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Here's the lazy, bullet-pointed catch up of my world.

-Still working three jobs. I've got about a month until school is out and then I'll lose the morning child-minding gig. I'll also be taking off June when it comes to teaching Spanish. So, I need to figure out something else to do to make some money this summer. Sugar daddy applications are available.

-Speaking of other things I do to make money, I published another novella on Smashwords. Night of the Nothing Man is all yours for the low, low price of $1.99 and is available for most devices including Nook, Kindle, and iPad.

-I was supposed to go to a Cubs game with Dad earlier this month, but it got weathered out (Chicago by the lake, 40 degrees, 20 MPH winds, and rain...I'll take the postponement). So we'll be going in June. At least we know we won't be freezing.

-Speaking of Dad, he had another check-up last week and I'm happy to say won't be needing treatments this round. He'll go back for another check in three months. We're all very happy about this.

-I've started to do my old yoga routine, which I had to stop doing in October of 2011 when I hurt my knee. A year and a half later I finally trust that my knee has healed enough to take my weight in warrior and chair pose. This is a huge boost for me. I've been pretty disappointed with my commitment to exercise because I didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything, but this is a huge gain. The old yoga routine, stretching, and weights in the morning along with belly dance in the afternoon is really making me feel less sloth-like. I'm also making an effort to do something physical every day. So even though I'm not doing a full on workout on the weekends, I still make sure I get in a little yoga or some squats or something. Again, all in the name of battling the slug feeling.

-I'm thinking about starting a tumblr related to my rerun junkie activities, except I'm not still not exactly sure how tumblr works. I keep thinking I'll figure it out and so far, I really haven't.

-I'd love to say that there's more that went on during the month, but there's not. I pretty much work, worry about money, and try to get my little talent together to establish some kind of career and that's it. I haven't been able to justify having much fun lately. When you have to save up to afford a hair cut (which you do instead of getting an eye exam to get new contacts), lunch out with a friend makes you feel guilty for days, no matter how much you needed the break.
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-Had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. I ate too much, as is the custom. Played cards with Carrie and Aunt Jo. Carrie said I was too competitive and I should let other people win. So I tried. I still kept winning hands. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on losing. I do so well in the rest of my life, you'd think I'd be able to do it easily at cards. Not so much.

-Worked the calmest Black Friday I've ever worked. Having an evening shift might have had something to do with it, but still, I wasn't once insulted or otherwise bitched at. It was an odd experience.

-I may be seeing some more time on the floor during the holidays. I don't mind it. I could use a little extra cash.

-Dad and Mom went half and half for my Christmas/birthday present so I can go to Cubs Con. I am so looking forward to this drinking binge. And seeing baseball players, too.

-25% off at the Jewelry Box if you're into that sort of thing.

-If you missed it, I've got a novella called Gone Missing on Smashwords. It should be compatible with most e-readers.

-November was really kind of boring.
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I survived the week. I went to the Cubs game Monday night, ran sleep deprived for two days, didn't get to bed until after two in the morning two straight nights, and got a reprieve when the kids came down with the pukes so I didn't have to teach Spanish. The trouble is that illness cost me money and I spent more than I thought I would for the game.

The game was a blast. I went with my friend Harry. He met me there and was running a little late because he got out of work later than he wanted and then traffic was a bitch. Meanwhile, I kept walking around to stay awake. Despite a good night's sleep and a little nap and much in the way of caffeine, I was felt exhaustion creeping. Once Harry got there and the game started, I was good to go. Even though the Cubs lost, it was worth the lack of sleep to get one more game in. Can't beat 5 dollar tickets.

I did my second floorset. I had my own shop to do. It was simple enough, but I'm not familiar with the stock and the floor had been changed around so I wasn't sure where things were and I ended up going much slower than I wanted to. I felt dumb. I know it will get better once I get used to how things are done, but I still felt like I was holding up everyone. One of the other girls came over to help me and things went quicker after that. We didn't get out until after 1AM because it was a big set and there weren't enough people scheduled.

