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Spent my day celebrating my success at avoiding death for another year. I'm glad to be 33. I like three's. This feels lucky to me.

I spent the day indulging in my favorites. I ended up watching Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980) (the latter courtesy of Carrie; she got me that and a Funko POP Usula doll for my birthday); an episode of The A-Team ("Bad Day at Black Rock"); an episode of MST3K ("Night of the Blood Beast"); two episodes of my current TV infatuation, Emergency! ("Virus" and "Breakdown"); and closed it out with an episode of The Monkees ("I Was a Teenage Monster"). I also watched Svengoolie (Island of Lost Souls) and finished reading Dead Until Dark.

It was a fabulous, relaxing, indulgent day. I appreciated every minute of it.

I'll do all of my partying next weekend at Cubs Con.
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-Had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. I ate too much, as is the custom. Played cards with Carrie and Aunt Jo. Carrie said I was too competitive and I should let other people win. So I tried. I still kept winning hands. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on losing. I do so well in the rest of my life, you'd think I'd be able to do it easily at cards. Not so much.

-Worked the calmest Black Friday I've ever worked. Having an evening shift might have had something to do with it, but still, I wasn't once insulted or otherwise bitched at. It was an odd experience.

-I may be seeing some more time on the floor during the holidays. I don't mind it. I could use a little extra cash.

-Dad and Mom went half and half for my Christmas/birthday present so I can go to Cubs Con. I am so looking forward to this drinking binge. And seeing baseball players, too.

-25% off at the Jewelry Box if you're into that sort of thing.

-If you missed it, I've got a novella called Gone Missing on Smashwords. It should be compatible with most e-readers.

-November was really kind of boring.
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Good news! Rejected is now on Amazon and available for Kindle (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo for all of her wonderful help...she's amazing, fantastic, and fabulous and I owe her big time).

Bad news! Dad goes in on the 21st for another biopsy. Apparently, the pathologist said there wasn't any muscle tissue in what was sent to the lab. Doc says it's possible considering the size of the tumor, but he was pretty sure that he at least got some. He's going to have the pathology lab look again, but Dad is still scheduled to go it because at the very least the doc wants to have another "look around". I told Dad I was sick of his bladder inconveniencing me and that it needed to get its shit together. Dad appreciated that. Heh.

Good news! The doc is utterly perplexed at how non-invasive the tumors were despite their size and number and his prognosis for Dad remains positive. He's still likely to have a recurrence, but with the doc monitoring, it won't be nearly as bad as it's been this time.

Bad news! I've run out of news.
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So, yeah, if you'd like to order Rejected through Lulu, you can save 25% by using the code BUYMYBOOK305.

In related news, after I posted my book links on Facebook yesterday (individual post for each link because if Facebook lets you do more than one link in a post, I don't know how to do it), someone on my friends list posted that the people "selling stuff on here" need to take it somewhere else.

So you know I just HAD to post a fresh link with this coupon offer today.

My apologies. I don't have the drama or Jesus preaching to post on my Facebook. I've just got to work with what I have.

I've thought about creating my own page on Facebook, but at this point I don't see it being worth my while. For now I think I'll just stick to broadcasting on LJ, Twitter, and pissing off my Facebook friends.

Maybe if they bought my stuff, I'd shut up. I bet they never thought of that.

I wouldn't shut up. But they still never thought of it.
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Ebook versions of Rejected: Nine Stories I Couldn't Get Published are now available at the iBookstore and for the Nook. For $1.99, you can be informed when you tell me my writing sucks! (Sorry, nothing for Kindle yet.)

Also, I've added new stuff to my jewelry store on Etsy. If you don't want to order through Etsy, you can contact me here and I'll be more than happy to hook you up.

Remember to pass it on! I could really use the word of mouth right now.

Please and thank you.
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Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters (containing my story "Land of the Voting Dead") is now available!

