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Carrie and I went to Mom's yesterday for Hammie's birthday. She's ten, nearly five foot tall, and really into anime. She got a kimono for her birthday. It made Mom and I sing The Vapors.

Hammie asked for a giant cookie for her birthday. It came with violent pink frosting that I did not eat. Mom also got me cupcakes from our favorite bakery, half unfrosted because I'm spoiled like that.

The girls also got me a present (even though I already technically got mine at Christmas since Mom and Mark gave me money for Cubs Con). A new Cubs sweatshirt. Pretty soon, that's going to be the only clothing I own.

Today I ran last minute errands in the blowing snow so I'm as prepared as I can be for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I don't relish the three hour drive in the snow, but hopefully the wind dies down and the plows can get things clear.

And then [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian and I party Cubs style in Chi-town.

I'm hoping to come home with a player or two stuffed in my bag.
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My last day of work was Friday. I made sure to say goodbye to all of the drivers in town (including doubling back to catch Stephen), got a hug from Albert, Kent, and Shilo, and, I admit, shed a few tears on the drive home. I say again, I won't miss the work, but I will miss the people. I was told before I left to come back and visit. I'll be doing that.

Hit the family reunion yesterday. I just stayed long enough to eat and visit with the people I wanted to see before I left. It was kind of weird without Papa there, though they did have a big picture of him over the dessert table, which I found kind of creepy. I don't need a bad picture of my dead grandpa lording over me while I get my piece of cherry pie. I mean it was well meaning, but I still wasn't comfortable with it.

After the reunion, I took the girls to the last Cornbelters game of the season. They got to spend some time in the bouncy houses and get their faces painted before mean Aunt Kiki made them sit in their seats and watch the game. Hammie was actually pretty into the game from the get-go. Hobbit and Howlin' Mad Smurf, not so much. It took a few innings before they caught on to the concept of cheering for the Belters. By the end, they were chanting "Let's Go Corn!" right on cue.

I was disappointed that they wouldn't dance during the dancing inning. How do they not know how to do the YMCA? That's just ridiculous that they're so uneducated in the ways of community dance. However, they redeemed themselves by singing the 7th inning stretch.

I won a signed a jersey and they got their freebie t-shirts signed by the whole team and Corny. They got to run the bases afterwards. In the end, they had a blast and they want to go again next season. Aunt Kiki will only be too happy to take them.

Tomorrow I go back to work for myself. It's going to be weird not waking up at 5:30 to head to the cube. It'll be a few weeks before I start working with DaLette, so I really need to get the book done and the jewelry site rolling as quickly as possible.

I'm back to working for myself and I'm one bitch of a boss.
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-I watched Thundercats this morning. Awesome.

-Yesterday was the jinx of all days. Nothing went right, including a flat tire on the way to corporate for a meeting and me getting a sunburn in a weird spot on the ride up.

-I got hustled at Memory by a six year old today.

-Because of YouTube surfing with my nieces, this is my new favorite thing.

-I also spent some time watching Weird Al videos. The man will always be a genius to me.

-Worst part about this heat wave? It's been too hot for me to use my hula hoop.
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Went to Mom's today for the first of my two Christmases. It was a good time. We got pizza, as usual, but it was delivery instead of homemade. We opened presents. The girls liked the jewelry I made for them. Grandma and Grandpa came through once again with a Kohl's gift card. I can buy bras again!

The after dinner entertainment was playing Just Dance. I guess the girls have been playing it every day since Hobbit got it for her birthday last week. Grandpa read about us playing it on my Facebook (yes, both of my mom's parents are my FB friends as are my mom and stepdad; look, they're my family so I've already scarred them for life) and wanted a demonstration. All of the girls have gotten pretty good at it, though Mom said that Hammie was pretty sore from playing it so much. Hobbit's song is definitely "Who Let the Dogs Out". She's rockin' the high score on that one. And Howlin' Mad Smurf is really good at some song that I've never heard of. She actually prefers to dance without the controller, though.

My songs are definitely "Ring My Bell" and "A Little Less Conversation". The two songs I'm the worst at, "Hot n Cold" and "Womanizer", Hammie just kills.

