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You can call me Chesh.

Once whiski_sour on Livejournal and feloniousfeline on journalfen

Important things to know before reading/friending this journal:

-A majority of this journal was imported from Livejournal. New updates will be like spotting a unicorn.

-I have no friending policy. Friend me and I'll most likely friend you back.

-Just because I do friend you, don't expect me to comment. I don't comment very much. It's not because I'm not reading your journal. It's because I either have nothing to say or I'm just being lazy. Most likely the latter of the two.

-This journal contains curse words, adult themes, in some cases outright porn, amusing antecdotes, ramblings that make no sense, random icons for the taking, a little bit of fandom stuff, much geekery, rants and other general bitchery, and in rare occurances, an intelligent thought.

-I'm sarcastic and spiteful. Do not attempt these tricks at home.

And, finally...

-Be creative in your insults and compliments. I'd do the same for you.

Now that we've got that out of the way, hands and feet inside for the ride.

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