantis).

Do I know how to download ringtones off of the internet? Ha! Darling, that is serious business in my world.
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I'm looking at laptops again. I've been doing this off and on for years. My primary motivation for getting one is that I could write on a computer, but do it in my room where I wouldn't be disturbed by every human and cat living in this house.

Now, I don't like to spend money, whether I have a job or not, which is why I have yet to acquire one. But, my dad has yet to get me a birthday present this year (for those of you playing the home game, my birthday is in January). At this point, I figure he owes me double. He does not disagree and is actually open to the idea of getting me a laptop* for my birthday(s) present.

So I've been browsing.

Now, I don't know much about laptops and in general I'm fairly easy to please. I don't need it to do fantastic things (I don't think they've got a model that can do laundry yet); it would pretty much be for writing purposes. Still, any laptop advice anyone could give me would be appreciated.

*The reason why I'm not asking for a new computer, even though mine is almost seven years old, is because I think if I can just get this baby some new memory, it'll last me another three or four years (it actually works incredibly well for being old). I'm rather attached to Gringo, even if it is a cantankerous bitch sometimes.
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Today felt like a good day to upgrade my phone. I'd been mailed a little card-thingie to take into the store and did a bit of research online so I wouldn't be completely clueless when I finally went in to do it.

I admit, I'm picky. I don't want a phone that's smarter than me, but I want something that works well and has a few shiny bits. And, I admit, I'm shallow. I want a good looking phone.

Through my internet research, I decided to get an LG CU515 plum. My last phone was an LG and I really liked it. It got a good rating and even though it's got crap on there I'll never use, it does have what I need. And it's dark purple. Always a plus.

I've spent all afternoon playing with it, customizing it. I decided to restrain myself and only download one ringtone for the time being (all of the ringtones it came with are really unfortunate). I picked The A-Team theme song. It makes me happy and lets anyone in ear shot know I'm a dork.

And I tested out the camera by taking a picture of the dancing hamsters on my desk. It's great quality and now my wallpaper. Again, dorktitude.

Guess what I'll be doing for the next few days? Oh yeah. Playing with the new shiny.


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