It was a good Christmas. It was nice seeing my grandparents. Carrie got a most excellent make-up bag. I got my cookies (I wait all year for those things). Quite successful, really.

Christmas Eve is free, which is great since they're still predicting some serious snow (I've heard totals anywhere from 1-2 inches to 3-6 inches). Hopefully, it'll all be over, done with, and cleared by Christmas when we have to do our traveling.

I'll probably be sore tomorrow from Just Dance, too. My right arm already hurts. Damn windmill arm moves.
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Today was Hobbit's 7th birthday, so Carrie and I headed up north to celebrate with the girls. We had McDonald's and cupcakes. Hobbit got a new outfit, a new purse, a snowglobe, and Just Dance for Wii.

Naturally, we had to play Just Dance. Carrie wasn't feeling well, so she sat out. (Smurf was very concerned for Carrie's health; she told her to get lots of rest, drink water and orange juice, and keep a bucket next to her bed in case she threw up.) The girls were good. They shook their groove things. Mom did a challenge while sitting on the couch and won. It was hilarious. I had no trouble getting up and making an ass out of myself. I did pretty well. I'd say the girls get their moves from their Aunt Kiki.

Then we played Guitar Hero. I rocked "Walkin' on Sunshine" and "Honky Tonk Women". Smurf does really well on the easy setting because she just makes noises into the mic constantly and ends up with 100%. Hobbit really kicks it with the guitar.

Between playing guitar and dancing, I'm going to be hurting tomorrow.

It was a good birthday for Hobbit, I think. At least she was sweaty and smiling when we left.

That Just Dance is a great game.
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Carrie and I went to see the nieces today.

It turns out the phone call I got from Hobbit and Howlin' Mad Smurf yesterday was not sanctioned (and I wasn't the only one; they called several people yesterday) and when they got in trouble, they decided to run away. Mom found them down the block. Needless to say, they got in trouble for THAT, too.

Yep. My mom's got her hands full, to be sure.

Carrie took the two runaways to run errands with her while I stayed at Mom's and beat Hammie at Connect Four repeatedly. She only beat me once. I say that with pride because nobody wants to be beaten by an 8 year old. I then horrified her with tales of the olden days when we didn't have cell phones or Interwebs, so communicating with your friends was much more difficult. You had to talk on a phone that was hooked to a wall or walk to their house, or if you were at school, you had to hand write a note and pass it to them in the hallway. She looked at me like I also slew dinosaurs at recess. Hey, if I'm going to be old, then I'm going to use it to horrify the children.

Hammie has a new cat. He's gray and white and his name is Buddy, which totally messes up Mom's naming theme (they currently have Little Guy, Lillian, Lucky, Libby, Lenny Skinny, and Linus, but also at one time had Lucy, Lexie, and Louis, too). He's a sweetie and very playful. It's been awhile since I've gotten to play with a cat that young.

Carrie and the runaways came home. Everything is very shiny at Hobby Lobby, so it took them forever to get through there. Then they went to Target, where Hobbit and Smurf helped some lady pick out a coat. Hobbit also fell in love with several purses there. She is definitely the girliest of all three.

And then Smurf ended up shoplifting a toothbrush. Carrie put in the cart and Smurf put it in her pocket and forgot to take it out at the checkout. By the time Carrie realized it, it was too to do anything about it. So the girls got a lesson in thievery and Carrie contributed to a deliquency of a minor. Good times.

I told Smurf that between the prank phone calls, running away, and shoplifting, Santa was going to skip the house for years.

I don't know why, but she didn't believe me.
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In case you haven't heard, the Governor's race in Illinois is so close that it's practically tied and there will be much counting done in order to determine the winner. So, it could be a month before we know the outcome.

Personally, I think if it's a tie, then they should treat it as a tie. Have co-governors. Come on, it's a brilliant plan. Think of the reality show that would come of it and the revenue that would generate. Illinois would be out of debt in no time and the world would be entertained. It's worth the embarrassement the residents of my state would have to endure. Really, it's a small price to pay.

And at the end of their joint term, we can vote on which one should be indicted. Good times.

