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I know my way around a car pretty well. It was one of those things I had to learn growing up. And since I've owned nothing but older, junkier cars, I've ended up doing some pretty fun things in order to get them to run, including:

-Priming the carburetor with gas.

-Crawling under the car to jiggle the starter wire.

-Sticking a screwdriver into an intake valve.

Today I get to add smacking the alternator with a hammer. Something in it was sticking and needed to be loosened.

What's fun about all this is that for all I know about cars, I still manage to screw up the simplest things. I've messed up reattaching a review mirror not once, but twice. And today, I put in the wrong washing fluid (it was for the power washer). In my defense, the wrong stuff was in the washing fluid place in the garage and it does say washing fluid on it.

Yes, maybe I should have read the label a little more closely, but I maintain that it shouldn't have been in the washing fluid place. I do not understand Dad's filing system, so these mistakes are bound to be made when you mess up with the few things I do know.

I'm just saying.
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I've been sporadically applying for jobs as they appear, either online or sending in resumes.

Of the ones online, they usually have some assessment portion that includes "what would you do" multiple choice questions. Sadly "roll eyes", "get snarky", and "smack a bitch" are never answers.

And, of course, they have to have those strongly agree to strongly disagree scales which are just not grand enough to fully encapsulate my full range of agreeability. Also, some of the questions they ask do not lend well to agreeability and I find that questionable.

Tonight, as I uploaded my resume and then retyped my job history, as so many of these places have you do (and half of the time fill out another application if you go in for an interview just to make sure your story holds up), I wondered if my problem with getting an interview is that my prospective employers look at my extensive employement history with WalMart like one views the rap sheet of a career felon. And not just a run of the mill felon either. We're talking Sing Sing, Alcatraz, Marion Super Max felon.

Boss 1: She have any retail experience?
Boss 2: WalMart.
Both cringe.
Boss 1: How much time?
Boss 2: 3 times. Last stint was 2 and a half years.
Boss 1: How long has she been out?
Boss 2: Almost 3 years?
Boss 1: Not long enough.
Boss 2: *throws away application*

I'm just lucky the WalMart lifers didn't get together and tattoo "Rollback" on my ass, I suppose.
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Full house at my Aunt Jo's for Thanksgiving today. Aside from the usual crowd of me, Carrie, Dad, Aunt Jo, Nancy, Jake, and Papa, we also had Aunt Ruby, Uncle Harry, and cousin Chuck.

We watched the replay of a Cubs game from July and part of a replay White Sox game before we flipped over to the football.

The spread of food was fantastic and massive. We got a lot of leftovers to bring home, including a whole gooseberry pie. Uncle Harry and Chuck impressed Carrie by the amount of food they put away. We are a good eating family. It's just how we roll. Sideways, on the floor by the time it's all said and done.

After Carrie took Jake's phone and texted back and forth with a couple of his friends and I got off the phone with my sister, the table was cleared and the cards were brought out. Carrie, Aunt Jo, Jake, and I played several hands of Spit, as is our tradition. Aunt Ruby and Chuck both said that the game goes too fast for them. Papa agreed and said it he didn't like to play because we never let him have a turn.

Speaking of Papa, he was in good spirits today. Ate more than I've seen him eat in a while. He has a new dog since Sam died a few weeks ago. Her name is Emma and she's a real sweetie. He bought himself a Kindle. No, don't wait and let someone get it for you for Christmas or anything. Silly, Papa. At least we know that Amazon gift cards would be a good gift for him.

We stayed later than we usually do, but it was a good time.

I'm thankful for my family. They drive me crazy sometimes, but they're good people.

I'm thankful for my friends, too. You guys are rock 'n' roll 365 days a year and I appreciate you, even if I don't say it enough.

Other things I'm thankful for: my cats, our service men and women, anyone that had to work today, the Cubs, the Bears, laughter, having a roof over my head, having a car to drive, Twitter, my superpet Roscoe on Facebook, Halloween (movie and holiday), the Beard Twins, NaNoWriMo, Spit, sleeping, etc., etc., etc.

Speaking of sleeping, I plan on doing it well tonight. Good luck to anyone shopping (or working retail) tomorrow.
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The novel I'm doing for NaNo this year involves baseball because if I can work a current obsession into my NaNo, it just goes that much better for me.

So I'm thinking to myself that if I really want to do something productive with this novel, it's going to take some research during the revisions because it takes place in several different ballparks that I've never been to: PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates), Orioles Park (Baltimore Orioles), Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks), and Nationals Park (Washington Nationals). Many of the baseball scenes take place, but I've only been there twice and not with research on the mind. I should really go back a few more times just to get it right.


Anyway, pretending I have money to spend on such a thing, I look at the schedules to see when the Cubs would be playing these teams because if I'm going to the games, I want to make it worth my while.

I kind of ignored the Diamondbacks because they're out in Arizona and the other teams are out East, so they'd be a separate trip. But, Pittsburgh, DC, and Baltimore are all right there, so I could hit them all in one go, theoretically, even though the Orioles are in the American League and typically don't play the Cubs.

