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I watched the Sanctuary finale last night, but only half-assed. I wasn't feeling very well last night (I'm not feeling well today, either...I think it's the weather change playing havok with me...at least I hope that's what it is).

I will say that I liked the dancing bit. Callum Blue makes a fine villain. And I was glad to finally see Wexford, even if he was kind of a fishy prick.

Also, I'm rooting for Big Bertha.

I hope next season we get more John and Tesla. I love those guys.
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I so should have liveblogged Sanctuary tonight. Tesla was so on.

"Great. All the subtlety of brain surgery with a chainsaw."

"You've taken a symphony and turned it into rock and roll. French Canadian rock and roll."

I love his snark. They need to have him on the show more often. Especially, since (spoiler) )

Anyway, the reason why I didn't liveblog the episode is because I've been trying to play catch up after spending the day with Mom, Stepdad, Carrie, and the nieces celebrating Hobbit's sixth birthday. It was a good time.

Hobbit says that she doesn't feel six yet; she still feels five. However, she said the GEEKIEST thing a six-year-old-that-still-feels-five could say. World of Warcraft is big in their house. For those of you who aren't familiar with WoW, your characters "level up". Today, Hobbit said, she "leveled up personally". My mother is raising complete geeks. I'm just saying.

We had Olive Garden for lunch. Smurf stole some lettuce from Carrie's salad. "You won't like this piece." *chomp* "I like Carrie's lettuce."

After lunch, Hobbit opened her presents. Carrie got her nail polish and I got her jewelry, kiddie stuff. Once Hobbit and Smurf decked themselves out in the bling, they had Carrie give them manicures. Hammie did not have time for such things because she was playing WoW. GEEKS.

We had cake, there was no singing because Hobbit jumped the gun on blowing out her candles, then we just hung out. Carrie played Sims 3, drooling green drool of jealousy, while Hobbit and Smurf played with my camera.

At some point, Hobbit and Smurf decided that Carrie was their new mom. They took new names and everything. They were packing bags to go to their new home and were pretty disappointed when Mom burst their bubble.

Meanwhile, while this family drama was going down, I was watching Hammie play WoW. I gave my poor eldest niece a shock. She chats with people on their while she quests (actually, I think she socializes more than quest, but it's done wonders for her spelling because she doesn't want to look stupid) and she told someone, "i gtg in a bit", which I translated. She just looked at me.

Me: You didn't think Aunt Kiki was that cool, huh?
Hammie: *shaking her head* No.
Me: Kid, I've been on the interwebs since 1994. You were born in 2002. Do the math.
Hammie: *jaw drops*

I thought I'd have to wait until they were at least teenagers before I could horrify them. Good to know I can start early, at least in this respect. This is up there with my cousin Jake thinking blonde jokes are new.

As schooled as I am in the ways of the internet tubes, I'm still only have fleeting knowledge of WoW, which Hammie schooled me on. I'm also not a big timewaster on You Tube, but apparently Hammie is if it's related to WoW. I had no idea that so many people made videos to "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" with WoW characters. She also showed me a vid someone made of the Men in Black II trailer using WoW characters. It was giggle-worthy.

Like I said, we all had a good time. We'll see the girls again next week, first on the 23rd, then on Christmas, even if five days is too long to wait and Smurf "hates five days".

I need to stock up on sleep. Those girls never fail to wear me out.
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For all of my grilling adventures, I usually hang up my fireproof apron (so to speak, I don't really have one, though sometimes I think I could use one) around the end of September/beginning of October, when the cool weather and earlier sundowns come into play.

This year, though, I've kept grilling. I just put on a jacket (though at least one Novemeber night I didn't need it) and used a flashlight until Dad dug out and enabled a lantern for me to set next to the grill. I admit that it's mostly because I don't want to use the indoor grill. I'm putting it off because I hate cleaning that thing.

Anyway, tonight was a grilling first for me. I grilled in below freezing weather. That's right. It was officially 24 degrees out while I was cooking my steaks.

It wasn't really that bad. It's not like I was actually outside all that long and the steaks cooked just like they always did, no trouble at all.

I'm thinking so long as it doesn't snow, I might keep grilling throughout the winter.

I did watch Sanctuary, but I don't have a lot to say. )
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Sanctuary...I think? )

In other news, Carrie's babysitting for Walker and Emma tonight. I stopped by to drop off dinner for Carrie. At one point during my visit, Emma started rolling across the floor on her side and Walker followed, pushing her with his head before declaring that he was dung beetle.

He's my new favorite.
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Just a few Sanctuary comments. )

I've given up on SGU. I watched The Wizard of Oz instead. I hope Rush and Eli do alright without me. Those were the only characters I even remotely liked.

Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, I realized watching it tonight that Smurf talks a lot like the Cowardly Lion. "Who's her? Who's her?" "Who's them? Who's them?"