The next night it was just windows dressing and accessories. I did jewelry and accessories with another girl. Most of the girls I work with are much younger than I am. They're in college or went to college, most of them are/were in sororities. I cannot relate much, but I do like listening to their stories. They're amusing. And they're all very nice so far. They put up with this old lady beautifully.

I'm hoping to get some new clothes when I get my bills under control. I'm tired of looking like a slob.

That last bit doesn't have much to do with the rest of the post, but it's been on my mind this week, so I think it counts.
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This week I start working all three of my "jobs".

Monday and Tuesday I'll be getting up at 6:30 so I can get the kid nextdoor up and ready for school and then actually take him to school. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I'll leave the house by 12:30 so I can get to Mom's house by 1 to teach Spanish. Then Tuesday, I go to my first floorset at The Limited. I'll leave at 6:30 so I can get there by 7 to fill out paperwork before the actual shift begins, which is scheduled for 8 to midnight.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

I've also got an order for two chokers for a belly dancing friend and I'm hoping I can unload tickets to a Cubs game I can't go to because I have to work. At the end of all things, I should be able to pay the bills AND be able to afford to go to my last Cubs game of the year.

Things are starting to come together and look up, money-wise.

I'm still tired just thinking about it, though.
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I'm afraid my life has been very dull lately. Lack of work means lack of money which means lack of a social life which means lack of interesting things to talk about.

Here are a few things of note, I suppose:

I did go to the Frontier League All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, which I blogged and tweeted about. There's a guy that works for the Belters (not a ballplayer) who I find dead sexy. I tried to get pics of him, but couldn't get anything good. Haley tried with her hi-powered camera, but he was elusive. I'll try again my next game.

Dad had his cancer check-up. Everything looks pretty good. He's getting three maintenance treatments and then he'll go back in October for another check-up. So all is going well on that front. He can pee and that's what makes him happy.

I'm slogging through the heavy revisions/rewrites on one of my novel manuscripts because a) I need to get SOMETHING agent ready and b) it makes me feel like less of a worthless lump of fat. I put the first chapter of it up on my blog to see if anyone would have any interest in actually reading the whole thing should it ever get published. It's a curiosity/feedback thing.

I've been working on my belly dancing and I kind of want to do something with it. Carrie and I have a friend who teaches classes and performs and she's invited me to attend/teach and perform with her and I've been considering it. The only catch is her dancing is tribal and mine is more cabaret. Not sure how that would work out together.

I've thought about doing belly dancing as a kind of a party favor. Example: instead of hiring a male stripper for a bachelorette party, you hire me. I dance, teach the party a few dance moves, and then we freestyle for a fun, female experience. I don't know how much work I'd get doing that, though. I do know I'd be better than the local male stripper.

(Yes, we have a local male stripper. I've only seen him with his clothes on as he shops in Walmart. He only got rid of his mullet in the last few years. No, I'm not making any of this up.)

I'm still in the market for a day job. I've put in some more applications, but haven't heard anything. It's a tough time to be out of work and I realize my position is luckier than most, but still. I need to earn some money and I'm having trouble doing that right now. I like paying my bills. I like buying stuff I need. I like buying stuff I don't need, too.

Don't take my silence for absence. I read here every day, so if you post something, I see it. If you miss my rambling drivel, Twitter is where I'm at.

Just mute the Cubs hashtag for your own sanity.
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As predicted, the Chicago portion of my drive was not as terrible as I was working it up to be in my head. My friend Harry (also my lovely date for the evening) gave me fabulous directions and was an all around sweetheart being so patient with my pre-driving paranoia.

The Palmer House is a lovely hotel and definitely out of my Motel-6-with-the-condoms-in-the-vending-machine league. I had a very nice room at the end of a maze so that I don't think we ever took the same route back to the elevators every time.

