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-Had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. I ate too much, as is the custom. Played cards with Carrie and Aunt Jo. Carrie said I was too competitive and I should let other people win. So I tried. I still kept winning hands. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on losing. I do so well in the rest of my life, you'd think I'd be able to do it easily at cards. Not so much.

-Worked the calmest Black Friday I've ever worked. Having an evening shift might have had something to do with it, but still, I wasn't once insulted or otherwise bitched at. It was an odd experience.

-I may be seeing some more time on the floor during the holidays. I don't mind it. I could use a little extra cash.

-Dad and Mom went half and half for my Christmas/birthday present so I can go to Cubs Con. I am so looking forward to this drinking binge. And seeing baseball players, too.

-25% off at the Jewelry Box if you're into that sort of thing.

-If you missed it, I've got a novella called Gone Missing on Smashwords. It should be compatible with most e-readers.

-November was really kind of boring.
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This week I start working all three of my "jobs".

Monday and Tuesday I'll be getting up at 6:30 so I can get the kid nextdoor up and ready for school and then actually take him to school. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I'll leave the house by 12:30 so I can get to Mom's house by 1 to teach Spanish. Then Tuesday, I go to my first floorset at The Limited. I'll leave at 6:30 so I can get there by 7 to fill out paperwork before the actual shift begins, which is scheduled for 8 to midnight.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

I've also got an order for two chokers for a belly dancing friend and I'm hoping I can unload tickets to a Cubs game I can't go to because I have to work. At the end of all things, I should be able to pay the bills AND be able to afford to go to my last Cubs game of the year.

Things are starting to come together and look up, money-wise.

I'm still tired just thinking about it, though.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're all wearing green and drinking responsibly if you choose to imbibe. I'm rocking my team-signed CornBelters away jersey and later I'll be drinking hard lemonade out of my souvenir Kansas City Royals cup because I'm not Irish and I'm not going to pretend to be.

I realize this is my first post of the month, but really, nothing worth mentioning has been going on. I continue on the writing grind, working on a few different projects that I hope will one day get published. I'm looking for a part-time job since I'm hard up for cash once again and the need for a steady income is real. Not surprisingly, REJECTED isn't selling and I've only made three jewelry sales. The most money I've made is off of eBay and even then I didn't sell anything there last month.

If anyone would like to help with some word of mouth, I'd appreciate it.

I've got a bad case of spring fever. I've been going outside every day and I'm feeling the urge to do stuff. It's the nice weather. It makes me want to accomplish things.

Laziness tends to win out, as per usual, but still, I have the strong urge.
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Ebook versions of Rejected: Nine Stories I Couldn't Get Published are now available at the iBookstore and for the Nook. For $1.99, you can be informed when you tell me my writing sucks! (Sorry, nothing for Kindle yet.)

Also, I've added new stuff to my jewelry store on Etsy. If you don't want to order through Etsy, you can contact me here and I'll be more than happy to hook you up.

Remember to pass it on! I could really use the word of mouth right now.

Please and thank you.
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Happy Halloween!

Patient Zero. Because every deadly epidemic has to start somewhere. )

I was originally going to be Hetty Lange from NCIS: LA, but the wig didn't work out. I'm glad it didn't. I'm sick and didn't want to get out of my pajamas anyway. With this costume, I don't have to.

Yes, even rockin' a bummer of a cold, I will still find a way to dress up for Halloween. It's my holiday and I own it.

I hope the Great Pumpkin brings everyone a spooky good time tonight.

And, if you're looking for a different kind of treat, there's some new stuff in the jewelry box. I'm starting to do custom designs now. More stuff will be coming this week (provided I get the wire I'm looking for).

Mind the goblins!
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Dad had his doctor's appointment today. The pathology report isn't back yet (he'll have to call Monday), but he did get his catheter out. I'm happy to report that he's able to pee, it doesn't hurt, and he can go several hours between bathroom trips. Prior to this surgery, none of these things were true. So that's good. The doctor said he was encouraged by what he saw during the surgery, so hopefully the pathology report will be on the positive side, too.

Since he does have more tumors in his bladder, he'll have to have surgery again. This time, though, the doctor wants to do it as an in-patient so he can take as much time as he needs to clean the rest of the tumors out in one go (initially, he didn't think there were that many in there, that's why it was scheduled as out-patient). So that's something to look forward to.

