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Like I said before, we met and had our pictures taken with a few famous people.

Rubbing shoulders with the stars )

I'm know things were left out of my con report, both forgotten and intentional, but that's the best you're going to get.

I guess if you want the whole story, you'll just have to go with us next year.
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Last day blues )
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Hey, you...blondie...come here )
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I woke to the sounds of housekeeping trying to break into the room )
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I have to use Ba'al's microphone. )
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We're talking about when you were eleven, not last night. )
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Hey, look! I was somewhat productive today. I uploaded pictures AND went to the grocery store. It's a roll that I'm on.

These are the droids we were looking for. )
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Yeah, I still don't have the pictures done. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know. I'm still in that weird con existance at the moment. There were things I wanted to do today that just didn't happen. I'm probably going to ride the week out like this.

I'm sorry. Did Edward James Olmos just say Aaron Douglas was well hung? )
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Yes, I'm starting with Thursday. Technically that's part of the con. People can start picking up their badges then. It counts.

Also, while I may have downloaded pictures from Carrie's camera, I still have to size them and upload them. I'm lazy and still recovering from the weekend. Feel free to deal with it.

Flying, Badge pick-up, and Adventures in Plumbing )
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Carrie and I are home. We got into the airport a little after ten and made it home before eleven and have been filling Dad in on various con events.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting a full con report (I took notes this year so I wouldn't forget stuff). Carrie took a bunch of pictures that I'll post. I tried to take pictures and it was once again established that I am made of fail in this arena.

In short, we had a fantastic time, we're looking forward to going again next year, and we're fucking exhausted.

I'll start wading through my flist tomorrow, but if anything amazingly incredible happened while I was gone, let me know.

Right now, I'm going to go enjoy the fact that I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!

...As soon as I kick the cats out of it.
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I've got my bags pretty much packed. Our flight leaves tomorrow about 11:30 and we won't be back until late Monday night. I'll be trackable via Twitter, but other than that, will have no net access. I'll be sure to take notes and pictures (if I remember I have a camera and even then, my pictures will probably be shit).

Look for a big update full of juicy details (is it wrong to hope for more debauchery this year?) when I get back.

Until then, I'm off.

Here we come DragonCon.
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Remember that surprise I mentioned last week? Well, here it is...

I'm wearing a costume for a day at DragonCon )
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Went to Walgreens today to get some last minute stuff for the trip to Atlanta. We fly out Thursday, so there's not much time left.

I keep trying to get excited about it and every time I do, I remember the stuff that still needs to be done and it kills my buzz.

As a result, I won't get excited until the day the con starts and my head will explode. You'll see.

I admit, I'm a little nervous about flying. Flying itself doesn't bother me (well, I don't care for being in such a small space with so many people and they frown on pitching any annoying passengers) and my previous trips have all been good. But my previous trips were before 9/11. All I know are security horror stories. Carrie has done her best to prepare me, but until I live through it, it's going to nag on me.

The rest...*shrugs*. For someone who thrives on routine, I'm amazingly adept at going with the flow when things don't go as planned. I'm not one of those people who upsets easily in the face of plans going astray. Shit happens and I deal. I will eat, I will sleep, and I will get to where I'm going. I don't sweat the particulars on those things.

I just want to get there so I can start having fun.
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Hello, Mr. Headache. Come with the rain, did you? Well, you're a prick. Now scram.

My day has felt very wonky. Like I'm off rhythm. I think it's because I'm doing that downhill fall to DragonCon. I'm not exactly excited because my mind just keeps going over and over the things I know I have to get done. It just feels like today wasn't a typical day, but it was. It's just that it's a day closer to DragonCon.

Tomorrow I'll be able to debut two of the projects I've been working on. One, you should have guessed, is my website. It's not going to be fantastic or flashy. I would just like a nice home base prepared in the event I do get something published and acquire a fan or two.

And being unpublished as of now, I know how egotistical it looks, but I'm like a boy scout. Always prepared and able to tie a variety of knots.

The second is a surprise.

