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I never did hear back from that job interview. I guess they didn't like the idea of a single girl in their midst, trying to steal their husbands. Oh well.

I took Carrie to the airport on Sunday. She's going on home for the first time since she's moved here. It's an anxiety laden trip for her. On one hand, she's excited to go back and see her best friend and watch her friend's son graduate from high school. She's looking forward to seeing one of her cousins and an aunt, too. A little less excited to see her grandma, but she's got the Alzheimer's real good and doesn't remember much past 1984, so it's going to be a tough, but necessary trip just so she can say goodbye.

On the other hand, she's worried that her mother will cause problems, that she'll have a panic attack at the graduation, that she'll be forced to see people she doesn't want to see, all the stuff she worries about that may never happen, but she's got to stress over it. Leading up to the trip she kept having dreams that I wouldn't let her come back to the house. I told her there was a fat chance of that because I wasn't moving all of her stuff. The dreams stopped after that.

At any rate, I hope she has a good time. She could use it.
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Took a trip with Haley, Natalie, and Sarah to a Cubs game on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day for baseball. We did the park n ride and ended up being a little late for the game. Between hitting Lollapalooza traffic on the way in and three stoplights being out on Addison, traffic really killed our ETA.

We sat in the upper deck by the press box on the third base side. Haley got stuck next to a guy that smelled like sausage. We told her it was Karma for wearing her White Sox shirt to the game.

There was a group in the row in front of us having a bachelor party outing of some sort that we ended up crashing. They were all wearing different colored tuxedo shirts with monikers written on the back ("Da Groom", "Best Man", etc.). The best was Shark Week. Turned out he couldn't think of what to put on the back so Best Man suggested Shark Week since it was Shark Week.

Apparently, the group took a train from Michigan to see the game and during the ride, Best Man wrote "You smelly pirate hooker" on the back of Nate Dogg's shirt without his knowledge. It was funny in the first place. After that it was hysterical. The guys were all carrying sharpies so we got to sign their shirts. We went to town illustrating the back of Shark Week.

The guys were a great time. We ended up taking pictures with them.

It was a really fun game. The Cubs crushed the Reds 11-4. Big Z hitting a homer really set it off. The crowd was buzzing like the team was in first place. It was my first Cubs win and I sang Go, Cubs, Go like nobody's business.

After the game, we made our way to Giordano's for some World Famous Stuffed Pizza. Oh, man it was good. I'm glad I could take a couple of pieces home and introduce Carrie to the awesomeness that is Chicago pizza. I believe she's hooked.

It was a great time with great company. We're talking about making this a yearly (or several times a year) thing. I'm all for that.

I'm looking to make my last trip to Wrigley September 17. Baseball is my happy place and Wrigley is my home.
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Not to be confused with baseball porn, though the way I drool over a particular player, it's kind of like that.

If you'd like to look at some pictures and read a few highlights from the roadtrip to KC, you can do so here and here.

In short, we had a blast. The drive featured a lot of billboards (there is so many boots and adult shops in Missouri along I-70), we stayed in a ghettofabulous hotel (condoms in the vending machine), ate some awesome barbecue (Gates FTW), baked in our fantastic seats at the game (right over the Cubs bullpen), ate a lot of breakfast (thank you, Denny's and Cracker Barrel), and ended up talking about taking another roadtrip before this one was done.

Last weekend, after a TMI conversation, Haley and I ended up taking Carrie to an adult shop because she'd never been to one. I don't know how that's possible considering I've been to several in two states. Not sure if I should brag about that, but I will. It was a giggly good time followed up by milkshakes at Steak n Shake. As you do.

Last night, Haley and her husband Matt took me to my first Cornbelters game. We had front row seats just to the left of home plate and stayed for the fireworks show afterward (which we got to go on the field for). It was awesome sitting so close and it's fantastic to have baseball basically in my own backyard (30 minute drive). I'm just sorry I waited this long to go to a game. I ended up buying a t-shirt to wear to Sunday night's game. I plan on getting a hat then.

(And Haley and I will probably rate walk-up music again. Mike Mobbs had the best, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but we doubt he's old enough to have it.)

It's also free baseball night/Sunday Autograph night. We're going early to get the baseball and staying late to get the autographs.

