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Went to the movies with Carrie last night. After playing skee ball (and being sore today for it), we sat down and enjoyed The Woman in Black.

Let's just call it spoilers to be safe. )

I do not recommend watching two episodes of MST3K before seeing the movie, though. There were a couple of times that I had to clamp my hand over my mouth because Servo and Crow were riffing in my head.

There were more people in the theater than we thought would be there, but they were a good audience, jumping and screaming and tittering and giggling. The girl behind us kept saying "I'm going to die, I'm doing to die". Carrie swears she peed herself a couple of times.

Can't ask for better than that.
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Back in December, the SD card in my phone suddenly decided it was damaged and wouldn't work. I took it to the AT&T store, they called SanDisk, SanDisk suggested we reformat it (which the phone wouldn't let me do), so the AT&T people managed it and it worked okay, except for the ringtones, which insisted on being weird.

Everything was mediocre until last Friday when the card decided to be damaged again. This time I emailed SanDisk, who said I should take it back to the store and get a new one. So today I did.

When I came home, I noticed the same jacked up situation with the ringtones (the files were all wrong and the email notification would never play the right tone). I decided that maybe it was the phone. So I did a hard reset. Aside from the email notification not playing at all (instead it plays the default notification sound, which is fine because it's not picking a sound AT RANDOM and playing it like before), everything seems to be kosher.

Cross your fingers on this one. I'd really hate to have this thing go pear-shaped on me again and then have to try to get a new phone. I'm pretty sure I could since I haven't even had it a year yet, but I'd really rather not. Call me persnickety if you want. You wouldn't be the first.

I also ended up downloading two new ringtone apps because while my other apps were all backed up, my original ringtone app wasn't (I think it might have been part of my problem). So I've spent my time replacing and getting some new ringtones and sounds. Laws knows that's half the reason I have a phone. It makes noises that I appreciate.

The first ringtone app didn't have all of the tones I wanted, though (WHERE IS MY EARTH WIND AND FIRE DAMMIT?), but I found another one that lets me get the song and edit it the way I want to, which I appreciate. So I will not be September-less as I feared!

In non-cell phone news, Dad had his last treatment yesterday and he goes for a follow-up biopsy in March. Let's hope it all comes out clean and we can be done with this business for a while.

Cubs Con

Jan. 17th, 2012 07:43 pm
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The highlights of my birthday weekend trip to Chicago with [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian are on my blog. In short, I had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.

Pictures from the trip will be up on the blog Friday.

If this is how I can celebrate getting older every year, then I can dig it. For sure.
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-I watched Thundercats this morning. Awesome.

-Yesterday was the jinx of all days. Nothing went right, including a flat tire on the way to corporate for a meeting and me getting a sunburn in a weird spot on the ride up.

-I got hustled at Memory by a six year old today.

-Because of YouTube surfing with my nieces, this is my new favorite thing.

-I also spent some time watching Weird Al videos. The man will always be a genius to me.

-Worst part about this heat wave? It's been too hot for me to use my hula hoop.
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I went to Target last night to get a couple of shelves, the idea being I could put a few of my pictures on one and my baseballs and prized cards on the other. I ended up getting what I was looking for and a hula hoop.

I know right? What? Hula hoop?

Yeah, hula hoop. This is going into my exercise routine and I'm going to master this sucker. I don't know why at 31 I have this urge to be good at hula hooping, but I do and there you go.

I hung the shelves today. I didn't do a horrible job, though one is definitely crooked, despite my use of the level, which I dropped behind my DVD shelves after I lined up the second shelf. It's not too bad, but yeah, I'm going to get shit for it not being level.

The stuff on the shelves looks nice though and it looks good in my room.

I've spend the day cleaning/purging/rearranging/fixing and I've got just a couple of more things to do before I can call it all done for the day.

Then I get to do two blog posts, some revisions, and hopefully have time to paint my nails.