I can hear you groaning from here.
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Papa update: He's been out of the hospital for several days and doing okay. Until they can get the right med combo, he's still going to have problems, though.

I'm getting better at freestyle belly dance (as opposed to doing the routines the TV tells me to do). I getting used to thinking ahead and feeling the music. My moves are improving, too. It's getting more and more likely that I'll be making or acquiring a belly dancing costume at some point. I'm getting comfortable with the whole idea.

Polished "Stateline" today. Cross another one off the list. Actually, all I have left to do is polish "Dead Guy in an Elevator", polish "In the Dark", and finish writing "Not Pretty" before DragonCon. Rock on. My progress impresses me.

Speaking of DragonCon, I got my hair cut today so I wouldn't be cursing it in Atlanta. Cross another item off of the To Do list.

The neighbors are having their weekly party again tonight. They hang out in the garage, play music and basketball, and do whatever it is young people do these days. Amazingly, they don't get too loud.

However, two weeks ago, one of the drunker ones wandered into our yard to take a piss (and have a conversation with his dick...I don't know). Last week, someone DROVE in our yard. Father was not pleased.

Tonight, when he got home from work, he saw that people were beginning to assemble, strode over in his shiny police uniform, and informed them that there WOULD NOT be a repeat performance of the past two weeks.

But he didn't let me know he was going to do that and robbed me of the funny.

Meanwhile, Carrie's bad luck streak continues. She got into a little accident in my car today in the Walgreen's parking lot (some guy basically bounced off of my bumper, denting his car and...dirtying mine...real cars rule!). Car's okay and so is she, but she's got a bit of a sore neck.

I'm hoping she got all of this bad luck out of her system. I really don't want to be sitting next to her on a plane if this shit keeps up.
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Polished "At 3:36", "Rotting Gracefully", and "My Winter with Stanley" today (will get them typed up all official like tomorrow). I'm trying to get all my loose writing ends tied up before DragonCon and we're coming down to the wire here folks.

I've got to finish writing "Not Pretty" at the very least (honestly, may not have time to get it all edited and polished before DC). Polish up "Stateline". Edit/polish "In the Dark". Get some of my finished work sent out. And get my website launched.

All of this and the last minute pre-con stuff. This is why I have a personal assistant, folks. Carrie keeps the con stuff straight for me so I don't have to worry about it. She just tells me what I need and what to do. It helps me a lot.

Even if it does border on nagging sometimes.
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Carrie got her DragonCon magazine in the mail today. I looked through it, even though I've got one coming. Hey, she was asleep and I was semi-conscious. I win.

According to my phone's D-Day counter (reading instruction manuals DOES have benefits...I wouldn't have found this shiny on my own), we're a little over a month away from flying to Atlanta and I realized I haven't really begun preparing for it. No clue what I'm wearing, don't know if I'm taking costumes, I don't think I have travel bottles for anything, and I have no idea if all of this mystery stuff will fit in my suitcase.

Carrie on the other hand, has known everything to the last detail since, I don't know, February, and I think she's even packed her suitcase once just to make sure everything fits (though she's such a girl and keeps changing what shirts she's taking).

I suppose, once again, I'll have to have Carrie tell me what to pack because she'd probably fall over dead if I just did the whole day before "hey, this is clean" routine.

At least I know what I'll be putting in my messanger bag.

I realize it's not until the end of next month, but I have a terrible concept of time. I'm use to doing things at the last minute because that's usually when it dawns on me when things have to be done.

Carrie will strangle me, I think, if I do that with DragonCon.
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Here's what I did today:

1. Finished rewrite notes for "Stateline".
2. Started editing "At 3:36".
3. Watched several hours of I Love the 80's 3-D.
4. Made chicken fajitas for dinner.
5. Started reading Jennifer Pelland's Unwelcome Bodies.
6. Stole the last two Reese's peanutbutter cups.

I'm considering making pillows for a charity auction that will take place during DragonCon. The information is still a little sketchy at the moment, but I'd have no problem making two or three pillows before then. I'm going to have to look into it.

I should be able to work that into my busy schedule.


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