Harry and I got decked out in our finery and met up with Tim (the guy I won the tickets from) at the VIP entrance where we were passed by the likes of Ernie Banks, Todd Hollandsworth, and David DeJesus and his wife Kim. Inside, we waited in line at one of the bars with Bryan LaHair and Joe Mather. It was pretty loud in there, with the people and the music. I don't know how anyone had a conversation. It was all Harry and I could do to talk to each other. In the end, we were both just so O_O that we decided people watching was good enough. Yeah, I know, pretty chicken shit. But I have trouble socializing unless I'm feeling it's a "good" day and last night really wasn't. I had no opening lines and nothing really to say to any of the players. Harry was on par with this. We suck. We know.

I further suck because the only pictures I took were a few bad ones at the end of the night. I've never been a good photographer and I constantly forget I have the means of taking pictures, so we should all be not surprised by this. Harry took a couple of good ones that I hope to get from him though, including one of us dressed up.

So, yeah, after the VIP portion of the evening, we adjourned to the casino portion. It was there that Harry started his "hot, buttery slide to hell" as he calls it with another rum and coke (he'd had one in the VIP room, as well as a martini; I was still on water, trying to combat the flush of that hot room). This was also when I had my first of two sitdowns of the night. After a walk around the gaming area, I had to sit down. It wasn't just that my feet hurt; my legs were weak. Like I said, 235 pounds on 3 inch heels. You can't fight physics. I just didn't like that suddenly my legs were more out of shape than ever. I was better after the second sitdown and a beer (no kidding; I think it helped slow the nerve signals that let me know that I was having difficulties).

Harry ended up getting pretty drunk (but not annoying/loud/barroom brawling drunk), but we still managed to do pretty well playing blackjack. We also got pretty catty about the players' wives/girlfriends. For the most part, they all look like cheerleaders which provided a perfect example of some research that I read about men tailoring what physical qualities they're attracted to depending on the culture they're apart of. Baseball culture=cheerleader-looking wives.

Anyway, we were among the stragglers to leave the party as Harry was mooning over Theo Epstein (Hilarious! I missed having a fabulous gay friend). I was surprised by which players stayed until the very end. Darwin Barney, James Russell, Chris Volstad, Paul Maholm, Kerry Wood, and of course Ryan Dempster. I know none of these people mean much to any of you, but names to Google if you're curious.

We both bought mystery gift bags (the least we could since we didn't actually contribute to the charity by buying our tickets. Harry ended up with a signed Ryan Dempster ball. I ended up with over $100 worth of gift certificates to various places in Chicago. Guess I'll have to make a trip back to use them.

We also got goodie bags when we left the VIP room which included a Casino night t-shirt and really nice shot glass. Pretty nice swag.

I was a little worried about Harry going home on his own. Hell, I was worried about him making it to the elevator from my room, but he's a pro and made it home with no troubles.

I only managed about four hours of sleep, talked to Harry and his hangover on the phone as he made the trek to work, and then headed for home. I only got a little lost on the way out, but I really quickly figured out where I was and where I needed to go. Pretty soon, I'm going to have this Chicago driving business down pat.

It was a really fun night and I'm so glad I got to do it and it's one of those things that if Dempster is still a Cub and he does it next year (please, oh, please!) I'm saving my pennies to go back on the legit.

No way I'm lucky enough to win twice.
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So Sunday I found a dead body.

Last night, I found out I won two tickets to The Dempster Family Foundation Casino Night. Come May 9th, I am going to be gussied up in my good clothes (hello, little black dress!) and hobnobbing with Cubs players and other Chicago celebrities. I was in such denial that it was real that Carrie pinched me to prove I wasn't dreaming. It took me a good half-hour or so to realize that it wasn't a joke and it was really happening.

Talk about a serious swing in the luck.

This week has been a bizarre one, to be sure.


Apr. 8th, 2012 07:11 am
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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I'll be spending my holiday sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley with Dad, probably watching the Cubs lose and eating nachos for my Easter dinner.