In non-politics snark related news, I got a phone call this morning from the Howlin' Mad Smurf. She babbled something at me and then hung up. I called back, hoping to get an adult and got the Hobbit instead. I asked her what Smurf had said and she told me that Smurf just wanted to remind me to come for a visit tommorrow.

Then smurf got on the phone and told me about their new cat. Then she gave the phone back to Hobbit, who declared the conversation over and hung up on me.

I have no idea if my mom knew that this was going on, but I have to admit, at the time I felt like I'd just been prank called by a 6 and 5 year old.

I'm just saying.
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The girls did a good job sleeping over last night. They laid down in their sleeping bags to watch Clue with Pappy and within fifteen minutes of the movie starting everybody was asleep.

Pappy and the girls got up early and went shopping for breakfast. They got waffles, bacon, and sausage. As they are primarily meat eaters, there wasn't a whole lot of sausage or bacon when I got up and none when Carrie got up.

For lunch, we went over to Haley's house for a playdate with Walker and Emma. Emma wasn't too keen on Howlin' Mad Smurf touching her stuff, but they worked it out. Peacefully. And Hobbit, who couldn't stop talking about going to the playdate, clammed up as soon as we walked in the door. It was funny. All of the kids had a good time, though.

We took the girls home and I'm sure they will sleep good tonight. I know I will.

And Hammie had a good time at the TNA show. She told me everybody she saw. And she missed out on getting her picture taken with Jeff Hardy because Mom wouldn't let her take her money to the show and my stepdad didn't have enough money. The absolute indignation in her voice when telling me this was truly fantastic. It's up there with her telling me that So-and-So had to beat down on AJ because he was throwing a tantrum. The eyeroll at the end of that was priceless.

My stepdad said that since she behaved, the next time there's a show nearby, they'll try to go. Yeah, she was looking up the schedule this morning online. I think she might get her love of wrestling from her Aunt Kiki. Heh.

Yeah, good times.
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The sleepover has been going well so far. Howlin' Mad Smurf got in trouble for being hateful early on by Pappy, but recovered in time to go out and get sprayed with the hose.

They've wrestled with Pappy, played in the hose, eaten "THE BEST PIZZA EVER", watched Murder By Death, taken pictures on my camera (I'll find out what of when I look at it), weeded the yard, played with pill bugs, walked on Pappy's back, gotten makeovers, drug out all of my stuffed animals, read some magazines and one of my books, pretended to be grandmas by playing with Pappy's walking sticks, played chess, played cards, and played ball in the house.

Right now, they're sprawled out on their sleeping bags, watching Alice in Wonderland. In theory. They're talking too much to really hear it.

I have a feeling that it won't be too hard to get them to go to sleep. They've had a busy day so far.
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So, unless something comes up, Hobbit and the Smurf, aka Howlin' Mad (because she really is some kind of crazy), are coming here for a sleepover. Hammie will not be joining us as she will be attending a TNA show with my stepdad instead.

They've been planning this with Carrie for weeks now. We're going to eat pizza and watch a movie and Carrie is going to give them makeovers. It's going to be a ripping, girly good time.

And before you ask, no, Aunt Kiki is not participating in the makeovers. I am not qualified to give make-up advice or apply it and I do not need a makeover as I am gorgeous.

Yes, I typed that with a straight face.

Anyway, if all goes well, we're going to meet up with Haley and her two kids for lunch before we take them back on Saturday.

I don't anticipate them having any problems staying the night here, but I'm going to make it very clear before we even leave Mom's house that they have until 9 o'clock to change their minds. I am not driving back to Bloomington at 2 in the morning. It's just not happening.

I suppose if you don't hear from me by Saturday, then you'll know that I didn't survive the sleepover. It's my first one in probably 15 years. I imagine I'm out of shape.
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In celebration of Carrie's birthday, I took her to see the nieces. They were quite excited about it. They got her princess cupcakes (okay, I asked Mom to order the cupcakes and Mom came up with the idea of putting princess crowns on them, but we didn't mind giving the girls the credit), princess plates, a Tinkerbell card (because, as Smurf knows, she likes Tinkerbell the best), and an Applebees gift card.

As Mom said, the gift card was the most grown-up thing in the whole shabang.

