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I survived the week. I went to the Cubs game Monday night, ran sleep deprived for two days, didn't get to bed until after two in the morning two straight nights, and got a reprieve when the kids came down with the pukes so I didn't have to teach Spanish. The trouble is that illness cost me money and I spent more than I thought I would for the game.

The game was a blast. I went with my friend Harry. He met me there and was running a little late because he got out of work later than he wanted and then traffic was a bitch. Meanwhile, I kept walking around to stay awake. Despite a good night's sleep and a little nap and much in the way of caffeine, I was felt exhaustion creeping. Once Harry got there and the game started, I was good to go. Even though the Cubs lost, it was worth the lack of sleep to get one more game in. Can't beat 5 dollar tickets.

I did my second floorset. I had my own shop to do. It was simple enough, but I'm not familiar with the stock and the floor had been changed around so I wasn't sure where things were and I ended up going much slower than I wanted to. I felt dumb. I know it will get better once I get used to how things are done, but I still felt like I was holding up everyone. One of the other girls came over to help me and things went quicker after that. We didn't get out until after 1AM because it was a big set and there weren't enough people scheduled.

The next night it was just windows dressing and accessories. I did jewelry and accessories with another girl. Most of the girls I work with are much younger than I am. They're in college or went to college, most of them are/were in sororities. I cannot relate much, but I do like listening to their stories. They're amusing. And they're all very nice so far. They put up with this old lady beautifully.

I'm hoping to get some new clothes when I get my bills under control. I'm tired of looking like a slob.

That last bit doesn't have much to do with the rest of the post, but it's been on my mind this week, so I think it counts.
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I was hoping that by taking the pills my doctor told me to, my GERD would be well-wrangled. I figured this since it didn't bother me too much before I was diagnosed.

I was wrong.

The past two weeks have been pretty uncomfortable. Just about everything I eat makes me hurt. Doesn't matter what, doesn't matter when, doesn't matter how much. It all ends in pain.

So, I'm going to start messing around with my diet to see if I can find a balance of things that doesn't hurt. I'm starting by cutting out some stuff that is reputed to aggravate the GERD, trying to lower the fat intake, eating smaller portions (ironic since I've already got a long-standing reputation of not being able to eat much at one time to begin with), and eating more times a day. Also losing weight, but I was struggling with that before I got diagnosed with the GERD.

I'm hoping with a few adjustments, I can get things back in check. I imagine it won't be as easy as it sounds to find what foods work and don't work with me. But I have to try. I have to do something.

Oatmeal shouldn't hurt.
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Today the Cubs picked Mike Quade to be their new manager, which unfortunately meant taking a pass on Hall of Famer and Cubs fan favorite Ryne Sandberg.

Cue the rending of the clothes, gnashing of the teeth, and tearing of the hair.

Cubs fans are making even the most hardcore and dedicated fangirls look like amateurs.

I'd be more amused if I wasn't completely annoyed and a little horrified.

Now I really want to go to the Cubs Convention this year. I want to see this angst live.
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Tonight begins AMC's Fearfest. They're showing nine of the Friday the 13th movies this year as well as five of the Halloweens.

But, of course, they're showing the really good stuff at awkward hours (1941 version of The Wolfman at 4 in the morning? Really?) and the crap at prime hours. Seriously, no one wants to see House on Haunted Hill 2 and I still refuse to accept Constantine as a valid offering.

This programming fail is only made up for a little by the AMC website featuring some films online, including White Zombie and Fiend Without a Face.

That's right, AMC. While you're shoving Keanu Reeves down my TV's throat and calling it horror, I'll be watching Bela Lugosi go to town with creepy.

'Cause that's how I roll.
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The short story: Went to Wrigley yesterday for the Cubs/Giants game and despite the rain delay and the loss (1-0), I had a great time.

The long story...is under the cut. )

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but I didn't get home until about 2:30 this morning and didn't get to bed until almost four. I'm pretty sure I left my brain in Chicago.

Not that I'm complaining.
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It's been a long time since I got a box of cereal with a toy inside, so I was all excitable when I saw that my Honey Nut Cheerios had one.

I opened up the box all excited to go digging for my prize and it was right there sitting on the top. Not even in the bag and on top of the cereal. On top of the bag. Where's the fun in that?

That's why kids are fat today. They don't have to dig their worthless toys out of the cereal like we did back in the day. It builds muscle and concentration trying not to spill any cereal on the floor so you don't get yelled at for making a mess.

I'm just saying.
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I watched Castle, but missed part of it because I was sideshow spectacle for a brief period. So, I'm not going to go into detailed ramblings. But I can say that what I did see, I liked quite a bit. Looking forward to the season finale next week.

Speaking of TV shows, I spent all day yesterday watching a Golden Girls marathon. Time well wasted. But, Carrie and I were talking and we came to the agreement that it would get no play today.

It was clever and funny and touching and sweet and smart, but it featured four old ladies (who were fantastic and had amazing chemistry) and that's just a sin in this day and age. Everything is geared to this younger demographic and as such, only young women need apply. I'm not counting Desperate Housewives because the raunch and sex is geared toward the younger set.

The Golden Girls appealed to people from 8 to 80. Three or four generations could sit in one room and watch that show and laugh (albeit, they might be laughing on different levels...I can honestly say I didn't get some of the jokes until I was in my twenties). What show can lay that claim today? Bonus points if it four women over the age of 50 are the leads.

There's a reason why I prefer watching reruns over most of the new stuff on TV today and why I'm reluctant to give new shows a try. Too many shows today are lacking that quality that make the reruns so good.

Get on that TV people. I'm just saying.


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