My weekends aren't long enough.
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Yesterday, Marvin prank called me. He acted like he was a customer wanting to know where his delivery was. He sounded like Bobcat Goldthwait.

This is the same driver that called me up and told me it was an obscene phone call and proceeded to say the word "obscene" several times before realizing he was suppposed to add in some heavy breathing.

Phone calls from Marvin are never boring.
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Quinn. He's a stuffed penguin my grandparents gave me for Christmas when I was in second grade. I was terribly sick that Christmas and he made me feel better. From then on, he's always been on my bed to cuddle with (and when I was younger, use for a pillow). I used to take him with me whenever I slept somewhere else.

Right now he's sitting next to me, rocking a way-too-big Cubs hat. I don't always take him with me on overnight trips anymore, but that's because I know he'll be there, waiting for me, when I come home.
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Today was one of those days at work. Not a bad day; just a pain in the ass day. And really, my part of the day wasn't that big of a pain in the ass. I mostly got the trickle down effect from Albert and Chad.

But since Chad was gone all morning and then running behind this afternoon, I got to schedule my first trips in the computer. All it involves is filling out some info, putting in the locations, and determining the times of arrival. Sounds easy, right?

I'm sure one day it will be, but for my first time, I ran into a bit of trouble and got frustrated because of my ineptness.

Now, I told you that story to tell you this story.

When I was three, Papa found me in the closet at his house, crying because I was trying to read a book way beyond my level and was frustrated because I couldn't read it. I was learning to read and couldn't understand why I couldn't read this book.

Fast forward 28 years and I'm getting frustrated for exactly the same reason. I'd been shown how to do it, therefore, I should be able to do it.

Chad helped me out and it turned out that I wasn't as horrible at it as I thought. I am slow, though. Speed comes with experience, I know. Right now turtles are quicker.

In other news, Dad bought a new printer. We actually needed one since the old one wasn't feeding paper right anymore, but I'm still telling people it's because Dad couldn't work it.

It also saves me from having to buy new ink cartridges.
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The Chicago Cubs are taking applications for the next "Voice of Wrigley" PA announcer.

I know I have a job, but come on. It's the Cubs. I'm looking into.

The application asks why you would think you'd be the best choice for the next voice.

Is there a classy, professional way to say that you'd think you'd be good because you were once told that you have a voice that'd be perfect for phone sex?

Never mind. I'm a writer. I'm sure I can find just the right phrasing for that.
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Imagine my surprise this morning when I received a little package in the mail. I opened it to find a tiny girl zombie, a tiny boy zombie, a wee little T-Rex, and a little pink flamingo.

Thanks so much, [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian! I love them. They are truly fantastic and currently riding on my candy cane sleigh underneath my purple Christmas tree. They are the perfect accent to my holiday decorating.

Tis the season!
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The novel I'm doing for NaNo this year involves baseball because if I can work a current obsession into my NaNo, it just goes that much better for me.

So I'm thinking to myself that if I really want to do something productive with this novel, it's going to take some research during the revisions because it takes place in several different ballparks that I've never been to: PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates), Orioles Park (Baltimore Orioles), Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks), and Nationals Park (Washington Nationals). Many of the baseball scenes take place, but I've only been there twice and not with research on the mind. I should really go back a few more times just to get it right.


Anyway, pretending I have money to spend on such a thing, I look at the schedules to see when the Cubs would be playing these teams because if I'm going to the games, I want to make it worth my while.

I kind of ignored the Diamondbacks because they're out in Arizona and the other teams are out East, so they'd be a separate trip. But, Pittsburgh, DC, and Baltimore are all right there, so I could hit them all in one go, theoretically, even though the Orioles are in the American League and typically don't play the Cubs.

Looking at the schedules, I realize that it actually is a doable thing. Right before the All-Star break, the Cubs are playing the Nats then the Bucs. It goes right in line with my needs.

