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There are times when everything happens at once.

Yesterday, I booked a job interview and I found out the remaining Monkees will be playing 12 dates in November.

The job interview is tomorrow at the Mobil Super Pantry down the street. A gas station/convenience store job would be considered low brow for most, but since most of my jobs have been crap jobs, it's a good fit for me. The fact that it's down the street makes it that much more appealing. It's like retail and that's where I'm most comfortable. So, we'll see how it goes. I guess my dad knows the guy that will be interviewing me. I hope he doesn't hold that against me.

The Monkees touring is HUGE. It's Mike, Peter, and Micky. Mike hasn't gone on tour with these guys since '97. I saw Micky, Peter, and Davy 15 years ago this month and it was fantastic. I would love to see Mike. Of course, me going hinges on getting a job and/or making regular money in some way because I can't afford it. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the Chicago show. There's no way I can get tickets now. I have to hope that I can get tickets if I get the money.

The money-less state I'm in is really cramping my fun. Not only will I likely miss out on The Monkees, but I'm also missing out on a Cubs lunch next week that I REALLY want to go to because my lefty will be there.

The money-less state is also cramping my everything. I can't afford to buy shampoo right now and I need to come up with 100 extra bucks this month to pay my car registration.

In short, I could really use this job.

Or someone to pay me to do something.

Or winning the lotto.

Whatever. Need money. My life is all cramped. Tired of this no fun existence.
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I spent 6 1/2 hours Thursday and 5 hours Friday working with DaLette on a huge yard that needed to be cleared of leaves. As a result of all of this work, my out of shape body is paying the price. I've got three blisters on my hands and both hands are swollen. Just about every muscle in my body is sore, particularly my shoulders. My left knee is a bit swollen, isn't easy to bend, and doesn't work well on stairs (getting my laundry from the basement this morning was a challenge).

I'm not the only one hurting; Dalette's sore, too (though probably not as bad as I am). But we're both very proud of the work we did and everything that we accomplished in two days. It wasn't easy!

Photographic evidence )

What I didn't get a chance to take pictures of was the other half of the front yard, the hill that leads to the other street (the house sits on a corner) and the backyard.

Aside from a big part of the yard between the wall and the street and part of the other half of the front yard, most of the lawn was covered with a pretty thick blanket of leaves. Because we had to take them to the street, I was piling them up on a tarp and dragging them across the yard to piled them there so the city would pick them up. You could comfortably hide a Jason Voorhees murder spree of bodies in those piles.

DaLette and I did this all by ourselves with just two rakes and a leaf blower (and a really handy bit of plastic sheeting).

So pardon me if I'm moving a little slow the next few days.

At least I know my cell bill is getting paid.


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