I just got my contributer's copy (and my check) in the mail today. I can't think of a better way to pep up an ordinary Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to reading it. With titles like "Zombie's First Christmas" and "Kill Phil", it's gotta be good.
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Dad had his doctor's appointment today. The pathology report isn't back yet (he'll have to call Monday), but he did get his catheter out. I'm happy to report that he's able to pee, it doesn't hurt, and he can go several hours between bathroom trips. Prior to this surgery, none of these things were true. So that's good. The doctor said he was encouraged by what he saw during the surgery, so hopefully the pathology report will be on the positive side, too.

Since he does have more tumors in his bladder, he'll have to have surgery again. This time, though, the doctor wants to do it as an in-patient so he can take as much time as he needs to clean the rest of the tumors out in one go (initially, he didn't think there were that many in there, that's why it was scheduled as out-patient). So that's something to look forward to.

In other news, I'm going to start working with DaLette next week. Good thing. I need a little boost in my income. The jewelry's been the biggest disappointment. I knew selling the book would be tough, but I figured the jewelry would sell, even if only a couple of pieces. Nada. Disappointing.

I'm hoping once the book gets on Amazon (fingers crossed) and the closer it gets to Christmas, I'll get some more sales for both.

And finally...I really don't have any way to end this post. I just didn't want my last words to be ones of whining about money.
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It took me a frustrated tempertantrum and feeling like an idiot, but I finally got my book of short stories published on Lulu last night.

Rejected: Nine Stories I Couldn't Get Published

It's available in paperback and for PDF download. I will probably attempt to do a proper eBook version, but it's going to be a few weeks because I have other things that I need to get done first.

Buy it and/or pass it on.
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Since Papa was unable to come up for my birthday, I went down to visit him today. He's doing pretty well.

Last year before Christmas, he bought himself a Kindle. He's probably got 150 books on it now and he reads about two books a day. He likes just about any genre, but he's taken to reading anything free. This includes romance novels and romantic thrillers.

Papa swears that all of the characters are alike, the descriptions are similar, the plots are similar, only the names change. Oh, and if it ain't about a vampire, it's about a cowboy.

Anyway, he was telling me about one of the cowboy books he'd read by this author that apparently wrote a whole series about every member of some family in Montana. The cowboy in this book looked like the cowboys in other books, blonde, tall, broad shoulders, tight jeans. It was the tight jeans that got him. During his synopsis of this book, any time he referred to the cowboy he'd be sure to add tight jeans.

I cannot communicate the absolute hilarity of a 76 year old man sitting in a wheel chair, wearing a Mr. Roger's sweater, his hair back in a ponytail and his beard down his chest, wearing a navy baseball cap for some company I've never heard of, with a smirk on his face and in his voice saying, "Tight jeans" in reference to a character whose name he couldn't even remember. I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to break the chair I was sitting in. It was fantastic.

That Kindle is turning out to be worth every penny he spent on it. And thensome, if you factor in the comedy.

For the record, Papa has always been at the forefront of computer technology and whatnot. He ran a computer club for years. He's the reason why I ended up with a computer when I was eight and learned to surf the web when it was in its infancy. With his love of reading and technology, it's no shock that he got a Kindle. It's funny to think about how technologically advanced my grandpa is when his son just recently got the hang of e-mail because he's so resistent to it.
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I know I'm not nearly as well-read as I should be, but this book meme makes me look worse. In truth, I tend to gravitate toward nonfiction more than fiction. And when it comes to fiction, frankly, I like my books like I like my movies and TV shows: with absolutely no redeeming quality whatsoever.

Shall we?

BBC says that on average, people have read 7 books on this list. )
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Dad bought me a book today.

Death by Stupidity: The 1001 Most Ridiculous, Bizarre, and Astonishingly Idiotic Ways People Have Kicked the Bucket by David Southwell and Matt Adams.

I've got a feeling that the book I'm currently reading is going to be interrupted in favor of this one.

And since I woke up cranky, the Cubs lost, and it rained on my laundry, it's safe to say that not only is the new book the highlight of my day, but also, I could use the laughs.

Even morbid ones.
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[livejournal.com profile] one_more_cherry, I gave in and opened the present you sent me tonight (let's face it...I did really good with the restraint this year).

Thank you so much! I look forward to reading it.

My ultimate gift wish this year is coming true. So far I've gotten two books and a gift card to Border's.