So, I check the Orioles site.

Yeah, they're not playing at home until AFTER the All-Star break.

Of course, you stupid birds. Be inconvenient! If I had money to spend on this trip, I'd be even more pissy than I am right now.

I should really get a job so my ire can be more valid.
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Carrie and I went to see the nieces today.

It turns out the phone call I got from Hobbit and Howlin' Mad Smurf yesterday was not sanctioned (and I wasn't the only one; they called several people yesterday) and when they got in trouble, they decided to run away. Mom found them down the block. Needless to say, they got in trouble for THAT, too.

Yep. My mom's got her hands full, to be sure.

Carrie took the two runaways to run errands with her while I stayed at Mom's and beat Hammie at Connect Four repeatedly. She only beat me once. I say that with pride because nobody wants to be beaten by an 8 year old. I then horrified her with tales of the olden days when we didn't have cell phones or Interwebs, so communicating with your friends was much more difficult. You had to talk on a phone that was hooked to a wall or walk to their house, or if you were at school, you had to hand write a note and pass it to them in the hallway. She looked at me like I also slew dinosaurs at recess. Hey, if I'm going to be old, then I'm going to use it to horrify the children.

Hammie has a new cat. He's gray and white and his name is Buddy, which totally messes up Mom's naming theme (they currently have Little Guy, Lillian, Lucky, Libby, Lenny Skinny, and Linus, but also at one time had Lucy, Lexie, and Louis, too). He's a sweetie and very playful. It's been awhile since I've gotten to play with a cat that young.

Carrie and the runaways came home. Everything is very shiny at Hobby Lobby, so it took them forever to get through there. Then they went to Target, where Hobbit and Smurf helped some lady pick out a coat. Hobbit also fell in love with several purses there. She is definitely the girliest of all three.

And then Smurf ended up shoplifting a toothbrush. Carrie put in the cart and Smurf put it in her pocket and forgot to take it out at the checkout. By the time Carrie realized it, it was too to do anything about it. So the girls got a lesson in thievery and Carrie contributed to a deliquency of a minor. Good times.

I told Smurf that between the prank phone calls, running away, and shoplifting, Santa was going to skip the house for years.

I don't know why, but she didn't believe me.
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I'm only answering this because I feel that you're never to old to stop trick-or-treating and I have the story to back it up.

The last time I went trick-or-treating, I was 17. I went full out, making my own costume. I was a Monkee Man, the Monkees version of a super hero. Like what Micky's got going on in the left side of this picture. Red shirt, pink M, red tights, black shorts, black Beatle boots, and a black cape. I was realliy proud of that costume. I should dig up the pics sometime.

Anyway, that's what I wore trick-or-treating that year. Some people were a little hesitant in giving me and my friends candy (they were all decked out in costumes, too; I cannot remember what because I was blinded by my own awesome), but no one refused us. It was hard to because they could see the amount of effort we'd put into our costumes and that, yeah, we were a bunch of kids trying to get some free candy, but playing by the same rules as the ten year olds.

So, I figure that if you put in the effort, you should get the candy.

It's only right.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 10:30 pm
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Mom's birthday was yesterday. Because she doesn't like to be odd numbers, she's defaulting back to 50 instead of being 51.

This got me thinking about my impending birthday in January.

I don't mind turning 31 or being 31. Age has little influence on me to begin with. But I don't like the sound of 31. I don't like the way the word sounds. And if I don't like the way the word sounds, then I don't want to spend a whole year being it.

So come January, I've decided that instead of being 31 I'm going to be 30 Bonus Year.

That just sounds way cooler than being 31.

Ah, my issues with numbers. Both hereditary and bizarre.
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For those of you playing the home game, my dad's side of the family owns farm land. Not much, about 40 acres in Southern Illinois. When my great-grandma passed away, it was passed to my grandma and great-aunt. Since my grandma passed away, her share of the land when to my dad, but Papa has been taking care of paying the bills, while Aunt Jo has been taking care of the business communications and Dad signs the checks and is kept in the loop.