I wonder if I can get the players to sign their names and their phone numbers.
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Poor Carrie. She just experienced her first tornado warning at school without me right there to provide reassurance. Instead, I had to give her my special brand of comfort via text.

Carrie: The siren is going off.
Me: That means there's a tornado warning. Enjoy!

Carrie: Should we take shelter?
Me: You can if you want to.

They ended up making everyone take cover in the hallways. Carrie, not having logged HOURS of her life sitting in school hallways during tornado warnings, was pretty scared.

Carrie: I'm going to throw up.
Me: Your classmates would not appreciate that.
Carrie: I know but I can't help it. It touched down in Mt. Zion and is heading right for us. OMG can you check my windows?

Her windows in her room were fine and so was she. Carrie survived. She's on her way home now. She's going to tell me all about it. And I'm going to be the good friend and listen to her.

Then I'm going to remind her that I drove through a tornado once and she's going to hate me.

I'm a bad person like that.
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I ended up having dinner and a bit of a girl's night with Carrie, Haley, and Andi. We went to El Rey's, ate well, discussed my future as a porn star, took pictures, discussed the merits of our waiter, spoke Spanish, and in general, had a fab time.

We then took the party back to my house.

Well, part of the party. Haley had to run out to her Dad's house to get her son's bowling shirt and ended up having to pause for a poo while she was there. She then texted Andi a picture of herself on the john (with her step-mom's dog on her lap). Andi then posted it to Facebook. And then there was a long and involved discussion about bowel movements and passing gas.

We are classy, classy people.

Then Haley and Andi filled us in on a bunch of gossip about life in our small town. It's like Jerry Springer, only fewer strippers.

Speaking of strippers, Haley also recounted the story of going to a friend's bachelorette party. Yeah, they had a stripper. It was our town stripper, actually. As in, we see him all over town fully clothed. I guess when he left the party, he really did say, "See you around!" and he meant it. Yeah, that's not awkward at all.

We had a great time tonight. I guess we'll be doing it again next Friday at Haley's.

It was a good way to start off the month.
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Despite work and a trip to the ER with Carrie (she's got laryngitis and bronchitis, but now has drugs, so she's doing much better), I still managed to spend time with my favorite valentine.

Happy Vincent Price Day!
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Since the weather prevented me from going up to my mom's house yesterday for Hammie's birthday, I went up today for mine. I also took up the Christmas presents from Dad's side of the family in addition to Hammie's birthday present, so it was a present extravaganza!

Actually, it was more like a Barbie convention. They got a lot of Barbies.

They also got a charades game that was an absolute riot to play. Every charade that Hobbit did involved some vague gesture with her arm. She also interpreted Mom miming driving a car as milking a cow. It was fantastic. Hammie was a bit stilted at first, but once she got the hang of being more animated, she got really good at it.

Hammie got a guitar for her birthday, so there was plenty of music. Howlin' Mad Smurf was very excited about me getting my cake and my present (I got money).

I guess for Mom took the girls shopping to pick out presents for Hammie's birthday and when Mom asked Smurf what she wanted to give Hammie, she said a punch in the stomach. Apparently, she really did give her a punch in the stomach, too. When Smurf said she wanted to give me my birthday present, I asked her if it was a punch in the stomach because I didn't want that. She acted all offended. I don't know why.

After the birthday celebration, I came home to join Carrie for a haircut. We're both loooong overdue (as usual). We ended up going to a new lady, Tammy, and she did a fantastic job. I'll have to post pictures after I decided what I'm going to do with this new style. I prefer my hair a little more punk rock then the way she ended up styling it, but it's still nice. And short. And my bangs are finally out of my eyes.

I could never have Justin Beiber hair.

Carrie ended up ordering pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook.

All in all, it's been a fantastic birthday. I have a feeling that being 30 Bonus Year is going to be excellent.
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Rang in the new year at home with Carrie. I made chicken and spinach pizza for dinner. Later, we snacked on chips and queso, and I had pickle wraps (Carrie had black olives and mozerella, but she forgot them in the fridge). Food is an important part of all of my celebrations.

Carrie bought us silly string and these popper that had confetti and streamers. She also got us champagne classes with light up stems. They were really cool to drink champagne out of at midnight in the driveway.

After we drank our bubbly, popped our poppers, sprayed each other with silly string, and cleaned up most of the mess (it was windy, so we just let the streamers and confetti blow into the neighbors' yard), we played cards and ate cheesecake until the too early hours. It was a good time.