We ended up sitting out on the deck (Mom got some really nice new patio furniture) playing cards while the girls ran in and out of the pool. We taught Hobbit how to play Spit and Hammie how to play Rummy. Then we all played poker. Smurf invinted her own card came and played it with me. I have no idea if I won or not, but she had a good time.

I woke up with a headache this morning and got it to mostly go away, but by four o'clock it was back in full force, which kind of put a damper on my good time, but other than that, we all had fun.

I think it was a very good way to spend Carrie's birthday.
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Went up to Mom's today to celebrate Smurf's fifth birthday. She had a Spongebob cake. I swear the icing was four inches thick. And I scraped it all off because I'm not an icing person. Even if I like it, I don't like it that well.

Smurf's been asking for one of those butterfly gardens that they advertise on the TV, so I ordered it for her and it'll be delivered to her house. And until it is, she'll be bugging my mother about where her present is, which is like a present to me.

And to think, I'm considered the good daughter.

Carrie and I had a good time with girls. Smurf got a swingset and my stepdad was out back most of the time putting it together. The girls kept going out to check the progress. They're real whipcrackers.

We played games. There was some serious cheating going on during Old Maid. I blame Carrie as she instigated it. I managed to win a game of Uno, but it was a hollow victory since Hobbit and Smurf quit before we were done.

Then when it was time to go, Smurf tried to make us stay and when we wouldn't she resorted to force. Unfortunately, she's rather small and it was ineffective. She settled for pouting.

I guess it's just as rough being five as it was being four.
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Visited the nieces today, so naturally my brain is mush now. I swear they sap my intelligence and energy. But I love them because they are so fun.

Hammie is doing well with her diabetes. She has no trouble giving herself shots and checking her blood sugar. The other two girls are helpful, too, though when Hammie was first diagnosed and Mom was explaining it all to them, Smurf interrupted her and said, "Can we stop talking about her now? She's boring." That's my Smurf.

Carrie took Hobbit and Smurf with her to do some shopping (according to Carrie, Hobbit has inherited my infatuation with jewelry; she left her face prints on several cases while looking)while I stayed behind and hung out with Mom, Mark, and Hammie. Hammie and I played cards. She beat me at two hands of Crazy 8's, but I beat her at both games of War, including a huge come from behind victory.

When Carrie, Hobbit, and Smurf got back, I ended up playing some convoluted Yahtzee card game with Hammie and Hobbit. And then we played the real Yahtzee.

Carrie bought the girls a big, blue ball, so I ended up going outside with the girls to play with it. They were pretty impressed with my ability to kick it high until I almost got it stuck in the neighbor's tree. To which Hammie says, "Don't get it stuck in the tree like our hula hoop!" Sure enough, I look up and there's a bright orange hula hoop stuck in the tree next to me.

I don't know. They're not my kids.

We all had a good time. And I'm sure Carrie and I will sleep well tonight.
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So it seems that Hammie, my oldest niece, has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I haven't talked to my mom yet (I heard it from Mimzie), so I don't know all of the specifics. She's only eight, so that's gotta be rough.

Hammie's kind of a diva and a bit of a drama queen. I wonder how she's going to handle testing her blood sugar and getting shots. I imagine there will be whining. She's the most prone to the whining out of all three of the girls.

Speaking of, I wonder how Hobbit and Smurf are reacting to this. I bet they'll want to give Hammie her shots. They're very helpful and hands on children, you know. I doubt they'd want to pass up an opportunity to jab their big sister with a hypodermic needle.

Sure, they live with my mom, but they are my sister's children. I'm just saying.
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Yesterday, I went down south to visit Papa for his 75th birthday. I took him a couple of new DVDs and some cinnamon swirl bread. We talked. He told me stories and I raided his vinyl collection (I get my ecclectic taste in music from him, I think). We had some good, quality grandpa-granddaughter time.

Today, Carrie and I went up north to visit my mom and the nieces. Carrie's mom made the girls scarves, so we had to deliver them and I had them make her thank you cards. Carrie ended up taking Smurf to run errands while I played Rock Band for the first time ever with Hammie and Hobbit. Smurf is a slower shopper than Carrie, something I didn't think possible. And "Mr. Roboto" is totally my, Hammie's, and Hobbit's song. Just saying.

