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What is it about me taking a shower that makes my dad suddenly need to run the water in the kitchen? Seriously. Today he had to mop the floor. He couldn't wait until I was done.

I realize that I don't take my shower until around 9:30 in the morning, but I'm a creature of habit. I take my shower at that time Monday through Friday. So, why would you put in a load of laundry at 9:20?

Yes, I realize this is a petty bitch, but considering the man once decided he just HAD to wash a crockpot while I was in the shower AT SIX IN THE MORNING, I think he has a serious neurological problem that demands he turn on the water while I'm in the shower at least once a week.


Second rant is TMI )

In less ranting, more pleading news...

I've got three jobs lined up. Aside from The Limited gig (which I'm still waiting for them to call me to go in for my first floorset), I'll be teaching basic Spanish to my homeschooled nieces, and I'll be taking the neighbor's grandson to school two/three days a week. Which is all great. By these forces combined, I'll be able to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, they're not combining soon enough to pay my bills THIS month. I'm scrounging and scraping to make the ends meet and I could really use a few sales to make it all come together.

So if you or anyone you know has some disposable income they'd like to kick my way, I've got jewelry, eBay, and I'll take whatever you want to give me to email you one of my unpublished stories. I don't normally ask for this kind of help, but I could really use any bit of word of mouth and any sale I can get in the next week or two.

Please and thank you.
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The first few days of 2012 can be summed up thusly:

-I had to go to five different places to find the right sized boxes that I needed to mail some stuff I sold on eBay.

-I got one of the items packed up and ready to go, only to run out of packing tape for the second one, which now results in two trips to the post office.


-I've taken up watching Murder, She Wrote (thank you, TV Land for bringing it back) and Bonanza (THERE IS NO DANNO NOW) and I admit to watching Little House on the Prairie.

-Matlock and Perry Mason never leave me!

-I'm doing more than watching TV, I swear. Like stressing about all of the events and deadlines I have this month, including Hammie's birthday, my birthday, Cubs Con (all in the same week!), and this crazy notion of rewriting/revising a novel by the end of the month.

-Also I've been rewriting/revising a novel.

-And I'm sore from the new workout routine.

-But my new protective case for my phone came today and it's super cute, so there is that.

If you just look at the list and don't actually read it, it looks like I've actually been a lot more productive than I really have. Pretty cool, huh?
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If you don't follow me on Twitter, here's a recap of my day yesterday.

Got up at 6 to take Dad to the hospital for same day surgery. Checked him in at 8:30.

Informed a little before 10 that surgery would be pushed back an hour or so because of emergencies.

Two hours later told that they didn't know when the doctor would be there due to the emergencies. I went to get something to eat and ended up talking to a lovely woman in the waiting room whose daughter was in for a double mastectomy. She was in recovery at the time and they were waiting for her to get to her room. She had flowers waiting for her downstairs.

Went back to sit with Dad. A little before 3:30, SEVEN HOURS after first arriving, Dad finally gets taken to surgery and I go back to the waiting room.

At 6:30, the doctor comes out and tells me that they removed a medium-sized tumor, a large tumor, zapped a bunch of little tumors...and he still has another large tumor. The doctor got part of it out, but he wants to send it to pathology for testing because he's not sure if this one is invasive or not. He can't see it very well. He also tells me that Dad will be staying the night so they can flush out his bladder. Oh goody.

At 7 the nurse calls me to let me know that Dad is in recovery and they're getting his room ready and another nurse will call me when he's done up.

At 7:30 I am the ONLY person left in the waiting room. The other nurse calls to let me know what room Dad will be in and that I can go up and wait for him to be brought in. Okay.

At 7:45 Dad is brought in and set up. The nurse leaves. Dad rips off his oxygen mask and asks in a not-so-happy voice, "Why am I here?" I tell him. Dad is not happy. He's not happy about staying. He's not happy they didn't get all of the tumors. He's not happy the doctor didn't stay and talk to him. I'm not happy to be listening to him take it out on me because Laws knows that when the doctor sees him in the morning, he won't be saying any of this shit to him. He tells me to go home. I tell him I intend to.

I leave the hospital a little after 8 o'clock, eleven and a half hours after first getting there. Awesome day.

During my stay, I did manage to hit my Nano daily word count, finish two personal essays, and outline two more chapters in for my Nano book before my pen died. Then I was sad. And the piano guy was playing Disney songs and it didn't make me happy.

I picked up Dad this morning. He's in a much better mood since a) the doctor talked to him and b) he got to leave.

