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I keep putting off updating because I'm lazy. Here's the high points:

-My first floorset went fine. I felt like an awkward doofus because I had no clue what I was doing and only knew the two people that had interviewed me, but I survived it. My next one is Wednesday.

-Speaking of Wednesday, I had tickets to a Cubs game that night and was going to go with a guy I knew from high school, but had to cancel. There are only three home games before the season ends and I really want to go to one. I might try for the Monday night game instead.

-The complications of going to the Monday night game include having to be up at 6:30 both Monday and Tuesday to get the neighbor up, ready, and to school. The first week of this went fine. The second week he suddenly developed morning diarrhea and spent ages in the bathroom until he was informed that he didn't have a choice and he was going to have to make an attempt to get through school (his grandmother's call). I don't know the kid well enough to know if he's faking, but judging by his grandma, the kid will be going to school unless he's dead. All I know is I don't feel like going through these battles every morning. The pay is good, but not that good.

-If I do want to go to the Monday night game, I've got it all worked out with Mom for the girls' Spanish lessons. At first, they quite liked seeing Aunt Kiki three days a week. Now that they've realized I'm there to learn them up, the charm has worn off. We played review games today that they really liked, so that's good. Some days are better than others.

-The way the Monday game shakes out is such: I'd have to get up at 6:30 and get the boy to school. Come home and nap. Go to Mom's and teach Spanish, leaving by 1:30. Drive to Chicago, do the park and ride to Wrigley, watch the game, park and ride back to the car, drive home. I'd get home between 12:30 and 2 depending when the game ended and I got back to my car. I would then nap and get up at 6:30 in the morning to take the boy to school. I'd then come home and nap that afternoon before floorset. So the question is can my 32 year old self run like my 22 year old self used to? I'm kind of hoping so. We'll see.

-Apple and Pork festival this weekend. Imma get me an apple donut.

The end.
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The girls did a good job sleeping over last night. They laid down in their sleeping bags to watch Clue with Pappy and within fifteen minutes of the movie starting everybody was asleep.

Pappy and the girls got up early and went shopping for breakfast. They got waffles, bacon, and sausage. As they are primarily meat eaters, there wasn't a whole lot of sausage or bacon when I got up and none when Carrie got up.

For lunch, we went over to Haley's house for a playdate with Walker and Emma. Emma wasn't too keen on Howlin' Mad Smurf touching her stuff, but they worked it out. Peacefully. And Hobbit, who couldn't stop talking about going to the playdate, clammed up as soon as we walked in the door. It was funny. All of the kids had a good time, though.

We took the girls home and I'm sure they will sleep good tonight. I know I will.

And Hammie had a good time at the TNA show. She told me everybody she saw. And she missed out on getting her picture taken with Jeff Hardy because Mom wouldn't let her take her money to the show and my stepdad didn't have enough money. The absolute indignation in her voice when telling me this was truly fantastic. It's up there with her telling me that So-and-So had to beat down on AJ because he was throwing a tantrum. The eyeroll at the end of that was priceless.

My stepdad said that since she behaved, the next time there's a show nearby, they'll try to go. Yeah, she was looking up the schedule this morning online. I think she might get her love of wrestling from her Aunt Kiki. Heh.

Yeah, good times.
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So, unless something comes up, Hobbit and the Smurf, aka Howlin' Mad (because she really is some kind of crazy), are coming here for a sleepover. Hammie will not be joining us as she will be attending a TNA show with my stepdad instead.

They've been planning this with Carrie for weeks now. We're going to eat pizza and watch a movie and Carrie is going to give them makeovers. It's going to be a ripping, girly good time.

And before you ask, no, Aunt Kiki is not participating in the makeovers. I am not qualified to give make-up advice or apply it and I do not need a makeover as I am gorgeous.

Yes, I typed that with a straight face.

Anyway, if all goes well, we're going to meet up with Haley and her two kids for lunch before we take them back on Saturday.

I don't anticipate them having any problems staying the night here, but I'm going to make it very clear before we even leave Mom's house that they have until 9 o'clock to change their minds. I am not driving back to Bloomington at 2 in the morning. It's just not happening.

I suppose if you don't hear from me by Saturday, then you'll know that I didn't survive the sleepover. It's my first one in probably 15 years. I imagine I'm out of shape.
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Haley's daughter Emma turned 3 today so I went to her birthday party. Emma loves horses at the moment, so just about every present had something to do with horses. And pink. There was a lot of pink. I don't remember being that in love with pink when I was a kid.

Even the cake fit the pink and horse theme. Haley's mother-in-law Bev makes fantastic cakes. For Emma's birthday she made a strawberry and white cake (because Emma wanted a pink cake) and decorated the cake with a frosting horse. It was really pretty. And it tasted good, too. I've never had strawberry cake before. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. The strawberry wasn't overpowering.

The best part was when Grandma Carla gave all the grandkids crocheted slippers and they discovered that you could slide across the tile AND carpet in them. They could have called that show Busted Butts Without Ice. It was great.

All in all, it was a good time.

You know what the best part of a kiddie birthday party is? Besides the cake, I mean. Getting to play with all of the kids and then leave without having to take any of them home with me.
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Sanctuary...I think? )

In other news, Carrie's babysitting for Walker and Emma tonight. I stopped by to drop off dinner for Carrie. At one point during my visit, Emma started rolling across the floor on her side and Walker followed, pushing her with his head before declaring that he was dung beetle.

He's my new favorite.
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Haley and her son Walker stopped by tonight after Haley's plans to harrass our old wrestling coach fell through (don't ask...some stories aren't meant to be told).

While Walker is playing with me and my Dad, throwing the cats' toy mice at me and then diving behind Dad to hide, Haley informs us that Walker has mastered the art of drawing stick figures. Apparently, it went down like this:

Walker: Mom, look at the picture I drew.
Haley: Yeah, it's real nice, bud.
Walker: *sighs* You have to look at it.
Haley: Oh. Right.
Walker: *points to a stick figure with a large O for a mouth* This is you yelling at me to shut my mouth and go into the toy room. And this is me *points to a stick figure with a frowny face* still in the living room pouting.

I got pelted with toy mice because I was laughing too hard to defend myself.

That's one to hang on the fridge.


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