Looking at the schedules, I realize that it actually is a doable thing. Right before the All-Star break, the Cubs are playing the Nats then the Bucs. It goes right in line with my needs.

So, I check the Orioles site.

Yeah, they're not playing at home until AFTER the All-Star break.

Of course, you stupid birds. Be inconvenient! If I had money to spend on this trip, I'd be even more pissy than I am right now.

I should really get a job so my ire can be more valid.
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In case you haven't heard, the Governor's race in Illinois is so close that it's practically tied and there will be much counting done in order to determine the winner. So, it could be a month before we know the outcome.

Personally, I think if it's a tie, then they should treat it as a tie. Have co-governors. Come on, it's a brilliant plan. Think of the reality show that would come of it and the revenue that would generate. Illinois would be out of debt in no time and the world would be entertained. It's worth the embarrassement the residents of my state would have to endure. Really, it's a small price to pay.

And at the end of their joint term, we can vote on which one should be indicted. Good times.

In non-politics snark related news, I got a phone call this morning from the Howlin' Mad Smurf. She babbled something at me and then hung up. I called back, hoping to get an adult and got the Hobbit instead. I asked her what Smurf had said and she told me that Smurf just wanted to remind me to come for a visit tommorrow.

Then smurf got on the phone and told me about their new cat. Then she gave the phone back to Hobbit, who declared the conversation over and hung up on me.

I have no idea if my mom knew that this was going on, but I have to admit, at the time I felt like I'd just been prank called by a 6 and 5 year old.

I'm just saying.
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Who has $2.50 and is looking for a way to indulge me in one of my present baseball obsessions?

This would be a great way to do it.

I'm just saying.
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It turns out I got a little sun at the reunion yesterday. I've never been one to tan and unfortunately due to my lazy nature, I really haven't gotten out in the sun often over the past few years. I'm to the point now that I'm not so much white as reflective.

Anyway, I ended up getting just a touch of pink on my face, chest, and forearms. Really makes the freckles come out.

But my poor, fish-belly white, fat upper arms are pink approaching strawberry. They clearly got the worst of it since they see about as much sun as my legs, which is to say, little to none.

Still not the worst sunburn I've had and actually, it's really not bothering me too much, which is nice.

I'm not the prettiest thing in the world, but I'm definitely more attractive when I'm not blistering and oozing.

I'm just saying.
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It's just been an exciting month so far.

First, Stella caught a bat in the house. The thing is we didn't know there was a bat in the house and we don't know where she caught it. It's suspected that she caught it in the basement. I think Carrie would know if there was a bat in her belfry.

Unfortunately, as proud as she was of catching that bat, Dad took it from her and threw it away since she'd killed it. I was disappointed that she killed it because I was all set to have a pet bat. I'd have named him Renfield.

But, as disappointed as I was, it didn't compare to Stella's dismay. She spent the rest of the night and part of the next day looking for it. And then bitching because she couldn't find it.

Then last night it stormed and some time after the storm passed we heard this loud pop of an explosion (when I say "we", I mean me, Carrie, McGee, Spot, and Stella; Dad slept through it). We couldn't figure out what it was. Carrie thought it sounded like it was outside her window and I thought it was outside of mine on the opposite side of the house. She thought it was a gunshot; I thought someone blew up a trashcan.

Today, driving to Walgreens, I noticed there was large branch down in a yard a block over and it looked like it might have taken out a line. It's a pretty good guess that's the source of last night's noise.

I think if things continue in this manner for the rest of the month, September could win some awards. I'm just saying.
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I was going to post this yesterday, but I forgot, which is kind of fitting because I should have posted this in June, but I forgot.

It's been over a year since I quit smoking and I'm happy to report that I have yet to turn into one of those bitter ex-smokers. You know the ones. The ones that lecture their still-smoking friends about how it's terrible for their health and how they're all going to die and how soooo much better they feel now that they've quit. The ones that do that quaint little coughing and waving their hands in front of their faces if the smoke gets too close to them (or not) instead of politely pointing out that your smoke is in their breathing space. Yeah, I hate those people and I'm so glad I didn't become one.

That said, I still miss smoking. If it didn't cost anything and didn't kill me, I'd still be doing it. I still dream about it. But I won't start again because I don't want to have to quit again.

I'll just pine for it and drown my pain in my other vices.
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It's been a long time since I got a box of cereal with a toy inside, so I was all excitable when I saw that my Honey Nut Cheerios had one.

I opened up the box all excited to go digging for my prize and it was right there sitting on the top. Not even in the bag and on top of the cereal. On top of the bag. Where's the fun in that?

That's why kids are fat today. They don't have to dig their worthless toys out of the cereal like we did back in the day. It builds muscle and concentration trying not to spill any cereal on the floor so you don't get yelled at for making a mess.

I'm just saying.
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I decided to buy a Lotto ticket today. Why not? It's not a huge jackpot, but it's more money than I have. I don't want to be greedy. And I'd put it to good use.

I'm hoping the Universe is listening.