He's got to call about the pathology report tomorrow. If it's non-invasive like the others, then they'll probably schedule yet another surgery to get the rest of it. If it's invasive, then talks will be had on what to do about it.

In the meantime, the cats are very happy their daddy is back home. They don't appreciate it when their humans go out for long periods without their approval.
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A couple of my email accounts were compromised, so if you got spam email from me, sorry! I've taken measures to fix it.

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I've had really good luck when it comes to this sort of thing not happening. Let's hope I fixed it and I can go back to having good luck again.
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I was going to capitalize on my aggravation and make an ANGRY post, but I decided that it might create a situation and in that unlikely event, I am too tired to deal with the fallout.

Instead, let's have fun and play Scooby Doo.

After months on the market the house across the street (aka the former redneck colony) finally sold. I know this because someone put "SOLD" on the top of the realty sign.

So here's the mystery, gang...who bought the house?

Go wild, get crazy, be silly. I need some pure, unadulterated funny to wash the bitter taste of this day out of my mind.
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There was nothing good about today. Everything was aggravating and contrary and frustrating and ridiculous.

You know what makes a day like that better?

Watching Halloween movies. Sure, it's on cable and it's being hosted by Rob Zombie so he can shill his sequel to his remake, but Jamie Lee Curtis being badass, one of the guys from Days and Confused getting killed because he can't load a shotgun under pressure, and Donald Pleasance more than make up for that and a bad day.

I'll be going to sleep in a good mood, that's for sure.
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So, I've been sinus trouble. It's been pretty persistent and lately getting worse. What was once just itchy sinuses that I couldn't scratch mutated into pain, sinuses that are tender to the touch, making my teeth hurt, and causing headaches.

As established in an earlier post, antihistamines knock me on my ass and I needed an alternative. [livejournal.com profile] dr_funbags suggested a neti pot. I had to look it up because I had never even heard of one before.

Nasal/Sinus irrigation.

This did not bode well for me. )
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I'm sitting at the computer this afternoon, minding my own, when an unexpected KABOOM! of thunder nearly makes me leave my skin.

It's not raining. There wasn't any lightening. I looked out the backdoor and saw that it looked rather forboding towards the south and the east, but I didn't think much of it. Ten minutes go by and I am just getting up to go hole up in my bedroom to write while watching the Cubs game when the power goes out.

It blinks once. Twice. I shut off the power strip. The power quits surging. Now, the power blinking at 8:35 this morning woke me up, but it only stayed off long enough to mess up the clocks. This time, the power stayed out.

Then it started to rain and the wind picked up a bit, but nothing major (our power has stayed on through tornado warnings and torndadoes) so I couldn't be sure the weather was the cause.

We live on a weird circuit; there's only four houses on it, I think. In the daylight, it's hard to tell who has power and who doesn't. Carrie and I figured that with a daycare nextdoor, the neighbor would have called the power company pretty quickly.

An hour goes by and still no power. That's unusual for us. The longest we've had to wait to get the power fixed in recent memory was during an ice storm and that's understandable.

So Carrie calls the power company and navigates its automated menu to get to a message that says they are aware of our problem and that 650 customers are without power. That's quite a stretch for such a small town.

Not too long after the call, they get the power back on. Later, I find out from Dad that it was indeed the storm. Lightening struck someplace on the southeast side of town. We were all impressed that it knocked the power out all the way over here.

And then to wrap up my off-kilter day, I had to run out into the rainy night, armed with only a flashlight, to save a baby rabbit from the neighbor's two cats, Loki and Rascal. I had to call Carrie on my cell to have her bring me out a towel because I couldn't catch the bunny, but I couldn't leave it either because Loki kept trying to go after it.

In my attempts to catch it, I ended up running the poor thing into a very secure hiding spot where he'll be safe for the night (he wasn't hurt all that bad that I could tell) before running the cats home.

All in all, my day has been interesting times.
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It's Maydays this weekend. Actually, it started Thursday night, but Carrie and I walked up today. I only go to Maydays for one reason: lemon shake-ups.

We ended up eating up there, too, cheese stix and gyros. We sat on the wall and listened to some band play.

They were...out of their league with some of the songs they chose to play, to put it nicely.

They made "Wicked Game" so unsexy that I fear my libido may be permanently damaged.

We threw scorn at them.

Unfortunately, since I live only a few blocks away from the square, I can still hear them. It's like the mediocrity followed me home.

For whatever reason, this whole ordeal has made me sleepy.

I think that band sucked out some of my awesome.

I don't know what they did with it, though. They certainly didn't use it.


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