In other news, I'm going to start working with DaLette next week. Good thing. I need a little boost in my income. The jewelry's been the biggest disappointment. I knew selling the book would be tough, but I figured the jewelry would sell, even if only a couple of pieces. Nada. Disappointing.

I'm hoping once the book gets on Amazon (fingers crossed) and the closer it gets to Christmas, I'll get some more sales for both.

And finally...I really don't have any way to end this post. I just didn't want my last words to be ones of whining about money.
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Apple and Pork was kind of a bust for me. I made a quick trip yesterday to the grounds to get a new wire ring from the same lady I've gottne them from the past couple of years, only she wasn't selling them this year. I got two other rings instead. A steal for five bucks for both and they're quite fetching.

Then I walked back, grabbed my last lemon shake-up of the year and then hit the Black Kettle stand for some bbq porkchop sandwiches and bbq sauce.

I was going to go up today (mostly for bbq ribs), but getting sick for a couple of hours in the very early morning hours and not getting much sleep, plus feeling craptastic and cranky all day put the stop on that.

Still, I didn't miss it and I got everything I'd wanted (or a reasonable second to what I wanted).

Pigs and apples are safe again for another year.
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I've got three new bracelets in my Etsy shop, if you're interested.
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My etsy shop is finally up and running.

Buy something or pass it on.
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Today has been a tangle of fail.

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in four years for an exam to get new contacts. After being told that I'd have to start using disposables, I was then told the cheapest they had was 157 bucks for a year.

Now let me get this straight. You want me to pay 157 dollars for something that I'm supposed to throw away after a month. I'm having trouble following your logic on this one, eye people.

After balking at the price, the doctor offered me a "free" pair to wear for a week while I thought about it. I don't know if she thought this "free" pair would help me see the 157 dollars I need to buy a year's supply or what, but I took them and I have an appointment to go back next week to haggle.

Why do I keep putting "free" in quotation marks? Because she said they were free, yet I was charged 30 bucks for them on my receipt. Awesome.

Yeah, I think I'm going to follow Carrie's advice about trying to get a six month supply (which should be about 60 bucks cheaper) and then I'll be going somewhere else from now on.

In other news, it's slowly dawned on me that I didn't really think things through with this whole jewelry thing. As is common with me, I thought bigger than I was capable for, so now I'm having to go back and make some fixes. It's not a huge deal (yet), but an aggravating one to say the least, and not something I wanted to spend my afternoon untangling.

So in conclusion, it was just like a typical Thursday in the cube except I wasn't in the cube and I was the root of most of my problems today.

At least next week I'll be prepared for Thursday.
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My last day of work was Friday. I made sure to say goodbye to all of the drivers in town (including doubling back to catch Stephen), got a hug from Albert, Kent, and Shilo, and, I admit, shed a few tears on the drive home. I say again, I won't miss the work, but I will miss the people. I was told before I left to come back and visit. I'll be doing that.

Hit the family reunion yesterday. I just stayed long enough to eat and visit with the people I wanted to see before I left. It was kind of weird without Papa there, though they did have a big picture of him over the dessert table, which I found kind of creepy. I don't need a bad picture of my dead grandpa lording over me while I get my piece of cherry pie. I mean it was well meaning, but I still wasn't comfortable with it.

After the reunion, I took the girls to the last Cornbelters game of the season. They got to spend some time in the bouncy houses and get their faces painted before mean Aunt Kiki made them sit in their seats and watch the game. Hammie was actually pretty into the game from the get-go. Hobbit and Howlin' Mad Smurf, not so much. It took a few innings before they caught on to the concept of cheering for the Belters. By the end, they were chanting "Let's Go Corn!" right on cue.

I was disappointed that they wouldn't dance during the dancing inning. How do they not know how to do the YMCA? That's just ridiculous that they're so uneducated in the ways of community dance. However, they redeemed themselves by singing the 7th inning stretch.

I won a signed a jersey and they got their freebie t-shirts signed by the whole team and Corny. They got to run the bases afterwards. In the end, they had a blast and they want to go again next season. Aunt Kiki will only be too happy to take them.

Tomorrow I go back to work for myself. It's going to be weird not waking up at 5:30 to head to the cube. It'll be a few weeks before I start working with DaLette, so I really need to get the book done and the jewelry site rolling as quickly as possible.

I'm back to working for myself and I'm one bitch of a boss.


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