Anyway, I stopped by Big D's, my local drive-thru liquor and milk store (no lie...it's mostly liquor, but it also has the grocery basics...and shirts with the town name on it if you really want to advertise) to pick up my ticket because Big D's has a reputation for selling a lot of winning tickets. The woman who waited on me was old enough to be my grandma (in my family, probably my great-grandma).

She called me ma'am.

I'd say it's official. My days of getting carded are over.

And my eye cream is clearly not working.
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I still don't have Internet. We have the equipment. We have the service. We just don't have the two working together. I don't know when it's going to be operational.

Or if it will ever be. 'Cause that's the way my luck is going.

So, I'm once again at Mom's, taking care of business since it's been over a week since I last checked my email and it was just as horrible as I imagined.

Plus, I needed to get out of the house. Honestly, I don't look forward to going back. They're going to have to pad the walls of that place.

I'm just saying.
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Still no Internet. The company that was supposed to hook us up yesterday couldn't hook us up. Couldn't be done. So, we were left high and dry. We're trying another company now, but there's no word on when (if?) we'll get hooked up.

So, yeah. The bad luck from June continues into July. Terrific.

I've been posting to Twitter via text, so if you want to keep up with my bland daily life (and updates on when I'm getting Interwebs), you can follow me over there. I'm KikiWrites.

In other news, the neighbors were playing music in their garage last night, which usually bugs me because they have questionable taste, but last night, I really enjoyed the selection. Like I told Carrie, they were playing songs that I hadn't heard since college.

Second round of college, to be precise.

When you've been three times over the span of a decade, it's good to pinpoint which round when using it in relation to time. I'm just saying.
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One of my favorite Blanche Devereaux lines. Shame about Rue McClanahan. I adored her. Like I told Missy, at least she, Bea, and Estelle will live on in reruns. RIP.

I applied for a job at the bank down the street today. I've been half-ass looking for a job for a couple of months. I need some steady income, just a part-time gig to pay the bills. The money from writing is just too little and too sporadic.

It looked simple enough on the surface. I could submit my resume online. So I did. And then it told me I had to schedule an onsite test. A test that will take two hours.

Uh huh.

Look, I understand the background check and the drug test. But a two hour video test? Is this going to be like the Family Video SAT? It just seems so unnecessary for a part-time, probably minimum wage job. I know they want competent, non-thieving people, but I thought that's what interviews were for.

I prefer to be actually getting paid before I'm made to jump through hoops. I'm just saying.
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My dad got a blanket for Christmas that he put on his "bed" (Dad sleeps on a sleeping bag on the living room floor...yes, he has a bedroom...no, I don't know). It's a really nice, soft, fuzzy thing that depicts a deer in the forest.

McGee is particularly fond of this blanket and likes to sleep on it. However, she blends in with it to the point that unless you see her pink collar, you don't know she's there. Dad's accidentally sat on her a couple of times because he couldn't see her.

Just now he asked where she went because he couldn't see her laying on the blanket. I told him to look for the collar. It took him a second, but he found her.

The military should be jealous of such excellent camo. I'm just saying.
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So it seems that Hammie, my oldest niece, has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I haven't talked to my mom yet (I heard it from Mimzie), so I don't know all of the specifics. She's only eight, so that's gotta be rough.

Hammie's kind of a diva and a bit of a drama queen. I wonder how she's going to handle testing her blood sugar and getting shots. I imagine there will be whining. She's the most prone to the whining out of all three of the girls.

Speaking of, I wonder how Hobbit and Smurf are reacting to this. I bet they'll want to give Hammie her shots. They're very helpful and hands on children, you know. I doubt they'd want to pass up an opportunity to jab their big sister with a hypodermic needle.

Sure, they live with my mom, but they are my sister's children. I'm just saying.
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So, I have problem skin. Honestly, I should probably go to a dermetologist about it, but I don't have the money and dermetologists don't take chickens in trade and even if they did, I don't have a chicken, so it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, I've tried various different lotions and whatnot to help ease my condition and some have worked pretty well, but I'm always on the lookout to try something better. The other day I decided to give cocoa butter lotion a try. It's supposed to be really good stuff. Women with stretchmarks swear by it and though that's not what I'm dealing with, it is supposed to be good for the skin problems I have.

What I didn't realize is that it would smell. It's not a bad smell or anything, but I'm used to using lotions that have no fragrance. This smells very sweet. And it doesn't really fade. I put it on yesterday morning and I could still smell it when I went to bed last night. And every time I got a whiff of it, it reminded me of something that I couldn't quite place.

Today it hit me.

I smell like a basket of Easter candy, minus the fake grass.

While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it does make me crave sweets more than usual.

And it's just kind of odd smelling like a holiday. At least for me.
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It's been so nice this week that it's lulled me into thinking that Spring might be close. Which means I'll be switching my menu from the heavier Winter meals to the lighter Summer meals.

And I like to add new dishes to my menu when I change it.

So the hours I'm going to spend haunting Food Gawker for the next couple of weeks are totally justified.

I'm just saying.

NCIS night

Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:06 pm
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Just one question concerning both NCIS and NCIS: LA... )


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