Woohoo! I'm getting books!
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My Papa emailed me today, asking for a Christmas list. I usually don't have to do this until Thanksgiving and this year I was going to actually the time to compose an actual list (I say that every year...it never happens).

Unlike previous years, I know what I want for Christmas. I want books. I need more books. Even though I'm currently reading a Stephen King/Peter Straub novel and have another one waiting in the wings, I need more books.

I've already added a few of my wants to my Amazon wishlist.

Now, here comes the trouble: I need to branch out more from my typcial reads. I'm not nearly as well read as I should be or would like to be (and, frankly, even though I really like to read, I still don't read as much as I should). So I'm looking for recs here, babies.

Rec me some books you think I should read. Nevermind if you'll think I'll like them; rec them because YOU like them. I'm looking to broaden my horizons and Christmas is a great time to do that for free.

The only stipulation I'll place on the recs is NO ROMANCE. If the romance is the subplot, okay. That I have no trouble with. If the romance is the main plot, forget it. I can't hack it. I'm not wired to enjoy that sort of thing. Sorry.

Oh, and don't bother reccing Twilight or any of its sequels. I read the first book. I didn't like it. Reading any of the sequels will not change my mind. Usually, I'll give writers more than one chance to please me, but I just can't do it in this case.

Yes, I fail at being a girl.
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I think it's safe to say that I'm a fan of John Scalzi's now. I just finished reading The Ghost Brigades (oh noes...no more new books to read) and loved it. That's the third Scalzi book I've read and enjoyed. I think I'm hooked.

I know he has two more out there. The Last Coloney, which I think just came out in paperback (my preferred choice), and Zoe's Tale which just came out this month, I think.

So, yeah, I'll be trying to procure those soon enough.

He's also got a book of hate mail that he's putting out, which I'm kinda looking forward to getting as well. I read his blog. He's fun.

And I will point this out before Carrie can call me out on it: I had a chance to meet him at DragonCon and didn't because I suck. Okay? Okay.

It also just took me about five tries to spell "didn't". I should totally be a writer when I grow up.
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Sheraton sent me a survey to take to rate my hotel stay. I made Carrie help me because I'm not as wordly of a traveler as she is. Considering I stayed at a hostel with a communial bathroom and bunk beds that broke, I think having a shower curtain is a bonus.

But Carrie schooled me on the finer points of hotels. I'd like to say I'm educated and will now be more particular about my hotel rooms, but, yeah, I'm gonna go with no. I'm a simple girl. I just need a place to sleep and wash my ass and I'll be good.

Of course, there's no place like home.

Today was a good magazine day. I spent my evening reading three magazines. Or trying to. Books and magazines have been attracting my cats even more now than normal. I get one off my magazine and another one gets on. People without cats never know what a challenge reading can be. I have to work for it, people. I could read much faster if I wasn't fighting cats off.

Speaking of cats, McGee has been spending the past few nights in the house and the past few days when it's rained, she's come in and stayed. So I think we may be set with her for the winter. Won't have to worry about her freezing death outside.

The rest of them are just going to have to accept that she's allowed in the house. Cat fights in my bed are no fun. Especially when I'm in it.
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I cooked hamburgers on the grill for dinner tonight. The drippings in the bottom of the grill caught fire, the cheese got a little burnt, and I still have my eyebrows. A successful dinner for someone who shouldn't be anywhere near an open flame.

I finished editing my rewrite of "In the Dark". Though my To Do list seems neverending, it feels good to cross something off of it. Next up: "Dead Guy in an Elevator" edits and continuing progress on "Not Pretty".

I also finished In the Night Room by Peter Straub. I liked it better than Ghost Story for sure, but I'm still not sold on the guy. The actual story I liked quite a bit; it's his style I'm having trouble getting used to. Maybe I'll try him again sometime.

I put off all the chores I was going to do today because I thought it was going to be ungodly hot and rain. But, neither of these things came to fruition. And neither did me changing my mind about doing those chores. That's what tomorrow is for.
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I got my work done on "In the Dark" early today (so close to the end) because Carrie and I were going to Kohl's to find me some capri pants that don't fall off my ass.