Anyway you slice it, it's going to be a good time.
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Woke up at 4 am with a nose bleed. Didn't get back to sleep until after 6:30. Woke up at 7:40 when Dad let a very upset Maudie Moo in my room.

Just as I began to recover from my crappy night's sleep, I found out that the CornBelters traded my favorite player, Mike Mobbs.

Just as I began to recover from THAT (realizing the home park for the team he plays for now is quite literally just down the road from where I spent a great many Saturday nights during my indy wrestling days), I found out that Davy Jones passed away.

I am crushed.

I don't have to tell you guys how much I love the Monkees. I always knew this day would come (how lucky are we that we had the whole band alive for 45 years?), but I didn't think it would be today. I've been listening to my Monkees playlist and I watched a couple of my favorite episodes. I cannot massage this hurt.

Over dramatic, I know, but this band means the world to me.

My Leap Day has so much sad.

Cubs Con

Jan. 17th, 2012 07:43 pm
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The highlights of my birthday weekend trip to Chicago with [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian are on my blog. In short, I had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.

Pictures from the trip will be up on the blog Friday.

If this is how I can celebrate getting older every year, then I can dig it. For sure.
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Carrie and I went to Mom's yesterday for Hammie's birthday. She's ten, nearly five foot tall, and really into anime. She got a kimono for her birthday. It made Mom and I sing The Vapors.

Hammie asked for a giant cookie for her birthday. It came with violent pink frosting that I did not eat. Mom also got me cupcakes from our favorite bakery, half unfrosted because I'm spoiled like that.

The girls also got me a present (even though I already technically got mine at Christmas since Mom and Mark gave me money for Cubs Con). A new Cubs sweatshirt. Pretty soon, that's going to be the only clothing I own.

Today I ran last minute errands in the blowing snow so I'm as prepared as I can be for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I don't relish the three hour drive in the snow, but hopefully the wind dies down and the plows can get things clear.

And then [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian and I party Cubs style in Chi-town.

I'm hoping to come home with a player or two stuffed in my bag.
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I'm a little stressed this week.

Had to make an unexpected trip to the hospital on Wednesday. Mom text me early that morning, asking me to call her. Now, since this is my mother, it can be anything from someone's dead to the Howlin' Mad Smurf wants to tell you something completely pointless. So, I called her to find out that Grandma (her mother) is in hospital. Apparently, her glaucoma meds were causing her to go into renal failure and she ended up in ICU. My aunt was on the way up from St. Louis and my mother wanted me to go to the hospital to keep my aunt in check, as she had a fear that my aunt would end up arguing with the doctors and get pitched from the hospital.

Mother also requested me to go because, though she wanted to be there, since her fear of hospitals was so well known, she was afraid that if she showed up, Grandma would think she was dying.

But I went and Grandma cried when she saw me. Yeah, that reassured her, Ma.

In the end, I had a nice visit with her and the rest of the family. She was moved to a regular room yesterday, and was sent home today. She's a tough old lady, for sure, and I'm glad the doctors got her fixed up so quickly.

In other news, I'm going to Cubs Con with [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian a week from today and I've hit my typical traveling IT'S TOO SOON I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME I NEED MORE TIME stress. I'll be fine once I get going, but for the next few days I'm going to feel like I have too much to do, not enough time, and I'm not going to be ready. I think Hammie's birthday and my birthday happening literally the two days before I leave is just adding to that stress.

In further stress news, I realized today that the manuscript I've been working on for the novel contest needs a lot more work than I remembered it needing. There's no way I'm going to get it done. I won't stop rewriting/revising it, but it's not going to work for this contest. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that yet. I'll look at the other manuscripts I have and see if there's anything I've got that's closer to being done, but I'm not very hopeful. I'm thinking this is a lost cause and I'm not going to be able to play. Not happy with myself on that one.

So, yes, by the time I hit Chicago, I'm going to be more than ready to rock and, as my family says, blow the stink off.
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Made my last trip to Wrigley Field yesterday. Yes, I'm a little sadfaced that the season is ending even though it's been a disappointing one. Despite that, baseball and the Cubs have been my happy place for the last couple of years. I hate to see another season end.

