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Dad had his doctor's appointment today. The pathology report isn't back yet (he'll have to call Monday), but he did get his catheter out. I'm happy to report that he's able to pee, it doesn't hurt, and he can go several hours between bathroom trips. Prior to this surgery, none of these things were true. So that's good. The doctor said he was encouraged by what he saw during the surgery, so hopefully the pathology report will be on the positive side, too.

Since he does have more tumors in his bladder, he'll have to have surgery again. This time, though, the doctor wants to do it as an in-patient so he can take as much time as he needs to clean the rest of the tumors out in one go (initially, he didn't think there were that many in there, that's why it was scheduled as out-patient). So that's something to look forward to.

In other news, I'm going to start working with DaLette next week. Good thing. I need a little boost in my income. The jewelry's been the biggest disappointment. I knew selling the book would be tough, but I figured the jewelry would sell, even if only a couple of pieces. Nada. Disappointing.

I'm hoping once the book gets on Amazon (fingers crossed) and the closer it gets to Christmas, I'll get some more sales for both.

And finally...I really don't have any way to end this post. I just didn't want my last words to be ones of whining about money.
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Today has been a tangle of fail.

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in four years for an exam to get new contacts. After being told that I'd have to start using disposables, I was then told the cheapest they had was 157 bucks for a year.

Now let me get this straight. You want me to pay 157 dollars for something that I'm supposed to throw away after a month. I'm having trouble following your logic on this one, eye people.

After balking at the price, the doctor offered me a "free" pair to wear for a week while I thought about it. I don't know if she thought this "free" pair would help me see the 157 dollars I need to buy a year's supply or what, but I took them and I have an appointment to go back next week to haggle.

Why do I keep putting "free" in quotation marks? Because she said they were free, yet I was charged 30 bucks for them on my receipt. Awesome.

Yeah, I think I'm going to follow Carrie's advice about trying to get a six month supply (which should be about 60 bucks cheaper) and then I'll be going somewhere else from now on.

In other news, it's slowly dawned on me that I didn't really think things through with this whole jewelry thing. As is common with me, I thought bigger than I was capable for, so now I'm having to go back and make some fixes. It's not a huge deal (yet), but an aggravating one to say the least, and not something I wanted to spend my afternoon untangling.

So in conclusion, it was just like a typical Thursday in the cube except I wasn't in the cube and I was the root of most of my problems today.

At least next week I'll be prepared for Thursday.

New 'do

Jul. 30th, 2011 04:43 pm
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So as reported, I decided to get a new hair cut this time around. I felt the urge to shake things up a bit, but I knew going in that it'd be a challenge because my hair does not do what people think it will do. It makes finding a style difficult.

But after some searching, I decided to go for this:
Jodi Foster. )

I didn't think my hair would do it, but I thought I could work with it.

It turns out, my hair doesn't like this cut. The rogue wave I somehow acquired after spending most of my life with hair so straight that it couldn't hold a curl even with industrial strength super glue doesn't work well at all with it. In fact, it's pretty hideous.

This is the best I can do and it takes a lot of work to get it to look this way. Far more work than I want to put into any hairstyle.

Not Jodi Foster. )
I know what you're thinking. It's not the same cut. Well, it is. You can tell when my hair is wet, Tammy cut my hair almost exactly how it is in the picture.

But my hair doesn't do that.

This morning I wanted to go back and have Tammy cut all of it off and go pixie. Surely, my rogue wave couldn't mess THAT up too much and even if it did, I'd have a better shot at taming it.

But since I can do something with it to take the edge off of the ugly, I guess I'll stick with it and see if letting it grow out a bit won't help.

I doubt it, but I'll try.

I'm surprisingly vain about my hair, huh?
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I owe you all a nice entry about my trip to Wrigley (I didn't have to yell at anyone this time!), but I'm tired and I want to sleep.

So instead, I got a new phone. It's a HTC Inspire and it is shiny and smart and I've only scratched the surface when it comes to figuring out what the hell it does.
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A couple of my email accounts were compromised, so if you got spam email from me, sorry! I've taken measures to fix it.

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I've had really good luck when it comes to this sort of thing not happening. Let's hope I fixed it and I can go back to having good luck again.
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So, yeah, I do believe I discussed at some point that I managed to gain back all the weight I lost. Well, I haven't managed to lose any since this revelation and I'm not sure that I haven't gained any.

I started a new exercise regime in February. I've done really well with the eating vegetables thing. I still need to work on eating more fruit. I thought I was on track to turning things around and yet...nada.

I'm not happy with this. My self-esteem has taken a huge hit. Part of it is because nothing I own fits anymore. Part of it is because they posted pictures from the family reunion and the weight gain is really showing. Most of it, though, is because I failed. I swore that I would never gain this weight back. Even if I never lost another pound, that forty I lost would stay lost.