We decided to go into 2011 as positive and optimistic as possible in order to properly set the tone for the new year.

I'm ready to take on 2011 and I'm ready to own it.
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Dad, Carrie, and I headed down to Aunt Jo's this afternoon. We ended up with a full house: the three of us, Aunt Jo, Nancy, Jake, Papa, cousin Chuck, and cousin Patty. It's been quite awhile since I've spent any time in Patty's company and since her husband just recently passed away, I was a little apprehensive of what her mood might bit, but she seemed in very good spirits. The company was quite excellent.

We opened presents before dinner. Dad and Jake both got knives and Papa got duct tape. Yes, I wrapped it. No, it's not the first time duct tape has been given as a serious gift for Christmas (I got it once in high school; yes I did appreciate it). Papa, who never fails us, got Carrie a Harry Potter book she's been coveting and me a Cubs shirt. Aunt Jo and Nancy got us both really nice, fleecy blankets (she got Dad once last year). Mine has an angel, Carrie's has a lighthouse. Also, I know have 50 bucks in Olive Garden gift cards between Mom and Aunt Jo. I am set for pasta and I am good with this.

Aunt Jo and Nancy outdid themselves this year with the spread. There was turkey, pork roast, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, peas, scalloped corn, bread pudding, stuffing, broccoli salad, corn salad, cranberry salad, olives, candied dills, homemade bread, fruit bread, applesauce bread, banana bread, and for dessert there was pumpkin, pecan, and cherry pie. It was just incredible.

Naturally, I filled myself up fit to bust and I was way behind most of my family. I was miserable for a good half an hour after I ate. I don't know how the people who ate twice as much as I did weren't imitating beached whales.

Playing cards has kind of become a holiday tradition, I guess. We play Spit at Thanksgiving and Christmas, almost always the same players: me, Carrie, Jake, and Aunt Jo. This year, Jake left kind of early to go to his dad's, so that left the three of us ladies. The game was paused twice, once for pie and one so Aunt Jo could show us some old jewelry she had. I was impressed when she brought out the watch that belonged to my great-great grandpa's mother. Then she brought a pin and earrings that belonged to my great-great grandpa's grandmother. Better still, they were made from actual coins. The date on one was 1857. I had no idea we had something so cool.

At the end of the card playing, Aunt Jo vowed revenge because Carrie and I were getting Spit a lot more than she was and even when she did, one of us would still manage to beat her in the card count. It just wasn't her night tonight. Heh.

All in all, even though the nieces couldn't come, it was a good Christmas.

I hope all of you had a terrfic day, too, whether you celebrate or not.

Merry Christmas and Rob Whoville!
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Went to Mom's today for the first of my two Christmases. It was a good time. We got pizza, as usual, but it was delivery instead of homemade. We opened presents. The girls liked the jewelry I made for them. Grandma and Grandpa came through once again with a Kohl's gift card. I can buy bras again!

The after dinner entertainment was playing Just Dance. I guess the girls have been playing it every day since Hobbit got it for her birthday last week. Grandpa read about us playing it on my Facebook (yes, both of my mom's parents are my FB friends as are my mom and stepdad; look, they're my family so I've already scarred them for life) and wanted a demonstration. All of the girls have gotten pretty good at it, though Mom said that Hammie was pretty sore from playing it so much. Hobbit's song is definitely "Who Let the Dogs Out". She's rockin' the high score on that one. And Howlin' Mad Smurf is really good at some song that I've never heard of. She actually prefers to dance without the controller, though.

My songs are definitely "Ring My Bell" and "A Little Less Conversation". The two songs I'm the worst at, "Hot n Cold" and "Womanizer", Hammie just kills.

It was a good Christmas. It was nice seeing my grandparents. Carrie got a most excellent make-up bag. I got my cookies (I wait all year for those things). Quite successful, really.

Christmas Eve is free, which is great since they're still predicting some serious snow (I've heard totals anywhere from 1-2 inches to 3-6 inches). Hopefully, it'll all be over, done with, and cleared by Christmas when we have to do our traveling.