I do have the Cubs Convention to look forward to. [livejournal.com profile] luchalibrarian and I are going to rock Chicago for my birthday.

This was the first time I drove up to Wrigley on my own. I made it without killing anyone, though I did curse everyone on 90/94 to hell. That happens when I drive in Chicago.

I did the park and ride deal, which is so nice, but after the game, they have to cram 750 people on it. So I found out that hard way that I'm not exactly skilled at strap hanging on a packed bus driven by someone who trained in the demolition derby. But I did meet some very nice Brewers fans while trying not to fall on them.

For a solo trip, it was a pretty good time. Now that I know I can do it without my road rage killing anyone (I was banned from driving in Chicago by my friends because of it), I'll try to do it more often next season, money permitting.

Next season's schedule is out and I've already got three games picked out. I want to go to the Easter game during opening week; I want to hit the series against the Twins at Target Field; and I want to hit one of the games during the last homestand. There is also talk that we'll go up to Miller Park for a girl's outing (neutral game since a Cubs, White Sox, and Cardinals fan will be going). Everything else is up for grabs.

Money permitting.

Stupid money. I need to start making some.

But that's another post.
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My last day of work was Friday. I made sure to say goodbye to all of the drivers in town (including doubling back to catch Stephen), got a hug from Albert, Kent, and Shilo, and, I admit, shed a few tears on the drive home. I say again, I won't miss the work, but I will miss the people. I was told before I left to come back and visit. I'll be doing that.

Hit the family reunion yesterday. I just stayed long enough to eat and visit with the people I wanted to see before I left. It was kind of weird without Papa there, though they did have a big picture of him over the dessert table, which I found kind of creepy. I don't need a bad picture of my dead grandpa lording over me while I get my piece of cherry pie. I mean it was well meaning, but I still wasn't comfortable with it.

After the reunion, I took the girls to the last Cornbelters game of the season. They got to spend some time in the bouncy houses and get their faces painted before mean Aunt Kiki made them sit in their seats and watch the game. Hammie was actually pretty into the game from the get-go. Hobbit and Howlin' Mad Smurf, not so much. It took a few innings before they caught on to the concept of cheering for the Belters. By the end, they were chanting "Let's Go Corn!" right on cue.

I was disappointed that they wouldn't dance during the dancing inning. How do they not know how to do the YMCA? That's just ridiculous that they're so uneducated in the ways of community dance. However, they redeemed themselves by singing the 7th inning stretch.

I won a signed a jersey and they got their freebie t-shirts signed by the whole team and Corny. They got to run the bases afterwards. In the end, they had a blast and they want to go again next season. Aunt Kiki will only be too happy to take them.

Tomorrow I go back to work for myself. It's going to be weird not waking up at 5:30 to head to the cube. It'll be a few weeks before I start working with DaLette, so I really need to get the book done and the jewelry site rolling as quickly as possible.

I'm back to working for myself and I'm one bitch of a boss.
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Haley and I went to the Cornbelters game Saturday night. We had the scout seats which are padded, wider, and come with all you can eat and drink until the 7th inning. We did our best to eat our weight, but we failed.

It was Special Olympics night and to help raise money, the Cornbelters wore special jersies that were going to be auctioned off right after the game. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Special Olympics since it is such a good cause and since my cousin Todd (Down Syndrome) participated in so many of them. I also have a soft spot for some of the Cornbelters players, so I made up my mind before the game that I was going to try to snag a jersey (I also got in on the 50/50 raffle to make sure that they did get some of my money).

The bidding started at 75 bucks. I had 100 left over from the Cubs trip last weekend plus 20. Haley had 45. Together we decided we could make a run for a jersey and we decided to go for Mike Mobbs because a) he's one of our remaining favorites (they traded Keeble and Dunbar) and b) he has the best walk-up music of the bunch (Smells Like Teen Spirit).

