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I was going to tell you all about my job interview yesterday, but that's kind of moot since I got offered a job.

I originally applied for a floor set gig at The Limited. When I was called for an interview, I was asked if I wanted to be considered for a floor associate job, too. I said sure.

It was a group interview with two other girls. They are both very nice and I'm sure that one of them got offered a floor associate job. I don't know how she couldn't. She had that outgoing, gregarious personality and dressed like she was on top of all of the fashion trends. The other girl was a sweetie who was rocking a red 50's style dress that I loved. I wouldn't be surprised if she got offered a job, too. She was a little shy, but had a lovely personality.

It really was a fun interview, but I left pretty certain that I wouldn't be getting offered a floor associate job. First of all, I'm at a disadvantage since their dress code really leans towards wearing Limited clothing and I can't fit into any of it (though they apparently have a plus line that just recently launched). Not to mention that it ain't cheap to be pretty and I don't have the money to invest in a whole new wardrobe just to work.

Secondly, I felt old. One girl was still in college and the other one had just graduated high school. I've never been hip, particularly with fashion. I've always just done my own thing. Never thought much about it until then. Yowza. I felt soooo old and unqualified.

However, a lot of what I got to talk about was working in jewelry and shoes and all of the mod sets I did. I thought that might appeal to them in terms of the floor set gig.

I was right.

It's only eight hours every couple of weeks, but it's guaranteed money that I really need now.

It's a start and I'm happy for it.
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