I'll probably be sore tomorrow from Just Dance, too. My right arm already hurts. Damn windmill arm moves.
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Carrie comes into my room.
Carrie: How do you spell "discriminate"?
Me: D-I-S-C-R-I-M-I-N-A-T-E.
Carrie: Thanks.
Carrie leaves. She comes back in about five minutes later.
Carrie: How do you spell "blatantly"?
Me: B-L-A-T-A-N-T-L-Y.
Carrie: Thanks.
Me: Don't you have spellcheck on that computer?
Carrie: Not on ANGEL (for her online English class). And I can't type up the post in Word and then paste it in ANGEL because it messes up the format.
Me: Why don't you type it up in ANGEL, then copy and paste it into Word to check the spelling?
Carrie: Oh, yeah.
Me: Yeah. Then you wouldn't have to running back and forth.
Carrie: I need the exercise.
Me: I don't need the spelling test.

Clearly, I missed my calling. I was born to be a human spellcheck.
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Carrie has to do a project for one of her classes that involves telling a story with pictures. She decided her story would be the story of making tea.

She took pictures of my hands making the tea. And because there was some sort of problem with my craptacular camera, we ended up having to take some of the pictures again. And again. But, we got it done! Carrie then made all of the pictures black and white, which I have to admit, looks pretty cool.

She says I'd be a good hand model because I take direction well and I have very pretty hands.

So, if anyone is in need of some pretty hands for non-porn art projects and pictures, let me know. I am for hire.
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I should probably post when I first think of something to post instead of procrastinating which leads me to forgetting what I was going to post and then I spend another hour or two trying to remember what I wanted to post.

It doesn't help that I was up waaay too late last night watching Carrie be unintentionally offensive with hilarious results. The lack of sleep and the sore ribs from giggling aren't helping me think.

And I don't need more handicaps in that area.
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Went to my dad's family reunion this afternoon. Good times.

Papa got drunk on pirate's piss and kept making drunken announcements until he finally called out the Neeley family for separating themselves from the rest of us every year. So that was fun. It would have been better if he did it while sober. I'm just saying.

Carrie got her first real taste of my dad's side of the family. Something like a 115 people showed up today. She kept asking who was who. Papa is the youngest of 10. There's nearly 30 years between him and the oldest. Some of his nieces and nephews are older than he is. And those 10 kids had a lot of kids of their own. It gets quite complicated.

They're a loud and rowdy bunch, so I'm rockin' one hell of a headache right now. But the food was really good, as it always is, and it was nice seeing some of my favorite relatives. The weather was perfect, too.

But, the family reunion always means that Fall is coming and frankly, I'm just not ready for it yet.
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Dad had finally discovered the wonder of the internet and now we can't get him off the computer.

So far he's limited himself to shopping sites, though he did spend a lot of time last night amusing himself looking for matches on a dating site. Don't ask. As far as I know, he hasn't found the porn yet.

Shocking considering he's been using Google.

So it looks like Dad has chosen to join us in the 21st century.

I still don't think he can check his email, though.
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Internet/Computer/Laptop Situation )
ETA! )
Job Situation )
The A-Team Situation )

It's supposed to be hot as hell tomorrow (heat advisory in effect because the heat indices are going to hit 100) and my aunt has organized a family outing to see my great-aunt's horses and Haley and Diana want us to go out to their camp site to hang out.

These are two things that don't sound too pleasant in excessive heat. I'm just saying.
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Carrie and I went over to Haley's last night to play cards with her and Diana. It was supposed to be an early night, but then a friend I haven't seen since probably high school, Amanda, showed up and we ended up staying until almost 2.

Man, it was a good time.

My throat and my ribs hurt from laughing.

Haley handled a bottle of Boone's Farm and then decided we needed to go on a liquor run to get another bottle. Had it not been for Carrie, she would have forgetten that her children were asleep upstairs and best not left alone. I'm sure it would have dawned on her before she left, but it was funnier this way.

During the course of the evening, Amanda ranted about her beer belly ("I earned this twelve ounces at a time!") and her double chin ("I need a hoodie"). Diana kicked our asses at Spit the first time she played it. Carrie and I ate most of the bucket cookies ("You should not have left them between two fat girls. I'm just saying."). Amanda, Diana, and Haley got caught in a downpour on their liquor run. Because it had rained in Amanda's passenger side window, Diana and Haley sat in the back, which led to Haley telling Amanada that she was driving Drunk Daisy.