Of course, when she's saying it she's less scared and more suspicious.

And a little threatening.
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I only half-assed it watching SGU and Sanctuary tonight, so no in depth thoughts, just a couple of brief comments.

I'm kind of over SGU. I didn't miss it last week and wasn't really looking forward to it this week. But I will say, Rush killed the ending. When I like the guy that everyone on the ship distrusts and dislikes the most, that should say something about your show. Just saying.

Sanctuary was just bizarre and I don't know why an apocolypse made Will grow a mullet. I feel that is going to be one of the mysteries that this show just won't answer. Also, I failed at catching the repeat of last week's episode, so I guess I'll just keep an eye out for it during the marathons SyFy likes to run.

In completely unrelated news (it took me four tries to spell "completely" and I'm still not convinced I got it right), I posted the very rough first chapter of my NaNo novel, if anyone is interested. Chapter 1 of A Tale of Two Lady Killers.

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Or I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight.

Because it's Friday night.

And I know how to party.
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I actually had this done an hour ago, but my Internet had a serious hate hardon for me.

Sanctuary...'Hey, Beijing, where can a guy get a drink around here?' )

I'm still hanging with SGU, but I have no commentary on it. The rhythm seems to be out of the frying pan, into the fire, back into the frying pan. And, I'm still only keen on Eli and Rush at this point.

There's a good chance that my SyFy Friday might go on hiatus next week. AMC is doing Fearfest again and I will ditch on it to watch horror movies I've seen a million times. Yes, I will.
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Sanctuary...'I can save the world. By myself. *sighs*' )

I continue to watch SGU, but I'm meh on it. I miss the levity that was so prevelant in the other two shows. It's too serious business. Eli can't carry all of the jokes. Give someone else a sense of humor.
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Sanctuary...'I'm half-vampire. Alcohol doesn't affect me. Though since I came here with you, I wish it did.' )

In other TV show news, I'm still trying out SGU. I don't dislike it, but I don't feel like I could miss it either. *shrugs* We'll see. I will say that I like Eli and Rush and Lou Diamond Phillips is always welcome on my TV.
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SGA...'Nice landing.' )

Sanctuary...'Don't bait me. I'm not in the mood.' )

And so ends the Friday Night Dynamic Duo.

I'll watch Sanctuary when it comes back, but it just won't be the same with out SGA.

I'm going to miss it.
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SGA...'I also like spearmint gum.' )

Sanctuary...'He's all hearts and flowers one day and turning a working girl into a canoe the next.' )

Next week...the last Friday Night Dynamic Duo ever!
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] butterflyflames and Ian for the holiday card. I can never have enough glitter scattered randomly around my house. Heh.

Sanctuary...'It's another man's blood on my face.' 'I know. It's disgusting.' )

Yes, I'm using a Radek icon even though SGA wasn't on tonight. I have no Henry icons. I need some.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] your_empathy for the holiday card. It was a bright spot in my day.

Also, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ginavive! Much love, Sunshine.

SGA...'You should have taken me on that ride.' )

Sanctuary...'It's a white van.' 'Well, that narrows it down.' )
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SGA...'You woke me for this?' )

Sanctuary...'Glad I didn't say sharktipus.' )

In other news, I woke up this morning and was flipping through the channels when I come across a newsbreak that reads "Florida schools locked down while police search for murder suspect".

But, I read "murder" as "muppet".

The news would be way more awesome if it was filtered through my brain first.
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So I says to my self, "Self," I says, "after Nano, you should make yourself some new icons."

For once, I listened to myself and made myself some new icons. All NCIS, but no Ducky. I've yet to find a good icon pic of Ducky. Or, at least, a pic of him I want to icon.

Instead, I settled for two McGees, one Abby, and one Gibbs.

I'm still on a quest for Sanctuary screencaps suitable for iconing, particularly Henry, Bigfoot, and Two Face Guy.

Also, please note...I've changed my default icon to my holiday icon for the month. I've used it for several years. It's the neon effect that really sells it for me.
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My rambling thoughts are going to suck because Haley came over so I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention and even though I watched the repeat showing of SGA, I still wasn't paying a whole lot of attention.

SGA...'This conversation was over six seconds ago.' )

Sanctuary...I didn't pay enough attention to get a quote. )

In other news...I woke up to a bloody nose this morning. The bloody nose didn't wake me up. The act of hitting myself in the face, which caused the bloody nose, woke me up this morning.

Just another reason why I sleep alone.
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SGA...'Lock 'em up.' )

Sanctuary...'I have my standards. Coffee is well below them.' )

Also of note...we're dogsitting Zasu again for the weekend. My pants are covered in doggy slobber.

And, AMC is running Frightfest until Halloween. Nothing but blood, guts, and gore on my TV for a week. This is my kind of Heaven.


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