He was one of the last jersies to go. Haley decided at the last minute that she couldn't justify it, but I was still in. I said I'd go as high as 100. Haley bid for me and it got to 100 pretty quickly. She looked at me. I raised my hand for 120. Someone else bid for 140 and Haley looked at me. I shook my head. She raised her hand for 160.

So we ended up winning the jersey for 160.

We got to go down to the field and he signed it for us and then took pictures with us. I didn't expect him to touch me, but he did. He put his hand on my back and I did likewise and I didn't mind at all. It's not every day that a good looking 22 year old puts his hand anywhere on me and same for the vice versa.

I'm currently in possession of the signed jersey. It was game worn and he played hard, so now my closet is currently smelling like Mike Mobbs.

But that's okay.

I don't mind my clothes smelling like good looking 22 year old guy either.
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Took a trip with Haley, Natalie, and Sarah to a Cubs game on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day for baseball. We did the park n ride and ended up being a little late for the game. Between hitting Lollapalooza traffic on the way in and three stoplights being out on Addison, traffic really killed our ETA.

We sat in the upper deck by the press box on the third base side. Haley got stuck next to a guy that smelled like sausage. We told her it was Karma for wearing her White Sox shirt to the game.

There was a group in the row in front of us having a bachelor party outing of some sort that we ended up crashing. They were all wearing different colored tuxedo shirts with monikers written on the back ("Da Groom", "Best Man", etc.). The best was Shark Week. Turned out he couldn't think of what to put on the back so Best Man suggested Shark Week since it was Shark Week.

Apparently, the group took a train from Michigan to see the game and during the ride, Best Man wrote "You smelly pirate hooker" on the back of Nate Dogg's shirt without his knowledge. It was funny in the first place. After that it was hysterical. The guys were all carrying sharpies so we got to sign their shirts. We went to town illustrating the back of Shark Week.

The guys were a great time. We ended up taking pictures with them.

It was a really fun game. The Cubs crushed the Reds 11-4. Big Z hitting a homer really set it off. The crowd was buzzing like the team was in first place. It was my first Cubs win and I sang Go, Cubs, Go like nobody's business.

After the game, we made our way to Giordano's for some World Famous Stuffed Pizza. Oh, man it was good. I'm glad I could take a couple of pieces home and introduce Carrie to the awesomeness that is Chicago pizza. I believe she's hooked.

It was a great time with great company. We're talking about making this a yearly (or several times a year) thing. I'm all for that.

I'm looking to make my last trip to Wrigley September 17. Baseball is my happy place and Wrigley is my home.
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-I survived another week of work. I swear, it felt like every driver was running behind at some point this week and our Eastern plant has some of the most uncooperative, unhelpful people running it. They seem not understand that we can neither break the law or physics to accomplish what they want us to do. My attempts to force choke them were unsuccessful.

-Speaking of drivers, I failed to mention that Marvin took a hike on us. Shame. I really liked him. Left us in quite a big lurch which has contributed to our problems.

-In other driver news, Stephen hasn't been acting like himself the past several weeks. He's gone from happy-go-lucky and chatty to serious business and so short it was to the point of curt. Today he showed signs of his old self, actually talking to me for more than a split second hello. Albert tried talking to him, asked what's bothering him, but he insists it's nothing. It's been worrying us for a while, but maybe this turn means he's getting back to normal. I hope so.

-In non-work news, I got my hair cut. I went for a different style. It's awkward. It doesn't matter what style I choose, my hair chooses its own and it always takes me a few days to figure out how to work it. When it get it figured out, I'll have to post pictures of the style I picked and the style I ended up with. It'll blow your mind.

-There's been a change in our line-up going to Wrigley next Saturday. See, when Haley and I went to KC, Natalie was bummed she couldn't go. So we decided to go to Wrigley and take Haley's husband Matt. Well, Natalie's sister Sarah was bummed she couldn't go, so she started begging Matt to give her his ticket. He finally did. So it's going to be an all girl trip to Wrigley, a double sister feature (Haley's my sister from another mister, friends over 25 years now). Chicago has been put on notice.