It didn't happen.

Normally, I find a way to soldier on, pulling myself up by my bootstraps and whatnot, but I'll be honest, I'm depressed to begin with so my resistence is very low. This is just adding insult to injury as far as I'm concerned.

I'm going to keep working at it and ignore the hypochondria that's telling it might be related to something I haven't been diagnosed with. I have noticed tiny bits of progress in certain areas, so that's something.

I guess.
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I've got several friends over on the Facebook that I went to school with back in the day. A couple of them I barely remember and a few I don't know why they friended me because they were more my sister's friends than mine and I didn't even know they knew me.

One of those latter type friends messaged me during my great Internet outage. I finally got back to him (after I remembered who he was; he changed his last name for some reason, but when he told me his old last name, I remembered him...sort of) and we messaged back and forth a bit. And then he asked me if I had ever been married or was dating anyone.

So I got Carrie involved because that question confused me. I mean I know I've never been married and I know I'm not dating anyone, but why does he want to know?

Carrie explained that since he's my age and recently divorced, he's probably fishing to get back into the dating game. And I started whining "Why me?" because really, why me? If we had interacted more back in school, maybe I could see it, but I don't even remember hanging out with him much. (And I have resisted the urge to text my sister and ask her if I hung out with him via her because that happened a lot in high school. I think she's sick of me asking her why I know these people that friend me.)

After some discussion, I answered him. He asked why I was single. I asked Carrie if he thought he was doing an expose for Hermit's Magazine. Whaddya mean, why?

Again more discussion. Again, I answered him. I told him I'd taken myself out of the dating scene a few years ago (true) and that it wasn't a real high priority for me right now (sort of true; better than saying I'm lazy). Then I switched the topic.

He followed my switch, let my single status go, and I thought we were done.

Then he asked if I got up to Bloomington much and I realized that he hadn't given up. So once again I answered him honestly and told him that I get up there occasionally because I've got family up there.

And then he said that we should get a drink sometime? The question mark was his, not mine.

So, I said, yeah, maybe sometime.

And I've not heard from him since. Apparently, kinda sorta saying yes, but not really committing to anything was just too much for him. Or it was a turn off. I don't know.

I'm just glad this all played out online and not in person. Trust me, I am waaaaaaay worse in person than I am online. At least online I can get a second opinion before I commit to making an ass of myself.
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I don't know what it is about June that makes my laptop crash and burn, but there you go.

Yeah, the Tiki Idol has crashed again and I'm not very optimistic about its future at this point. Even if it can be saved, I might end up trying to hurl it into space anyway.

So, I'm going to be a little scarce for awhile. I feel that this move is best considering I keep going back and forth between wanting to flip a car and bursting into tears.

In review of the events of the past month or so, I'd say my life is turning into a poorly written country song.

And that's a bitch, folks. That's a bitch.
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I watched Ba'al: Storm God or God of Thunder or Whatever on SyFy today. Because it's Saturday and that's the kind of crap I watch on Saturdays.

Anyway, at the very beginning of the movie this group of people (and by group, I'm talking like twenty) find this relic while digging around like archaelogist type people do. Now, while they're all clustered around looking at this little disc, it shoots a green beam of light into the clouds, gives an old man a seisure, and start the earth doing an epic upheavel. This is all happening just in front of them and around them.

And everyone just looks mildly confused.

Children, that is not the appropriate facial expression for the CGI shitstorm happening all around you. I'm just saying.

I realize this is a SyFy movie, but damn, even the black hole/electricity entity mash-up of abomination had much better facial reactions to shit that was added in later.

Do more better next time. I'm looking at you, London twin.
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I regret to inform you that due to budgetary restraints I WILL NOT be able to send out holiday cards this year.

Sorry, guys. Money's too tight. Between buying the cards themselves and the postage to send them out, it's just an expense I can't afford right now.

Believe me, I'm bummed. I love sending out holiday cards. Mostly because I try to find the most glittery cards I can. Nothing beats sending holiday greetings that sparkle everything in my friends' houses for months to come.

So, yeah. Major suck.

Maybe next year.
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I fully admit to backdating this entry so I can keep up my posting streak in order to hit a year straight. I have come too far to screw up now.

At least I'm only an hour late, rather than a day. That makes me less of a cheater.

Honest. It does.
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Today was a day made for reading comprehension fail.

This morning I read that the "state of Ronald Reagan was unveiled" and I'm thinking what's to reveal? He's dead. His state is one of embalmed decay unless they had him cremated. Then his state is ashy.

Upon review I realized that it wasn't the "state of Ronald Reagan", but the "STATUE of Ronald Reagan".

