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I've downgraded to the plus account, which meant narrowing my icons down from 122 to 15. It was surprisingly easy once I got down to it, but I'm sure there are icons I'm going to miss and wish I kept. I tried to pick the ones that I used the most.

The icon I'm using for this entry, though, I kept for nostalgia reasons. It's the oldest icon in my collection, easily 10 years old (May 15 will be my 12th anniversary here). Remember when we had a limited number of icons and we used to do sets? I remember two sets I did. One was a Lost set done with the lyrics to "Only Tongue Can Tell" by the TrashCan Sinatras. The other was called handwriting because I wrote the captions on my hand. When sets went the way of the dodo, I kept this one because I liked it so well.

Only 15 icons. End of an era, I suppose.
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Facebook has just been full of the gossip lately, mostly of the relationship variety.

First up we have one girl who, after weeks and weeks of how much she loved her husbad, shocked people when she changed her status to separated. Then last week it went from separated to single to in a relationship bascially in one day. The guy she's in a relationship with? Is, last I knew, technically still married.

Why do I know that?

Because he's married to another friend. They're separated, but he insists that he doesn't want a divorce, he just wants a break. And so far this break has included someone else living with him and yet another friend! Who angsted over her relationship with him (didn't name his name, but those of us in the know knew who she was talking about) on Facebook.

This fiasco has been a slow-mo trainwreck that started earlier this summer and so far, I've enjoyed my front row lawn chair to it.

So as this scandal is winding down, a new one pops up. Suddenly another friend changes her status from married to single. And then proceeds to call out the girl who slept with her husband on Facebook. First of all, I didn't know said slut was still in town. Secondly, I probably laughed way too hard at that call out post, mostly because she said she was glad the cheating happened after the last time she'd been with her husband because she didn't have to worry about catching anything.

Unfortunately, she deleted it later. I'm glad I saw it though. Good times.

It's Peyton's Place out here in the cornfield.
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I've got several friends over on the Facebook that I went to school with back in the day. A couple of them I barely remember and a few I don't know why they friended me because they were more my sister's friends than mine and I didn't even know they knew me.

One of those latter type friends messaged me during my great Internet outage. I finally got back to him (after I remembered who he was; he changed his last name for some reason, but when he told me his old last name, I remembered him...sort of) and we messaged back and forth a bit. And then he asked me if I had ever been married or was dating anyone.

So I got Carrie involved because that question confused me. I mean I know I've never been married and I know I'm not dating anyone, but why does he want to know?

Carrie explained that since he's my age and recently divorced, he's probably fishing to get back into the dating game. And I started whining "Why me?" because really, why me? If we had interacted more back in school, maybe I could see it, but I don't even remember hanging out with him much. (And I have resisted the urge to text my sister and ask her if I hung out with him via her because that happened a lot in high school. I think she's sick of me asking her why I know these people that friend me.)

After some discussion, I answered him. He asked why I was single. I asked Carrie if he thought he was doing an expose for Hermit's Magazine. Whaddya mean, why?

Again more discussion. Again, I answered him. I told him I'd taken myself out of the dating scene a few years ago (true) and that it wasn't a real high priority for me right now (sort of true; better than saying I'm lazy). Then I switched the topic.

He followed my switch, let my single status go, and I thought we were done.

Then he asked if I got up to Bloomington much and I realized that he hadn't given up. So once again I answered him honestly and told him that I get up there occasionally because I've got family up there.

And then he said that we should get a drink sometime? The question mark was his, not mine.

So, I said, yeah, maybe sometime.

And I've not heard from him since. Apparently, kinda sorta saying yes, but not really committing to anything was just too much for him. Or it was a turn off. I don't know.

I'm just glad this all played out online and not in person. Trust me, I am waaaaaaay worse in person than I am online. At least online I can get a second opinion before I commit to making an ass of myself.
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I think it's no secret that my TV viewing habits are decidedly retro. If it's been off the air at least ten years and repeats are plentiful, I'm inexplicably drawn to it. I've OD'd on reruns of M*A*S*H since junior high, I've watched the Golden Girls at least twice a day for a year now, and I acquired all five seasons of the A-Team just before TV Land stopped showing it.

My latest rerun addictions are Perry Mason, Hawaii 5-0, and Barney Miller.

I've flirted with Perry Mason before (enough that I have the theme song as a ringtone on my phone), but when choices had to be made, it got sacrificed. Well, it's back on at 1pm here in the cornfield. Hawaii 5-0 follows it. It was laziness that got me to watch Hawaii 5-0 and now I can't stop. The questionable taste in fashion, the pretty backdrops, the WTF storylines, and Jack Lord's hair have mixed together to form a kind of crack that I can't say no to.

And they're both on five days a week.