-I think I might have a sinus infection. It's not pleasant and I'm treating it with irregation right now because I don't know what else to do for it without going to the doctor and I don't have time for that.

-Fun active sleeping period. I sleep with my penguin Quinn. Quinn wears a Cubs hat that was worn by a player (it's too big, but he wears it well). I had a dream about this Cubs player. Can't really remember the dream, but I did a fair bit of moving because when I woke up, the hat was gone. In a panic, I searched for it in the dark and found it...on the floor on the other side of my bed. No idea why it was there or how it got there.

-I also slept at least part of last night with my head at the opposite end of the bed, nearly in the window. Not the first time I've done that.

I think that catches things up.
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-This week killed me. I'm tired of being stressed about work and I'm tired of talking about it. I'm tired of dreaming about it.

-I had a blast at the Cornbelters games this past weekend and there might be another game in my immediate future, like Monday. Baseball is my happy place.

-I keep entering contests that would require me to ditch work if I won. Fuck it! Take the bucket! And flyyyy!

-I bought tickets to a Cubs/Reds game in August. I'll be going with Haley, Matt, and Natalie. I joked about taking a Joey Votto voodoo doll to the game, but now I'm seriously considering it. I feel like being a jackass. We hates Joey Votto, precious.

-I haven't watched a Harry Potter movie since the third one, so I'm not going to see Deathly Hallows Part Two: The Slaying of the Boogaloo. However, I hope my Harry Potter loving friends enjoy it.

-I hate it when people piss on other people's good time. We get it! You're so fucking hardcore because you don't like this popular thing! Move the fuck along, buzzkill.

-I'm not going anywhere or doing anything this weekend. I might even go to bed by 9:30 tonight. I feel some sloth coming on.

-Someone remind me to dig my James Russell baseball card from behind my bookcase. I really need a proper shelf.
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Not to be confused with baseball porn, though the way I drool over a particular player, it's kind of like that.

If you'd like to look at some pictures and read a few highlights from the roadtrip to KC, you can do so here and here.

In short, we had a blast. The drive featured a lot of billboards (there is so many boots and adult shops in Missouri along I-70), we stayed in a ghettofabulous hotel (condoms in the vending machine), ate some awesome barbecue (Gates FTW), baked in our fantastic seats at the game (right over the Cubs bullpen), ate a lot of breakfast (thank you, Denny's and Cracker Barrel), and ended up talking about taking another roadtrip before this one was done.

Last weekend, after a TMI conversation, Haley and I ended up taking Carrie to an adult shop because she'd never been to one. I don't know how that's possible considering I've been to several in two states. Not sure if I should brag about that, but I will. It was a giggly good time followed up by milkshakes at Steak n Shake. As you do.

Last night, Haley and her husband Matt took me to my first Cornbelters game. We had front row seats just to the left of home plate and stayed for the fireworks show afterward (which we got to go on the field for). It was awesome sitting so close and it's fantastic to have baseball basically in my own backyard (30 minute drive). I'm just sorry I waited this long to go to a game. I ended up buying a t-shirt to wear to Sunday night's game. I plan on getting a hat then.

(And Haley and I will probably rate walk-up music again. Mike Mobbs had the best, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but we doubt he's old enough to have it.)

It's also free baseball night/Sunday Autograph night. We're going early to get the baseball and staying late to get the autographs.

I wonder if I can get the players to sign their names and their phone numbers.
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Now that I have this job thing and some money, I've decided to have some fun. After wasting Memorial Day weekend doing resposible shit, I've decided that I'm taking a road trip to Kansas City at the end of the month to see the Cubs play the Royals.

At this point it's a solo trip as I have yet to find someone to go with (and probably won't), but I need this little weekend away, alone or not.

I need to get out of this cornfield. I need to recharge some batteries.

I need to have some fun.


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