Well, it's been decided that since one day Dad's share of the farm will go to me and Mimzie, I need to learn the ropes of managing the farm account. Mimzie gets a pass because a)she's in Texas and b)she's terrible with money. She'll tell you she's terrible with it. She has no problem with me being in charge of the money.

So that's going to be a fun adult thing to learn. Me learning it won't be hard; them teaching it will be.

If there's one thing my family can do it's make things complicated.
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I decided to buy a Lotto ticket today. Why not? It's not a huge jackpot, but it's more money than I have. I don't want to be greedy. And I'd put it to good use.

I'm hoping the Universe is listening.

Anyway, I stopped by Big D's, my local drive-thru liquor and milk store (no lie...it's mostly liquor, but it also has the grocery basics...and shirts with the town name on it if you really want to advertise) to pick up my ticket because Big D's has a reputation for selling a lot of winning tickets. The woman who waited on me was old enough to be my grandma (in my family, probably my great-grandma).

She called me ma'am.

I'd say it's official. My days of getting carded are over.

And my eye cream is clearly not working.
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I completed my first ever eBay sale today. Sure it took three trips to the post office because I ended up with the wrong sized box the first time, but I got it done and now my Hurley action figure is on its way to its new home.

It's a little bittersweet, selling my action figures. I'm doing it because I really need the money (I'm about twenty bucks away from broke) and frankly, most of them are just sitting plastic tubs upstairs because I don't have any place to properly display them. It makes sense to sell them to someone who can actually get some kind of use out of them.

But on the other hand, they're my toys and I don't like getting rid of my toys, even if I'm not playing with them.

Maturity has always been a real stretch for me.
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I watched Ba'al: Storm God or God of Thunder or Whatever on SyFy today. Because it's Saturday and that's the kind of crap I watch on Saturdays.

Anyway, at the very beginning of the movie this group of people (and by group, I'm talking like twenty) find this relic while digging around like archaelogist type people do. Now, while they're all clustered around looking at this little disc, it shoots a green beam of light into the clouds, gives an old man a seisure, and start the earth doing an epic upheavel. This is all happening just in front of them and around them.

And everyone just looks mildly confused.

Children, that is not the appropriate facial expression for the CGI shitstorm happening all around you. I'm just saying.

I realize this is a SyFy movie, but damn, even the black hole/electricity entity mash-up of abomination had much better facial reactions to shit that was added in later.

Do more better next time. I'm looking at you, London twin.
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It's well established that my reading comprehension fail makes my life more interesting. There are times, though, when I actually get all of the words right, but for whatever reason, my brain chooses to interpret them oddly.

Today I read the headline, "Woman's Body Found After 12 Years". My first thought was...how did they lose her body? That should be one of the those things that stay in the last place that you put it. It's not like it would roll under the couch or the cat would hide it or something.

Then my brain kicked in and I realized it wasn't going to be a fun story about misplaced corpses so I didn't read the article.

Yeah, I'm kind of a bad person.
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Carrie and I got our hair cut Friday. I've kept the same hair style for several years, but it seems every time I get it cut, I get it cut just a little bit shorter than last time. It's not touching my shoulders this time. It's very sassy.

Carrie decided to opt for a different style this time around as as a result got her hair cut to the shortest it's been in years. Since first grade, she says (I cannot make that claim as my hair will never be as short as it was when I was a sophomore in high school). It's a little shorter than mine and it looks quite cute.

Yesterday, after her shower, Carrie says to me, "I did a shampoo mohawk. Did you do a shampoo mohawk?"

I felt shame. I did not do a shampoo mohawk and what's worse, it didn't even occur to me to do a shampoo mohawk. Is the eight year old boy inside of me growing up?

So today in the shower, I did a shampoo mohawk.

It was awesome.


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