It was a bust. I've got 50+ in gift cards here people. Not all fat people need elastic in the waist bands and acid wash. I'll try the online store. That's where I got my capris last year.

Otherwise, get used to seeing my ass.

The day wasn't totally wrecked. Carrie got new lip gloss and eye shadow. I rode the escalators. Carrie got a Zero bar out of a vending machine. We watched a kid calculate an awesome escape from his dad. It was most impressive since he couldn't have been more than 18 months old.

After the mall, we gorged ourselves at Steak n Shake then stopped at Staples so Carrie could get some new pens. I stayed in the car and sang along to the radio. Nobody would park by me.

And then...The Old Book Barn. Heaven! I made a beeline for the horror section and emerged ten minutes later with four books. I found Carrie and told her we had to leave NOW before I found more. I ended up getting In the Night Room by Peter Straub (I'm giving him another try), The Good Guy by Dean Koontz, and Skeleton Crew and Night Shift by Stephen King.

We made sure to pet one of the resident cats, Emily, and spotted one of the other ones, Max. Max has the longest tail on a long-haired cat I've ever seen.

While that was some good book buying, I'm still in need of two more books: another by John Scalzi and one for Joe Mallozzi's book of the month read. I imagine I'll be getting those off of Amazon in the next week or so.

I need to have "In the Dark" finished by tomorrow. Guess who's not going to be reading her new books until the weekend. Oh yeah.
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I promise this entry won't be as long as yesterday's.

I finished Cell by Stephen King. I was a little hesitant after reading Bag of Bones (I still don't know if I liked it), but I was in need of something to read and Carrie offered it to me (better than the romance novels she's got) so I figured why not.

I loved it. And it helped me realize why I had such a problem with Bag of Bones. I thought it was primarily because it was in first person (I have a bizarre love-hate relationship with first person stories, particularly books...we're going to couple's counseling). I connected with the characters in Cell better than I did with the characters in Bag of Bones. I cared about Clay and Tom and Alice and Jordan. I really didn't care much about Mike Noonan. For me, Bag of Bones would have done better as a book report.

In conclusion, I really liked Cell and I'm glad Carrie suggested it to me.

But once again, I'm out of things to read.

I finished edits on "Backroom", "Rotting Gracefully", and "My Winter With Stanley". I'm afraid I'm missing something on them because I didn't cut or change as much as I thought I would on those stories. They're either not as raw as I remember or I was in a particularly soft editing mood today.

I also started writing a new short story. I'm calling it "Elevator" for now. I know I said I wouldn't start writing until I got my editing caught up, but I'm not to be trusted. And, I'm writing it for a contest that has a 1,500 word limit, so it shouldn't take up too much of my time to write.

Which is good because I need to start rewrites on "In the Dark" this week and that promises to take up a lot of my time.
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Here's what I did today:

1. Finished rewrite notes for "Stateline".
2. Started editing "At 3:36".
3. Watched several hours of I Love the 80's 3-D.
4. Made chicken fajitas for dinner.
5. Started reading Jennifer Pelland's Unwelcome Bodies.
6. Stole the last two Reese's peanutbutter cups.

I'm considering making pillows for a charity auction that will take place during DragonCon. The information is still a little sketchy at the moment, but I'd have no problem making two or three pillows before then. I'm going to have to look into it.

I should be able to work that into my busy schedule.
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I finished rereading Midnight by Dean Koontz. I like his stories, but sometimes his writing style is a little wordy for my tastes.

I also finished writing "My Winter with Stanley" and am in the process of typing it up to make it an official first draft (nothing is official until it's on my computer and I have a nice, neat, printed copy for my folder). So far, my last two short stories have been a bit of a departure from my horror story streak.

And since I'm so far behind in my editing/rewriting, I putting all new stories on hold until I get caught up. Getting it all done and subsequently sending off what I'd like to sell will easily take me until the end of the month. After that, I may forego short stories for awhile in favor of working on one of my long story ideas.

I'd also like to get my website finished and launched sometime soon. But I know me. I don't work miracles.

And multitasking is a miracle in my world.


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