After they got back, we had a tornado warning. Once it had passed, Haley got into the second bottle of Boone's Farm and started drunk texting and drunk Facebooking. She danced to Justin Bieber and generally made an ass out of herself, but to be fair, a lot of these things she'd have done sober.

In short, the evening achieved levels of hilarity that I've not experienced in a long time. The "hangover" we all have today (in Haley and probably Amanda's case literal) is so worth it.

I can't wait to do it again sometime.
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In celebration of Carrie's birthday, I took her to see the nieces. They were quite excited about it. They got her princess cupcakes (okay, I asked Mom to order the cupcakes and Mom came up with the idea of putting princess crowns on them, but we didn't mind giving the girls the credit), princess plates, a Tinkerbell card (because, as Smurf knows, she likes Tinkerbell the best), and an Applebees gift card.

As Mom said, the gift card was the most grown-up thing in the whole shabang.

We ended up sitting out on the deck (Mom got some really nice new patio furniture) playing cards while the girls ran in and out of the pool. We taught Hobbit how to play Spit and Hammie how to play Rummy. Then we all played poker. Smurf invinted her own card came and played it with me. I have no idea if I won or not, but she had a good time.

I woke up with a headache this morning and got it to mostly go away, but by four o'clock it was back in full force, which kind of put a damper on my good time, but other than that, we all had fun.

I think it was a very good way to spend Carrie's birthday.
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Carrie is going back to college. She went before, back in the day after high school as most people do, but she never finished. So she's decided to go to the community college I went to (three times and never finished) to get her associates in fine arts.

Of course, I am supportive in this venture.

Carrie's biggest concern is math. While a majority of the credits that she earned in her time in college will transfer, one they're not sure about is her math credit and she'll probably have to take the math placement test and possible some math classes. Carrie does not liek the math. Math makes her whine. She can't do it. It's too hard. She doesn't understand it. Her brain doesn't process it right. The teachers can't teach her.

So I, being the incredibly spiteful person that I am, decided to teach her algebra to prove to her that her brain could understand it and that she could do it.

Yeah, guess who can understand algebra now? Guess who thinks factoring is fun because it's like solving a secret code? Guess who's no longer too upset about the prospect of taking math classes because she knows if she can't understant it, someone can explain it to her so she does?

Yeah. So it turns out that my geeky love of algebra is coming in handy after all.

And I'm going on record right now to say that I'm very proud of Carrie for going back to school and persuing her goal and I support her 100%. I am totally Team Carrie on this one.

But, I'm not wearing that on a shirt. I don't want to be confused for a misguided Twilight shipper.
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Carrie's been working very hard this week redecorating her room. I'll give her credit. She decided what she wanted to do and damn straight she's done it and done most of it on her own. Busted her ass, too.

I've helped her out a little bit (I painted a couple of tables for her and helped her move her bed a couple of times), but I figured the least I could do was take over her chore of doing the dishes so she could get more done. Last night, Carrie was trying to finish up all of the painting and she wasn't going to stop until she got the room done, so I washed the dishes again.

Now, the water is shallow and despite the soap, I can see the stuff in the water and I can see my favorite chopping knife in there. I've never cut myself washing dishes before (that I can remember, anyway) and I'm not worried about it now because I can see where the knife is. I reach in to get the spatula and I swear the knife slid over and cut me on purpose. I know the water can distort perception, but not that much. It's like it knew. It's like it laid there on the bottom and said, "Okay, tonight, she bleeds."

And boy did I, but thankfully, not for very long. Upon inspection this morning, it looks nasty and it bled a little more in my sleep, but it looks like it'll heal okay, though I might end up with a scar. That'll make two unintentional, self-inflicted knife wound scars on my fingers.

Carrie's finishing up her room today. I helped her carry two shelving units in their boxes up the stairs. Now, there are several people who can attest to the craziness of my stairs. They are not normal stairs, so carrying things up them can be harrowing indeed. Carrie and I managed, however, to do it without serious injury. I admit, I did smash two of my fingers a little, but not the finger that I cut last night, bashed my knee on the step, nearly lost my balance and fell backward, and I don't think any of this helped Carrie's aching back and we might have added to the awesome bruise collection she's got going on her legs, but there were no tears or hospital trips, so I'm calling it a win.

Her room is going to look awesome when she gets it all put together. I hope she's proud of herself because I know I am.


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