All in all, it's been a very entertaining two days.

It's also been rather tiring. That's why this is so short.
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I'm too tired to liveblog Castle, but I think it's safe to say that Castle will say something amusing, Beckett will verbal smack him, Mom and Alexis will be cute, and Ryan and Esposito will continue to be my favorite duo.

I went to Mom's today to celebrate Hammie's 8th birthday. Mom arranged for me and the three girls to get our nails done (the girls got pedicures and I got a manicure, my first ever) and to go to lunch. It was a great, girly outing with the nieces.

Highlights of the trip include:

Hobbit: *while the girls are waiting for their nails to dry, Hobbit rolls her eyes*
Me: What? What did Hammie do?
Hobbit: She's making faces. She's lost her mind.
Me: She turned eight and lost her mind?
Hobbit: Yeah. Smurf already lost hers.
Me: But she's not eight yet.
Hobbit: She started early.

Hammie: *as we're walking from the mall to the car* My coat smells like buffalo wings.
Me: What?
Hammie: My coat smells like buffalo wings.
Me: Why?
Hammie: I don't know!

*At Applebees*
Smurf: *pointing to a picture of the Beatles* Look! It's Harry Potter!

Smurf: *after taking a bite of her mini-burger* Oh. I want to marry this. (Smurf really liked the burger because at one point she was holding it and stroking the bun and calling it "my precious" like she was Gollum)

In addition to the manicure and lunch, Mom also bought me cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow.

Yes, this was the last day of my twenties. Not a bad way to spend it, really.
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Happy Humbug!

Dad, Carrie, and I took Hobbit and Smurf (Hammie didn't want to go) down to Aunt Jo's house to have Christmas with her, Papa, Nancy, and Jake. Aunt Jo's friend CJ and her son Frank were there, too.

It rained all day yesterday and with a frost line of 3 to 5 inches, there was a lot of standing water on the way down. We took the back roads and had to drive through it because the road had flooded in a couple of places. I've never seen that before. Of course, the temperature dropped and it snowed all day, so I can only imagine what that turned into. We took the freeway back, so it'll always remain a mystery.

Dinner was good. Aunt Jo forgot to get the sweet potatoes and stuffing out of the oven until after we'd all eaten. The sweet potatoes were fine, but the stuffing didn't survive. The bottom was all burnt.

We opened presents. The girls made out like bandits, as they always do. Barbies and art supplies and gift cards, oh my! Papa got Carrie more Twilight stuff and I got two new books and season six of NCIS. Ah, the gift of Gibbs.

Dad wrapped Jake's present in camo duct tape over packing tape. It was great. It took him about fifteen minutes to get it open. What did Dad get him? A knife. Did Jake cut himself on it? Of course. That's how you properly break it in.

We managed to play a couple of hands of Spit before it was time to pack up and take the girls home. It was a long day, at least for Hobbit. She fell asleep on the way home. She told me earlier than Santa came to her house too early this morning, that's why she was tired.

I'm tired because Christmas never fails to wear me out. But it was a good one.

I hope yours was good, too.
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Went to Mom's house for my first Christmas. Carrie got to meet my grandparents (Mom's dad and stepmom) for the first time. We ate homemade pizza and chatted.

We opened presents. The girls scored big time, as they always do. Carrie got them a box of ten games and I'm pretty sure we played them all at least once before we left.

My grandparents always give my sister and I an assortment of little things that leave us wondering. It always ranges from pretty cool to...something religious. This year we both got a book (my sister called to ask if I got one, too...they mailed her presents before they left to come down for Christmas). Dying the Jesus way. That's not what it's called, but it is about the afterlife. I think. That's what I'm getting from the summary on the back.

The cool thing I got this year (aside from the Kohl's gift card that I get every year) are these little Hawaiian shirt post-it notes. They make me think of Sam from Burn Notice. They're awesome.

Mom, Mark, and the nieces got me a shirt that says "Careful! Or you'll end up in my novel". I love shirts that are both threatening AND apply to my line of work. It's a perfect combo. It multitasks in a way that I only wish I could.

All in all, we had a good time. One Christmas down and one to go and it's not until Christmas Day.

