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I'm afraid my life has been very dull lately. Lack of work means lack of money which means lack of a social life which means lack of interesting things to talk about.

Here are a few things of note, I suppose:

I did go to the Frontier League All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, which I blogged and tweeted about. There's a guy that works for the Belters (not a ballplayer) who I find dead sexy. I tried to get pics of him, but couldn't get anything good. Haley tried with her hi-powered camera, but he was elusive. I'll try again my next game.

Dad had his cancer check-up. Everything looks pretty good. He's getting three maintenance treatments and then he'll go back in October for another check-up. So all is going well on that front. He can pee and that's what makes him happy.

I'm slogging through the heavy revisions/rewrites on one of my novel manuscripts because a) I need to get SOMETHING agent ready and b) it makes me feel like less of a worthless lump of fat. I put the first chapter of it up on my blog to see if anyone would have any interest in actually reading the whole thing should it ever get published. It's a curiosity/feedback thing.

I've been working on my belly dancing and I kind of want to do something with it. Carrie and I have a friend who teaches classes and performs and she's invited me to attend/teach and perform with her and I've been considering it. The only catch is her dancing is tribal and mine is more cabaret. Not sure how that would work out together.

I've thought about doing belly dancing as a kind of a party favor. Example: instead of hiring a male stripper for a bachelorette party, you hire me. I dance, teach the party a few dance moves, and then we freestyle for a fun, female experience. I don't know how much work I'd get doing that, though. I do know I'd be better than the local male stripper.

(Yes, we have a local male stripper. I've only seen him with his clothes on as he shops in Walmart. He only got rid of his mullet in the last few years. No, I'm not making any of this up.)

I'm still in the market for a day job. I've put in some more applications, but haven't heard anything. It's a tough time to be out of work and I realize my position is luckier than most, but still. I need to earn some money and I'm having trouble doing that right now. I like paying my bills. I like buying stuff I need. I like buying stuff I don't need, too.

Don't take my silence for absence. I read here every day, so if you post something, I see it. If you miss my rambling drivel, Twitter is where I'm at.

Just mute the Cubs hashtag for your own sanity.
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My eye was worse this morning, swollen and itcy with a nice dark circle to highlight the two angry red little bites. My face, however, was about the same. Still a little swollen, still tender.

Dad came home to check on me, make sure I wasn't dead. I don't know why. It wasn't supposed to get too hot today, I wouldn't have spoiled that fast.

Anyway, it was determined that since I could still see and hear and only my eye had gotten worse that I'd probably live. He suggested I put a heating pad on my face because it might help with the swelling.

It did help a little bit, but it has been decided that if I'm still alive in the morning and my face is still swollen, I'll have to go to the doctor. Bleh. I haven't been to the doctor since I had my breast reduction and these titties just turned 7 in August. I'm just saying it's been awhile.

However, in other health related news, Dad made me take my blood pressure (we have a blood pressure/pulse rate machine; Dad checks his once a week). My BP is 131/76 and my pulse is 68. Not bad for a former smoker who's probably 100 pounds overweight by the standards, huh?

Of course, that could also be the spider venom slowly spreading through my body and shutting down my organs, but we're going to credit the belly dancing for ego's sake.
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I cannot make it a full week exercising anymore. I'm always giving up something because I'm sore.

I think it's because I've upped the intensity level of the belly dancing. I really didn't think the repetitiveness of the set-up (I start out with six moves on Monday, then introduce three new moves each day and end up with a full, five minute dance on Friday) would make me as sore as it does. Last week I couldn't even do Friday's routine because I was so sore.

Keep in mind that I'm also doing weights, sit ups, yoga, and ballet strength during the week, too. Typically, if I sacrifice something, it's one of those in favor of the belly dancing.

I think I'm just going to belly dance for the next couple of weeks since it's the only thing I do five days a week. Maybe if I get settled in and not be as sore by the time I get to Friday, I can start adding in the other activities.

I don't really want to take this kind of break (I feel like I'm slacking off), but if I'm going to get everything back into the routine without killing myself then I'm going to have to.

Bet you didn't think that being a fat girl was such hard work, did you?
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I have discovered an interesting complication in being a fat girl belly dancing.

I have improved dramatically in the last year of my part time belly dancing for fitness routine. Believe me. And I can feel that my body is improving as well. I have more strength to be graceful and I can smile through a whole routine without obviously panting.

But I weigh 210 pounds. I got me some rolls here, kids. Which means that while I can do certain isolations (undulations, belly rolls, pelvic ripples, Maya hips, Egyptian figure eights), I can't SEE them. I can FEEL them, but the rolls obscure most of the movement and they end up looking...not impressive. It irks me just a tad.

On the other hand, I was built to shimmy. I shimmy and everything from the neck down ripples. It's awesome.

I put the "belly" in "belly dance".

I put the ass, boobs, thighs, and arms in it, too. Heh.
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I've been doing my belly dance workout via a show on the TV and it's worked out well so far.

And then they changed the schedule.

Instead of it being on at noon, it's now on a three. I don't want to wait that late to belly dance (the afternoons are my writing time now) so I'm going to be on my own for a little while.

This week I've been freestyling it. I got the show's schedule and work on the moves and then perform a dance using the moves (I've done the shows so many times I've got them practically memorized). It's working out okay so far, but I've only been doing it for two days.

One thing I noticed is that I need more belly dancing music. Even doing the moves by themselves, music would help. So it looks like I need to start searching on iTunes to see if I can find some songs that might work out for me.

And, really (Carrie's been saying it for a couple of months), I should probably look into getting some new belly dance DVDs and try to expand my dancing abilities. A lot of the moves I've gotten down pretty well (Maya hips will forever be the bane of my dancing existance, I fear), so it's probably time to start learning something new.

Yeah, we'll see how proactive I am about that.
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Papa update: He's been out of the hospital for several days and doing okay. Until they can get the right med combo, he's still going to have problems, though.

I'm getting better at freestyle belly dance (as opposed to doing the routines the TV tells me to do). I getting used to thinking ahead and feeling the music. My moves are improving, too. It's getting more and more likely that I'll be making or acquiring a belly dancing costume at some point. I'm getting comfortable with the whole idea.

Polished "Stateline" today. Cross another one off the list. Actually, all I have left to do is polish "Dead Guy in an Elevator", polish "In the Dark", and finish writing "Not Pretty" before DragonCon. Rock on. My progress impresses me.

Speaking of DragonCon, I got my hair cut today so I wouldn't be cursing it in Atlanta. Cross another item off of the To Do list.

The neighbors are having their weekly party again tonight. They hang out in the garage, play music and basketball, and do whatever it is young people do these days. Amazingly, they don't get too loud.

However, two weeks ago, one of the drunker ones wandered into our yard to take a piss (and have a conversation with his dick...I don't know). Last week, someone DROVE in our yard. Father was not pleased.

Tonight, when he got home from work, he saw that people were beginning to assemble, strode over in his shiny police uniform, and informed them that there WOULD NOT be a repeat performance of the past two weeks.

But he didn't let me know he was going to do that and robbed me of the funny.

Meanwhile, Carrie's bad luck streak continues. She got into a little accident in my car today in the Walgreen's parking lot (some guy basically bounced off of my bumper, denting his car and...dirtying mine...real cars rule!). Car's okay and so is she, but she's got a bit of a sore neck.

I'm hoping she got all of this bad luck out of her system. I really don't want to be sitting next to her on a plane if this shit keeps up.


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