Now Barney Miller is only on Sunday nights, but they do show four episodes. It's one of those shows whose reruns haunted my childhood (it went off the air when I was two) and I know all of the characters and whatnot, but I don't actually remember the episodes specifically. At any rate, it makes me laugh so hard that Stella glares and growls from the next room.

Now, I'm telling you all of this because I don't have a real job or a real life and I got all of my writing work done very early this month, so that means I've got some time on my hands. And I've been meaning to make some new icons, but never really had the time.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Yeah. Let's not be surprised if some blasts from the past in icon form show up.

I'm dangerous when I'm in possession of free time.
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I watched Castle, but missed part of it because I was sideshow spectacle for a brief period. So, I'm not going to go into detailed ramblings. But I can say that what I did see, I liked quite a bit. Looking forward to the season finale next week.

Speaking of TV shows, I spent all day yesterday watching a Golden Girls marathon. Time well wasted. But, Carrie and I were talking and we came to the agreement that it would get no play today.

It was clever and funny and touching and sweet and smart, but it featured four old ladies (who were fantastic and had amazing chemistry) and that's just a sin in this day and age. Everything is geared to this younger demographic and as such, only young women need apply. I'm not counting Desperate Housewives because the raunch and sex is geared toward the younger set.

The Golden Girls appealed to people from 8 to 80. Three or four generations could sit in one room and watch that show and laugh (albeit, they might be laughing on different levels...I can honestly say I didn't get some of the jokes until I was in my twenties). What show can lay that claim today? Bonus points if it four women over the age of 50 are the leads.

There's a reason why I prefer watching reruns over most of the new stuff on TV today and why I'm reluctant to give new shows a try. Too many shows today are lacking that quality that make the reruns so good.

Get on that TV people. I'm just saying.
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A few quick comments on Castle )

I went to the library with Carrie today. She went earlier in the day to get a library card and texted me wanting to know if I'd ever been there because it was so cool. I told her that indeed I had been, what with living here all my life and the library being not too far away and just across the street from where I went to junior high.

We ended up going before I made dinner. I pulled into the parking lot, we got out, walked around to the front of the building and I was hit with this )

It means absolutely nothing to most people, but in that vacant spot is where my junior high used to be. The built a new junior high out by the high school a few years ago and I knew they were tearing the old one down, had seen part of the old building destroyed. But I didn't know they'd finished and it was all gone. It was kind of a shock.

Anyway, Carrie marveled over the library (she didn't have time to explore on her first trip). I swear she picked up every spare piece of paper that was advertising something. We hit every floor (there's three) and even walked through the art exhibit.

I admit, it's a nice library, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Appparently, I was mistaken.
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Carrie and I were late getting Hammie's birthday presents, so we decided to mail them to her. She likes getting mail so we figured getting an unexpected package would be fun for her.

Mom got Hammie an Nintendo DS and a couple of games. So, Carrie and I got her a couple of games as well. Carrie got her a Disney Princess game and I got her a Ninja Turtles game.

Because, you see, when I was young, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were very popular and when we finally got our NES, we got a Ninja Turtles game.

Nobody could beat it. Not my sister, not Jared, not Phillip. There was no question that I couldn't beat it. We've already discussed how I am not video game inclined.

We always died at the same part: the dam. I drowned so many times I should have a phobia of water. Once, once, Jared made it through the dam. Our happiness was short-lived because he got run over by a tank right after that. Then it was back to the beginning.

We weren't alone. It made the list of irritatingly impossible old school video games at Cracked. And, yes, it was the dam that they cited as being impossible.

Now I have no idea if there's a damn part on the new game I got for my niece. But if there is, then she can truly know what a little bit of her Aunt Kiki's childhood was like.
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DaLette stopped by tonight. She had a program to promote her book here in town and she stopped by with a suitcase full of late 1800's/early 1900's clothes and boots (If you'll remember, she wore one of outfits at Apple and Pork).

She brought out each piece and explained what she new about it. It was really kind of cool to be holding something that was a 100 years old.

There were skirts, nightgowns, petticoats, knickers, baby clothes, aprons, a bib, a child's apron, a bed jacket made from a terry cloth towel, even a sewing kit and some spare handmade lace.

DaLette said she had more stuff at her house like dressers and a buckboard. We'll have to go see it sometime. It sounds really neat.

The one thing DaLette can't figure out is why the woman hung onto all of those things. She died in 1967, never married, and had no children. Carrie thought that maybe it all came from a great time in her life that she wanted to remember. I think it was a comfort against mini skirts and hippies.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad she saved it and I'm glad DaLette stumbled upon it and I'm glad she shared it with us. It's really hard to describe what it's like to hold silk opera gloves that were made before my grandparents were born.

"Oh wow" is as close as I can get.


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