I'm planning on making Christmas Eve my day of rest. I rarely get a moment to breathe when the Christmases start. I'm making the most of having a whole day.

I may not even put on real pants. We'll see.
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I finished making jewelry for my nieces for Christmas. I think the necklaces turned out okay, but the bracelets ended up being really cute.

I like making jewelry. I've made necklaces and bracelets before, but it's been years and they've all been really...summer camp, I guess is the best way to put it. A lot of beads and elastic. I liked them at the time because they reminded me of candy jewelry. I made a series of necklaces and bracelets with lettered beads so I could state my opinions with my jewelry. It was all in fun

But, the bracelet wire I used to make the girls' bracelets got me thinking that I could do something much more sophisticated with that. I feel that jewelry making itch starting to come back because while I was working on the stuff for the girls, I was thinking of things I could for myself and other like minded people over the age of eight.

I might end up picking up an old hobby again.

I want to post pictures of my creations, but I've got to wait until I get some natural light. For whatever reason, the lighting in this house makes the pinks look orange (I kind of expect that in my room, since it is orange, but it's like that no matter what room I try to photograph in). I'll try taking pictures tomorrow. Then I can put them up and you can let me know how tacky I am.

And I am tacky. Trust me. Just ask Carrie. She'll tell you.
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I so should have liveblogged Sanctuary tonight. Tesla was so on.

"Great. All the subtlety of brain surgery with a chainsaw."

"You've taken a symphony and turned it into rock and roll. French Canadian rock and roll."

I love his snark. They need to have him on the show more often. Especially, since (spoiler) )

Anyway, the reason why I didn't liveblog the episode is because I've been trying to play catch up after spending the day with Mom, Stepdad, Carrie, and the nieces celebrating Hobbit's sixth birthday. It was a good time.

Hobbit says that she doesn't feel six yet; she still feels five. However, she said the GEEKIEST thing a six-year-old-that-still-feels-five could say. World of Warcraft is big in their house. For those of you who aren't familiar with WoW, your characters "level up". Today, Hobbit said, she "leveled up personally". My mother is raising complete geeks. I'm just saying.

We had Olive Garden for lunch. Smurf stole some lettuce from Carrie's salad. "You won't like this piece." *chomp* "I like Carrie's lettuce."

After lunch, Hobbit opened her presents. Carrie got her nail polish and I got her jewelry, kiddie stuff. Once Hobbit and Smurf decked themselves out in the bling, they had Carrie give them manicures. Hammie did not have time for such things because she was playing WoW. GEEKS.

We had cake, there was no singing because Hobbit jumped the gun on blowing out her candles, then we just hung out. Carrie played Sims 3, drooling green drool of jealousy, while Hobbit and Smurf played with my camera.

At some point, Hobbit and Smurf decided that Carrie was their new mom. They took new names and everything. They were packing bags to go to their new home and were pretty disappointed when Mom burst their bubble.

Meanwhile, while this family drama was going down, I was watching Hammie play WoW. I gave my poor eldest niece a shock. She chats with people on their while she quests (actually, I think she socializes more than quest, but it's done wonders for her spelling because she doesn't want to look stupid) and she told someone, "i gtg in a bit", which I translated. She just looked at me.

Me: You didn't think Aunt Kiki was that cool, huh?
Hammie: *shaking her head* No.
Me: Kid, I've been on the interwebs since 1994. You were born in 2002. Do the math.
Hammie: *jaw drops*

I thought I'd have to wait until they were at least teenagers before I could horrify them. Good to know I can start early, at least in this respect. This is up there with my cousin Jake thinking blonde jokes are new.

As schooled as I am in the ways of the internet tubes, I'm still only have fleeting knowledge of WoW, which Hammie schooled me on. I'm also not a big timewaster on You Tube, but apparently Hammie is if it's related to WoW. I had no idea that so many people made videos to "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" with WoW characters. She also showed me a vid someone made of the Men in Black II trailer using WoW characters. It was giggle-worthy.

Like I said, we all had a good time. We'll see the girls again next week, first on the 23rd, then on Christmas, even if five days is too long to wait and Smurf "hates five days".

I need to stock up on sleep. Those girls never fail to wear me out.


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