At least that makes more sense than reporting the status of a dead president.

Then just an hour ago I read the "NBA going to the Supreme Court" and I'm like what the hell for? Are their hardwood floors better to play on? Are you trying to get a law passed to convince me that basketball is a sport worthy of my attention? No no. Fine me now.

It wasn't the "NBA"; it was the "NRA".

Another group I roll my eyes at, but not exactly in the same league.

Sometimes I wonder how I did well on the reading portion of my ACT.
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I should have known when I got the mail this morning and found that we got something for someone else (The Flower Corner? That's on Route 54. How do you confuse that with a strictly residential street?) that today would not be my day.

I went to the mall in search of a bra. Silly me, I thought that I should be able to walk into the store and fine the style I want and the size I need. HA! I could hardly find the size I need, and since I wasn't in the market for "old lady ugly", definitely didn't find the style.

On the walk out of the mall, I ended up with a blister on my left foot. These shoes have never given me a blister. Just another sign of the day.

I drove home, switched from the new Jeep, also known as Grape Ape, to my car (whatever Jeep is left at the house is to be taken out of town; my car is now strictly in-town driving only), and left again, this time to get some milk and bread at the grocery store and wash my car since both places are pretty much nextdoor to each other.

I pull into the car wash place and both of the back vacuums are occupied, but only one by an actual car. Some smartly dressed bitch with no car had her ass parked on the second one, chatting on her phone and smoking a cigarette. Annoyed, I pulled in, washed my car and then vacuumed it using the front vacuum, which I don't think is as good, because smartly dressed bitch still hadn't moved her smartly dressed ass and the other car (one of those new SUVs that look like a box on wheels) was still being vacuumed out. That lady was there a long time cleaning out her car. Like the whole time I cleaned AND vacuumed out mine. That car was brand new. It shouldn't have had that much shit in it.

Anyway, I'm just finishing up cleaning out and vacuuming my car when smartly dressed bitch goes walking by. If I had been a little quicker, I'd have had a new hood ornament.

I make it through the grocery store without incident and go home.

It then took two computers and three tries before I managed to order two bras online. According to what the site said, I should have them in about two weeks. *headdesk*

I swear to all that is unholy, the Universe wants me to have saggy titties.
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Yahoo mail is failing me right now.

It's not sucking balls, so much as it has inhaled them, choked on them, possibly asphyxiated on them, and as such, I've spent my day poking a corpse with a stick trying to get my email.

I'm rather frustrated and disappointed at this point.

Also, I can't get Twitter to work for me either.

I'm declaring today a general technology fail day.
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I had a dream last night (or actually early this morning because I was up until two watching Futurama) that I got engaged to a guy much younger than me.

Guess what the dream means according to one dream site?

That I desire to get engaged.

There's a certain disappointing lack of Freudian creativity there.

I'm just saying.
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I'm posting this entry from my laptop sitting on my bedroom floor while watching South Park.

I realize for most people this isn't a big deal. Many of my online friends have television sets in the same room as their computers. My desktop is in the kitchen. We have no TV in there.

For several years I thought how great it would be to be able to surf the web and chat with my online friends while watching TV. I thought about trying to con Dad into putting a TV in the kitchen. It would be awesome to watch a show or a movie with my friends in another state or not have to choose between watching Dracula for the 47th time or playing pull tabs on Facebook.

But now, I'm thinking that maybe it's better that I keep my TV and Internet seperate.

It's taken me like an hour just to post this entry. The TV keep distracting me.
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The President doing his thing tonight pushed NCIS back an hour.

No big deal, right?

I didn't think so.

And then CBS went out with twenty minutes of Gibbs left to go. I have no idea how the episode ended.

I can't help but think that this wouldn't have happened if my show had been able to air at its normal timeslot.

As far as I am concerned, President Obama owes me twenty minutes of NCIS.
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I spent the day being absolutely useless.

I could have failed at being a doorstop.

I kept waiting for myself to do something entertaining to journal about and it never happened.

Kind of a let down really.
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I'm going through that unfortunate phase in which I don't sleep very well. Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, trouble getting up in the morning. I'm like an ad for Ambien.

So anyway, I've spent the past couple of days disoriented and even more socially avoidant that normal because I'm just too tired to care about what anyone else is saying let alone decipher it (I know English is my first language, but sometimes my brain's inability to translate it makes me wonder).

This isn't a pity plea, just a public service annoucement. It's more likely that I will read the words that you write and not understand a damn syllable because that part of my brain is napping without me.


I expect this to all be resolved in the next few days. It never lasts too long. Then I'll be back to misreading things at the frequency and hilarity that we've all grown comfortable with and come to love.


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